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Having a great brand deserves great design by demonstrating quality, and confidence to your buyer.

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Don’t be your city’s best kept secret. Get noticed on Google.

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How do you manage incoming leads? A solid understanding of sales will help maximize your efforts.

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Online Ad

Without a clear advertising strategy you will be wasting valuable time and resources.

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Having a website is not enough. A well planned site that converts lookers into buyers is what you need.

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Reputation is everything in our connected world. You can either let others define your reputation, or you can take control through social media management.

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Share your knowledge with potential clients while building a solid content foundation.

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Accelerate your business growth using one-to-many digital communication strategies.

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Having a great website only works if you are on page one of Google.


Small business marketing is defined as the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

So what does that really mean for a small business owner?

In simple terms, marketing is communicating to YOUR perfect customer, the right offer, in the right way, that will result in solving a problem for them.


What does a CPA, an electrician and a teacher have in common?
A one-of-a-kind marketing

Inspired Method isn’t your average digital marketing agency. Having an in-depth knowledge of business development, financial management, and sales systems, we know the struggles that entrepreneurs have. That’s why we created a unique and proven method to help businesses to grow.
We look forward to meeting you!

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Edmonton Business Coach |
Committing to Lifelong Learning

Published on Jul 29, 2019

In this video we discuss discuss the fact that highly successful people are lifelong learners.

Inspired Method | When Do You Need a

Published on May 30, 2019

In this video we discuss the best time to consider launching your website. Until you have 6000 words and a lot of content to load, you’re just not ready.

Inspired Method | Problem, Vision,
Mission & Values

Published on Dec 18, 2018

In this video Trevor and Karen discuss the importance of clearly identifying your company’s problem, vision, mission and values.


The most common reason for
business failure is the inability
to attract customers.


To help one thousand businesses to grow over a 5-year period.


To inspire businesses to tell their unique story and attract raving fans.


  • Bring professionalism, coach-ability, enthusiasm, & empathy.  
  • Create & stick to a schedule for work and fun activities worth sharing.  
  • Pursue excellence using proven strategies & continually improve.
  • Communicate in-person or by phone first, then confirm details in writing.
  • Establish the big picture, execute the plan, review, repeat.
  • Eliminate distractions. Don’t let your smart phone make you dumb.
  • Be resourceful in finding the best ways to figure things out.
  • Always make the client’s life easier by over-delivering.
  • When things get difficult, keep going.
  • Always be learning, developing people, and promote from within.  
  • Schedule time for focused solitary work & collaborative work separately.
  • Advocate health and wellness of our team and their families.
  • Be a leader. Rally the team when they get distracted or discouraged.
  • Show ongoing progress and communicate it to all relevant parties.
  • Celebrate your wins and learn from your losses.
  • Use accurate & concise written communication that addresses all issues completely.
  • Relentlessly maintain organization and eliminate clutter.
  • Take the calculated risks. If you choose not to decide, your decision is already made.
  • Be contrarian. Go left when everyone else is going right.
  • When you get knocked down, get back up and keep going.


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Inspired Method is committed to creating fully integrated marketing systems. Let’s face it, you can’t rely on any single method to attract and keep YOUR customers. Lets us help you fill your pipeline, interact with customers, and built systems to grow your business.

We know that today’s customers are more demanding when choosing who they buy from. They are looking for information, quality and service. We help your business stand out in a crowded marketplace by developing marketing and sales strategies with a focus on online delivery and relationship marketing. We do this through website development, email marketing, Facebook ads, sales funnels and social media.

Inspired Method is a trusted international digital marketing agency in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We work with you to communicate your brand message across the digital spectrum.


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* If it’s good for the customer, it’s
good for us

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* Finish initiatives before starting
a new one


Inspired Method is a trusted international digital marketing agency in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We work with you to communicate your brand message across the digital spectrum. We take the time to fully understand your business and what you offer the marketplace, then we devise a plan to help you achieve winning outcomes.

Our Philosophy
And Belief

It is our belief that to compete in the 21st century, businesses must embrace the ever changing digital landscape. What worked in the past won’t work today. To stay in the forefront of the customer’s mind, businesses need a partner who is dedicated to learning and activating new digital tools and tactics.

Most companies do not understand the importance of their brand and how it affects their performance outcomes. We live in a time where the customer is in control of what they buy and who they buy from. Having a clear understanding of your brand through research-driven insights puts your business in the best position for growth in the digital world.


Our world-class team are experts in digital strategy, marketing, writing, design and social engagement.

Our network of business consultants, digital subject matter experts, and advisers across a broad spectrum enables us to help any business scale and grow.

We help businesses develop marketing and sales strategies with a focus of online delivery and customer relationship management. Our aim is to aid our clients in leveraging their current marketing efforts and customer database using tools such as email marketing, sales funnels, and social media campaigns. We help them in choosing the best tools that exist to meet their marketing objectives. The end goal is to enrich our client’s business with quality leads, increased revenues and a clearly defined branding position,  thereby boosting the perceived value to their target audience.


“A creator, such as an artist, musician, photographer, craftsperson, performer, animator, designer, videomaker, or author – in other words, anyone producing works of art – needs to acquire only 1,000 TRUE FANS to make a living.”  —Kevin Kelly

We’ve always wanted to have a successful business. Karen, a teacher and Trevor, a serial entrepreneur that got stuck in the trades to make ends meet, began learning about internet marketing. We both saw the potential of digital marketing and started learning all we could on the subject. The gurus made everything sound so simple. In theory, it is. In execution, it isn’t.

