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Vancouver Business Coach | Stop Destroying Your Productivity

Vancouver Business Coach | Stop Destroying Your Productivity

In an effort to be more productive, business owners destroy there is according to Vancouver business coach. Because they try to be more efficient. By multitasking in their business.

Vancouver Business Coach

Often, business owners are not even trying. To be more efficient. They just do not know how to wear so many different hats. While growing their business, and how to avoid interruptions.

Multitasking has for so long. Been lauded as an amazing scale. That people should develop. That science actually shows, how ineffective and inefficient multitasking is. However, many people cannot stop doing it now.

Also, we have many different devices in our lives. That make it so much easier. To multitask and be interrupted. That it is almost impossible to get away from it. Without doing it intentionally.

Devices like our computers. That allows us to have electronic mail delivered. Instantly, several times throughout the day. Or our smart phones, or not only can we get texts from people.

But also email, and notifications. From a dozen different social media outlets. Therefore, we have more interruptions in our lives now. Than ever before according to Vancouver business coach.

In order to stop trying to multitask. Business owners should learn how to time block their schedules. Time blocking first to setting aside blocks of time. For all of their days, in the future.

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Filled with all of the tasks that they need. To accomplish in their business, in order to complete. Their strategic priorities, marketing plans, product development. Client meetings, and more.

When entrepreneurs learn how to time block according to Vancouver business coach. They often will start to realize. That they do not have enough hours. By working an eight hour day, five days a week.

Therefore, they are going to discover. Early on in their business, that twelve hour day. Is far more realistic. In order to grow the business and become successful. Often, business owners discover.

That eight hours a day is not enough. Only when they start to fall behind. Or, when it is too late for their own business. However, many business owners think that there going to be able to work.

At twelve hour day, simply by adding four extra hours. At the end of their day. Entrepreneurs would do well to avoid doing this. Because what it means, is that they will never get in time.

To see their spouse, or their children. Who might quickly grow tired. Of their entrepreneurial habits. Also, this means that the most difficult tasks. That the entrepreneur must complete.

Will be done at the end of the day. When their brain is not thinking as clearly as it did at the beginning of the day. Which could impact their ability to get a high quality work done in their business.

When entrepreneurs need help time blocking. Or, when they know they need a professional. To help them get their business to the next level. Hiring inspired method marketing and coaching. Can be one of the most positive things they do for their business.

Vancouver Business Coach | How To Stop Destroying Your Productivity

Even though many people think multitasking will boost their productivity, Vancouver business coach says. That this is the farthest thing from the truth. And it has actually even been scientifically proven.

For example, researchers have studied people. Multitasking in a variety of situations. And what they discovered. Is that it takes a person twenty-three minutes. Of focusing on one activity.

Completely uninterrupted, in order for their brain to reach its level are productivity. Every time a person is interrupted. Or, whenever they switch tasks. They are going to have to work another twenty-three minutes.

To get that level of productivity back to where it once was. When people multitask. What happens, is that they never reach that peak productivity. Because they are switching tasks.

Before they reach their brains peak productivity zone. Which is, not only are they not working faster. Then if they were to just simply focus on one task at a time until complete.

But they are in fact working more slowly as well. Destroying their productivity in the process. However, that is not the only detriment says Vancouver business coach. Because they are not focusing.

They and up doing a very poor quality of work. Which is another reason. Why entrepreneurs should avoid multitasking. Because they need to do high quality of work. In order to grow their business.

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However, many entrepreneurs say when they work with Vancouver business coach. That they do not know how to avoid the interruptions. That cost them back to productivity in their business.

It comes in the form of emails, phone calls. And customers coming into the business demanding attention. And while entrepreneurs need to focus on customers, it is true.

There can be certain blocks of time. During the day, where an entrepreneur is unreachable. So that they can get their strategic priorities complete. So that they can grow their business and succeed.

This means letting the phone go to voicemail. While setting up a time. For entrepreneurs to set and respond to that voicemail. Within the same day. So that they do not alienate their customers.

But also, they can start working at 6 o’clock in the morning. So that they can get several hours. During which time customers will not be interrupting them. To minimize the amount of time they are unavailable.

As well, they need to turn off their email notifications. Except for twice a day. Which will be the time to read, and respond to emails. So that they are not constantly interrupted throughout their day.

There are many more ways. That entrepreneurs can get more done. However, if they would like to succeed in business. One of the best things that they can do. Is work with Vancouver business coach.

They can reach out by phone, email. Or by filling out a form on their website. And inspired method marketing and coaching. The be more than happy to work with entrepreneurs to help them succeed.

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