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Edmonton Business Consultant | The Six Goals You Should Set Next

Edmonton Business Consultant | The Six Goals You Should Set Next

A great way to succeed in life is to set goals according to Edmonton business consultant. However, Harvard business study did a poll and discovered that 83% of the population does not have a single goals set. This can lead to people not knowing what they want to, or how to improve their life. This leads to people wandering through life wondering what happened and why their life did not turn out the way they expected it to.

The same Harvard business study found that people who actually set a goal were 14% more successful than people who had absolutely no goals. Therefore, just by setting a goal, people were more likely to have the life they wanted. However, People who actually wrote their goals down and it being three times more successful than the people who just had a goal but they only thought about. The reason why, is when it is written down, it becomes tangible, and help people to think about it daily. When people think about their goals daily, they start to formulate plans on how to achieve them.

Edmonton business consultant recommends that people set goals in six areas of their life to live a life of purpose and achieve things that matter the most to them. These six goals are called the F six goals, and they are faith, family, fitness, friendship, finance and fun. By setting goals in these areas, and creating plans on how to achieve them can help people get the most out of their life.

The first goal in the list is a faith goal, but this does not mean people have to have a specific religion or faith in order to set this goal for their life. They will who do have specific faith made decide to set a goal about praying daily, or attending a worship service regularly, or even reading a religious book on a regular basis. However, people with no specific faith should not feel left out of setting this goal in their life. This goal can be centred around being a kind and loving person, being a great citizen in the community, and ultimately about connecting their spirit to the world as a whole. Therefore any goals that people can set that will connect them to the world in to their community will work great.

Once an entrepreneur has finished creating all of their goals, the next great step is to write them down. Edmonton business consultant says that writing them down does not guarantee that they will achieve their goals, but once they are written down, there is a greater chance that people will actually create a plan and put in the work to achieve them.

It is important that people are able to think about what they want their life to look like, and then setting goals and creating plans around how to get that life. This is especially true for business owners, because often they have many goals centred around their business, but setting goals around their personal life will help ensure that their living a life of purpose outside of their business as well.

Edmonton business consultant | the six goals should set Next

An easy way for people to boost their ability to succeed in life according to Edmonton business consultant is to set goals. People who set goals have an idea of what they want their life to look like, and are able to take the steps towards achieving that life. Setting goals is a very important exercise to go through on a regular basis, so that people can think regularly about what is most important to them, and what they would like to get out of their life. This is important for business owners especially, because as they are busy setting goals and achieving them in their business, if they do not set goals in their personal life to, they might not be getting the most out of their life when they are at home.

Edmonton business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs, set goals in six areas of their life that can help ensure their living a life of purpose. One of the most important goals to set is the family goal. The reason why, is because family is often the reason why business owners actually go into business ownership in the first place. They want to make their family life better either by being able to spend more time with them in the future, or be able to provide more than they could before they became an entrepreneur. Therefore, ensuring they set a family goal means that an entrepreneur is spending quality time their family when they are not at work, so that when they build their business, their family relationships are strong so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Another very important goal for business owners to set is a fitness goal. Fitness goal is very important, because it will help a business owner take care of themselves healthwise. A fitness goal is not designed to help person become an athlete, but help them be active on a regular basis, and eat well. The reason why this is so important, is because if a person is not healthy, they will have a harder time building a successful business, and being present for their friends and family. Therefore, people should set a fitness goal that will help them be active regularly, so that they are taking care of their health.

Once a person has taken the time to think about each of the goals that they set, the next thing that they should do is write them down and then start to formulate a plan on how to achieve them. Once the goals are written down, and have a plan then it becomes a lot more tangible for business owners to achieve. As the business owner achieves their business goals, there ensuring that their life outside of work is also taking shape, and has meaning as well.

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