Karen spent years taking care of the children and transitioned into taking marketing courses. While Trevor was working full time, sometimes out of town, he was always perfecting his knowledge and working on the skills necessary for a digital marketer.

It was hard. Very Hard.

We were frustrated. The more we  learned, the more frustrated we became. Everyone had an opinion or a course that promised a sure bet to making it online. We found out that most of them were making money teaching people that to make money, all you need to do is just teach a course on how to teach people to make money. It was all so convoluted.

We kept on going. We kept learning. Our goal of discovering how to use digital marketing to create steady streams of customers and revenue was possible. Suffering from SOS (shiny object syndrome) and only having a few hours a week to work on the new venture, we weren’t seeing the results we had been hoping for.

We felt like complete failures. We had accumulated a wealth of knowledge but lacked the courage to move forward with our vision.

Our problem was that we weren’t going all-in on our dream and trusting in our skills.  We were dabbling. We dabbled in affiliate marketing. We dabbled in building funnels. We dabbled in social media, starting groups and pages just trying to see where our message would catch on. We would see some things start to happen and then our attention would be pulled away by the next shiny object or personal crisis. The problem was that we were trying to do it all.  Though digital marketing sounds really simple, there are a lot of moving parts that all require a certain set of skills to perform well. Just to give an idea of what it takes to make one successful Facebook ad campaign it requires:

A product that people want.

Facebook fan page

Facebook business account

Images and videos

Well constructed headlines and ad copy

A landing page or website that is optimized for conversions

Shopping cart – merchant accounts – tracking for shipping

Thank you sequence

Upsell sequence – each with their own pages, headlines, and copy

Retargeting pages with images, copy and videos

An email sequence and SMTP service

And on and on.

We were dumb. We knew it. We needed to do something different or continue in this death spiral to nowhere land.

Facebook ad campaigns are complex and they are only one part of a successful digital marketing strategy. Other parts include website design and SEO/SEM, graphic design, blogging, video editing and creation, building content, scheduling posts for social media and so on. Sure there are people out there that claim that it’s a lot simpler than what I’m describing, but to do it right it takes all of these things to actually reach new clients and turn a cold viewer into a devoted follower.

During the journey we listened to a lot of podcasts on business and marketing. Every day we were exposed to stories of people just like us that wanted to change their lives and start a business to break free from the 9-5 and live life on their own terms. It was both encouraging and discouraging at the same time. On one hand it was uplifting to hear the tales of those that made it. In a short period of time they were able to quit their job and go full time in their business and really make an impact in their clients’ lives. The hard part was hearing of all of these success stories and comparing where we were on our journey.

Many of these successful people had some things in common. They had a coach or mentor to help them, guide them and challenge their thinking and actions.  Another key was that they went all in on their business and they got a team together to help do the things that were bogging them down so that they could do the important things that helped them to grow and scale.

That was it! We realized that we needed a coach. And we needed to have a team of people in place.

We were on the hunt for a coach. After meeting with a few different people we found that they were only willing to coach us to be in their MLM, not help us build our business. So we took our search online. We found someone that is no-nonsense, provided training in sales, marketing and financial planning and is respected in their field. Not to mention, he is also super wealthy. Having someone to help us get our thinking right regarding our business was instrumental. He taught us that we had to have lots of inventory or products to sell so that we didn’t have to try and sell on price. Our first plan was to offer only social media management as a start because it is has a low barrier to entry and it’s something we could manage while I was still working full time and Karen was in school. This was a mistake. In order to be successful we had to be able to offer more services. We knew this was the key to winning in the online world. A company cannot just dabble with an online platform and expect to be successful. We made it our mandate to provide all of these services because we realized after years of studying all of the things that made the really successful companies win big, was committing to marketing and advertising. As Russell Brunson teaches, “the company that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins.”

It takes at least 5-12 exposures to your product or service before a customer will be interested in engaging with  you. It takes that many more to complete the transaction. Knowing this it was clear that in order for us to help businesses win, we had to create a system to get our clients in front of their ideal customers using multiple digital channels.

We have discovered a proven digital marketing strategy that we liken to a conveyor belt. These ‘conveyor belt’ initiatives are like the gears of the system. If they aren’t all freely moving in the direction of a sales conversion, your ‘pipeline’ initiatives like PPC ads, social media advertising, networking, outbound marketing and others will not be as effective. The goal is to attract and convert the RIGHT customer for each business we represent.

But how were we going to do this? To staff a team that could do this in an effective and efficient manner costs hundreds of thousands per year, not including equipment, software and tech support. If we were going to make it big and make such audacious claims, it was necessary to take a huge leap and go all in.  

The only way we could do this was to find the best talent from around the world and have them work for us. Outsourcing many of the tasks to fully vetted sub-contractors is how we make this happen. We partnered with an amazing company, led by someone who knows what it takes to build multi-million dollar companies from scratch. Not only did we secure the best talent, but an amazing mentor and coach.

Through this journey we learned that it takes a team to make big goals happen. It also takes dedication, commitment and courage. Now we have a digital marketing system that can be used by any company to help it scale and grow.