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Edmonton Business Consultant | Understanding When To Start a Business

Edmonton Business Consultant | Understanding When To Start a Business

The majority of people want to start their own business says Edmonton business consultant. In fact, 75% of all people aged 37 to 57. Also known as the generation xers have had the dream of opening their own small business. The reason why, is often because they are unhappy with their current job. And think of Entrepreneurship as a way to better their situation.

Whether they want to increase the amount of money that they are making. Or increase their freedom of time. Or even both. Edmonton business consultant says that entrepreneurship looks like it can solve a lot of problems for people who are not making enough money, or who want to change their situation.

However, one of the most common problems that people have is that they don’t know when the correct time to start their business is. Unfortunately says Edmonton business consultant it’s never the perfect time to start a business. So people who are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur needs to understand. That as long as they are disciplined enough to stick with their business plan and schedule. Any time can be a great time to start a business.

While people might have to wait until their children are in school, or until they have enough of a savings to live off while they’re building their business. Edmonton business consultant says people who want to become entrepreneurs. Simply needs to have the drive and desire. And then just go after their dreams. If they wait until they have everything perfect. They will never actually start their business.

Some people will choose to become entrepreneurs while continuing to work in their full-time jobs as Edmonton Business Consultants. And this can be incredibly effective. That way, they will still have an income, while they build their business.


Other people simply quits their job and live on their savings or get investment capital. Since entrepreneurs will typically have to work 12-hour days, six days a week. It can be difficult to devote the time a person needs to building a business. While also working for somebody else at the same time.

Therefore, people should not wait for the timing to be perfect to start a business. They should simply realize that when they have the drive, that can be the right time for them to start. As long as I have the support of their family, they should jump into entrepreneurship. Instead of waiting until everything is going to be perfect.

Another thing that people can do, is start an MLM, also known as a multi-level marketing business. Edmonton business consultant says this can give people the confidence that they need while helping them to develop skills. Skills such as networking, goal-setting, sales skills and discipline.

When people realize all they need to start a business is the discipline and drive to do so. They will be able to follow their goals, and make business ownership a reality for them.

Whether they are doing it to improve their financial circumstances for themselves or their family. Or to be able to have free time later in their life. Or whether they simply want to do a job that they love doing. Business ownership continues to be the dream of many.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Understanding When To Start a Business

Two-thirds of all Americans dream of opening their own business says Edmonton business consultant. This is according to a survey that was commissioned by The UPS Store. And while two-thirds of all Americans dream of opening their own business. 75% of generation xers have the dream of opening their small business as well.

There’s many reasons why people might dream about opening their own business. They are often unhappy with their work because they’re not doing something they’re passionate about. Or, they don’t feel appreciated in their job. And know that if they work for themselves, at least they will be working towards something that means something to them.

However, there’s a lot of reasons why people don’t take the leap. Edmonton business consultant says many people lack the confidence to believe in themselves and believe in their dreams. And that holds them back from going after their dream. They also feel that they will not be able to make ends meet if they give up their steady paycheck.

And while a steady paycheck is important. It can also be very misleading. As people can lose their paycheck at any time. if the business goes under, or if they lay people off, or any other natural type of disaster. And so people needs to realize that a steady paycheck can often be not as steady as most people think.

Another reason why people don’t chase their dream of business ownership says Edmonton business consultant. Is because they have no idea what they want to do for their business. One mistake that many people make, is they come up with the idea for a product or a service. And then spend significant amounts of time. Trying to find customers for that product or service.


In fact, not being able to find customers is the number one reason why businesses go under. 15% of all Canadian entrepreneurs fail on their first year. And by the time five years comes around Edmonton Business Consultants. Half of all Canadian entrepreneurs are no longer in business.

The number one reason why entrepreneurs fail in Canada is because they can’t find customers for their product or service. Therefore, I’m much better scenario is for entrepreneurs to find a common problem that people have. And then solve it. Because if they know people that have this common problem. They will have built-in customers for the product or service that they develop.

If people develop this product or service based on a hobby that they have. Then not only are they filling a need that exists in the industry. And they have a bunch of built-in customers. But also, Edmonton business consultant says that they will also be working in an industry that they are passionate about. Making it much easier for people to work the long hours needed to build their business.

This way, people can create their business organically. And then have the confidence that they need to chase their dream. Edmonton business consultant says this can be very freeing for people who are chasing that dream of business ownership.

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