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Edmonton Business Consultant | How to Balance Your Life With Goals

Edmonton Business Consultant | How to Balance Your Life With Goals

When you sit down for your free consult with an Edmonton business consultant from Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching. You will be enlightened to the importance of setting goals.
According to Harvard business study 83% of people do not set goals according to that same study people to set goals are for teen percent more successful and when they write those goals down there are 300% more successful than those who just keep it in their mind.

But it is not just enough to become successful financially and in your business according to the Edmonton business consultant you need to balance your life by setting goals in six main areas. Those areas are faith, family, fitness, friendship, finances and fun.

It is important to set goals in the faith area so you can orient your life in the direction that you want to go. Some examples of the faith goal could be volunteering at a local food bank or sponsoring a child.

Family goal of one of the most important goals you need to set. If you spend too much time with your business developing it but not developing relationships with your family members you will start to lose your family.

When you meet with an Edmonton business consultant from inspired method marketing and coaching they will recommend you take at least one day a week off to spend time with your family. Make a goal to not have any work distractions while you are with your family and she can devote yourself entirely to them.

Fitness goals are very important because we need to maintain our bodies health. By staying fit you will also increase your mental health enabling you to think more critically when it comes to your business you can grow it.

It is important to follow your fitness goals and take them step-by-step. Start small and achievable, goals that you know you will be able to complete and then a for something more challenging.

It is extremely important to develop friendship goal is as well. When you are starting your business or growing it you will be spending every waking minute thinking about your business and you will be putting in an immense amount of hours. This often leaves you with very little time to think about friends and developing close relationships.

Working so hard on your business can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety about your business and having someone close to talk to about it can be very helpful. One way that you could set some friendship goal would be thinking about one night of the week where you will leave work early to go hang out with a friend.

Taking time to see a friend at least once a week will help energize you for the remainder of your work week and give you something to look forward to. Having something to look forward to is important because it will keep you motivated to work your hardest on your business.

Edmonton business consultant | Using goals to balance your life.

According to an Edmonton business consultant from Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching financial goals are an incredible way to help you get where you want to go. However it is important to set other goals as well to keep you motivated and encouraged along the way.

Financial goals are relatively easy to set be that you want to earn a million dollars or you want to be able to afford a new car. They are harder to implement the period you need to start small and slowly build your way as you reach each goal.

Once you have the finances that you desire it is important to enjoy the other things in life and cherish what you have worked so hard for. That is where fun goals come in.

Fun goals can be anything from making time for a fun office event once a week or planning a huge vacation. It is important to find ones that fit with you if you like to play sports try to find a time once a week or you can go play basketball at the gym. If you love to travel find a way were you can add extra hours or work harder for a time. So you can reward yourself with that and go for a vacation to that dream destination.

Fun goals are essential because they keep you motivated and they keep you happy. At Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching the Edmonton business consultant who you work with will enlighten you with the power of rewarding yourself.
It is important to pay back to yourself because you are the one who got you where you are. You worked so hard for what you have. And now that you have the income you desired it is no good unless you use it for what you want to do.

One way to make sure that you can fulfil your financial and fun goals is to write them down. People who write down their goals are three times more likely to be successful with their goals than people who do not.

The Edmonton business consultant recommends you write down your goals in a public place where you will see them every single day. This will help remind you to fulfil that goal and work towards it.

Writing down your goal is not enough though. You need to break down your goal into subgoals that will help you accomplish that goal and you need to stick with them.

The sub the goals will keep you motivated and feeling like you are getting somewhere. By accomplishing each sub go you will feel like you are closer and closer to your actual goal which you will be. You will not encounter that dreadful feeling that your goal is impossible and that you will not be able to conquer it.
Make it a goal of yours to call Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching so we can help you set your goals.

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