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Edmonton Business Consultant | How to Make Goals Achievable

Edmonton Business Consultant | How to Make Goals Achievable

When you come to Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching, an Edmonton business consultant is likely to recommend The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber. Michael E Gerber, a world re-nouned business consultant said “if you do not have a dream you will not have any idea where you are going.”

Here at Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching we will help you figure out where you want to go. We will also help you figure it how you will get there by setting achievable goals. It is important to it set achievable goals because if your goal of are too hard to accomplish you will become disheartened and give up.

According to a Harvard business study 83% of people do not set goals. Those who do set goals are 14% more successful than those who write down their goals are three times more successful than those who just have goals in their mind.

Those who accomplish their goals however are 100% successful. At inspired method marketing and coaching an Edmonton business consultant with break down your goals with you enabling you to accomplish that in an efficient manner and encouraging manner.

An excellent way to accomplish her goal is is by setting subgoals goals that will help you reach your goal. It is important that these goals are small enough that you can accomplish them in a relatively short time. But hard enough that they will still challenge you enough to make you feel accomplished when you complete them.

Write your main goal in a public place where you can see it very often and make it large. Underneath it set one of the small goals that you want to accomplish that week that will help you reach the larger goal.

By seeing the smaller attainable goal and completing it each week you will get a sense of accomplishment that will enable you to keep pushing through difficult times.

Each time you complete one of these smaller goals reward yourself. The Edmonton business consultant says by rewarding yourself you will encourage yourself to reach new heights. This will keep you motivated and on track to completing your goal.

Telling someone else about your goal will help keep you accountable. The accountability will force you to work towards years goal more thoroughly. A way you can do this is by setting up a buddy system.

Find someone else who is the go share your goals with each other and continuously check in with one another. By challenging each other with your smaller subgoals you will unlock your competitive side it will take into make you want to accomplish your goal before the other person. By turning it into a friendly competition you will have motivated both of you to work much harder towards your goals then if you were by yourself.

Sharing your goals with other people can also be helpful for different viewpoints. Other people will see your problem in a different light and they may be able to offer you advice or strategies that can make a difference.

At inspired method marketing and coaching we want to make a difference. Make one of your subgoals calling us so we can help develop a goal plan for you.

Edmonton business consultant | How to prioritize your goals.

The Edmonton business consultant knows how to prioritize their goals, which enables them to help you more efficiently. When you come for your free consult we will share how to prioritize your goal of in a way that will enable you to reach your dream.

Prioritizing your goals is important because if you spend too much time or effort in the wrong areas you will not have any time left for what is truly important and you will forfeit things that matter deeply to you.

Your business is arguably the most important thing in your life and you want to nurture it and make it grow. However you need to keep in mind that there are other things in life which you need to nurture and treat with just as much priority as your business.

Your family is one of those things. The Edmonton business consultant recommends that you always take one day minimum a week to spend time with your family. Setting your family as a high priority goal ensures that you will be able to develop good relationships with them that will last your lifetime.
Spending time with your family will boost your morality work because you have something good to look forward to on the days that you do not work. It may seem insignificant to just skip a family gathering and work on your business however you will be losing out on building those key relationships that will help you through the hard times in your life.

Your business is important but you need to find time for other things in your life. One way to think about prioritizing your goals is think about what is most urgent and what you do not get another chance to do. Take your list of goals and see which ones will affect the other ones. Those that affect the most other goal of should be the ones you prioritize the most.

If certain goals count on other goal of being complete for you to be able to complete the other goals then you need to work on those the most. That may mean starting with one of the more challenging goes you have but if so that is what you need to do.

You can also make a list of reasons why certain goals are important. The goal with the most reasons is something you should do first.

The Edmonton business consultant urges you to take time to prioritize your goals. Prioritizing your goals will not only help you get what is truly important done first but it will also make sure there is time to do the extra things that you want to get done.

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