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Edmonton Business Consultant | Consumers Buy on Emotion

Edmonton Business Consultant | Consumers Buy on Emotion

An effective marketing plan is more than just an entrepreneur planning where they are going to advertise their products and services says Edmonton business consultant. But should ideally identify who their ideal and likely customers are. And what they are going to do to help build trust with those customers.

The reason why, is because customers want to buy products and services from companies they know, like and trust. And they are not going to be able to do that with the company that they cannot identify with.

This is why it is so vital for entrepreneurs to understand that they cannot be a faceless business, and generate a lot of business for their company.

Many entrepreneurs struggle with marketing their business, with 42% of all failed entrepreneurs saying that the reason why they failed. Was because they were unable to find enough customers to buy their products and services.

Edmonton business consultant says this is illustrating the point of why business owners should have a marketing plan. But there marketing plan also needs to ensure that they are developing that relationship with potential customers. And how they are going to do that.

One important thing for business owners to consider, is that the second most viewed area on any companies website is the team page. Showing how many customers want to know who the people are behind the business. In fact, when a company does not have a good team page, customers do not know who the people are behind the brand.


And they think that they business could be owned by anyone, living anywhere in the world. Or even be a fake business. And that does not help build that important relationship with their potential customers.

In fact, this is something that most large corporations know about, and have been doing for years. Understanding that they need to have the face of their business, to help potential customers identify with them. This is why not only are they continuing to market their business despite how successful they are.

But also, that they need to continue to build that trust and relationship with their customers. They often do this by using celebrities to endorse their products. So that they can not only have that face for customers to relate to.

But also, the celebrities should have traits or qualities that they want to have associated with their brand. So that it can help people want to buy the product and service, because of those qualities.

Therefore, an entrepreneurs business plan should include what they are going to do in their business to market themselves, and be the face of their business says Edmonton business consultant. So that they can start building that relationship with their potential customers.

While small business owners are not going to be able to get a celebrity to endorse their company. however what they will be able to do, is market themselves and tell their unique story, and be the face of the business for customers to identify with. So that they can be more likely they will convert potential customers into raving fans.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Consumers Buy on Emotion

Since customers typically want to buy from companies and brands that they know, like and trust says Edmonton business consultant. It is important for entrepreneurs to have a marketing plan. That can help them do that But there ideal and likely customers.

They will be able to get to know, like and trust a business that uses their own image and their staff in order to market their products and services.

However, this goes beyond simply putting photos of themselves and their team on their website, along with their biographies says Edmonton business consultant. There is many other things that an entrepreneur can do. That can get potential customers to know, like and trust them.

One of the most significant ways they can do this, is by generating testimonials and reviews for their business. This is extremely important in building trust with potential customers. Because of how many customers look at Google reviews before going to a business.

Even if a customer has received a recommendation from friends or family, they will still look at the Google reviews before going to the business.

And not only that, but those Google reviews will actually influence their purchasing decision. And if there is not enough Google reviews, that will negatively influence their decision.


The reason why, is because if there is not enough Google reviews, they will lack confidence in the business. Either thinking that they are not good at what they do, and that is why they do not have a lot of reviews. Or that those reviews came from friends and family, and that they do not have any customers who give them any reviews.

The number of Google reviews that a business has to have, to turn that negative impression of the business into positive. Is forty Google reviews. Not only because that is the number that inspires confidence in customers.

But also because it can be very difficult for business to try to fake getting forty reviews. Which is why they will be seen as more accurate and be seen as real reviews.

In this is why Edmonton business consultant says it is important that entrepreneurs marketing plan includes a strategy on how they are going to generate Google reviews. Because it is very difficult for entrepreneurs to get that number of Google reviews. Especially as quickly as is needed.

Therefore, if an entrepreneurs business plan does not include how they are going to build a relationship with their customers. Or how they are going to generate to Google reviews. They should make an appointment for consultation with Edmonton business consultant.

So that they can create a marketing plan that will actually help them create that relationship, and build the trust they need. In order to get those potential customers to become their biggest fans.

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