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Edmonton Business Coach | Your First Website

Edmonton Business Coach | Your First Website

If you’re looking to design and develop your very first website, call the Edmonton business coach at inspired method. Our team of graphic designers of developers and business coaches will help you create a wonderful website that will attract people to your business. What sense is a website if nobody sees it? That’s exactly the question that we asked ourselves before we started inspired method.

There are so many great graphics and web design companies out there. The problem with many of them as they don’t have winning strategies to help get year website to the top of Google. We have the strategies and the plans that work for some of the best businesses in the United States and Canada.

Right now we have no-brainer offer for any business who wants to take advantage of our amazing business coach strategies. If you call 780-937-2939 you can talk with one of our business coaches today to schedule an initial consultation. After our discussion we will schedule you in for a weekly strategy session for the next four weeks.

Before we get started developing your amazing website getting you to the top Google, we have to first help you determine what is your problem, vision, mission, and values for your business. These aren’t the only things that we need to determine, they are some of the most important ones for first steps to developing your business systems and sales processes.

Being in Edmonton business coach it is our pleasure to joy to help small businesses to succeed. It’s a well-known fact that over 50% of small businesses fail in the first five years. This is completely avoidable and is our mission to stop that from happening. We want you to become a statistic.

Is it completely necessary to have website for you open up your business? The answer is no. If you wait until everything is perfect before you launch your business you will never want your business. Because there’s always good to be things that you don’t like about your website, your business card, your logo and other things. The best thing for you to do is get started by securing your Google my business listing.

A Google my business listing is completely free for anyone who has a business to start using. If you haven’t taken advantage of this amazing tool from Google, I suggest, as in Edmonton business coach you head over to and get started today. The reason you want to do this is your business can be found in the Google search engine results in the map section. This is even before you started thinking about creating website.

A well optimized Google my business listing can do more to help your business than having any kind of digital advertising in the early days. Research has shown that consumers expect the business to have 40 Google reviews before they trust their star rating. Don’t be one of those companies who let’s the angry people decide what your star rating is going to be and how many reviews you get. You must be proactive in seeking five-star Google reviews from your clients.

Edmonton business coach | website traffic myth

One misconception that new businesses have is that you’ll get a ton of traffic to your website as soon as you launch it. Being in Edmonton business coach for more than two years we know that this is just not true. It takes a long time, a lot longer than you think, for your website to be fully indexed on Google and free to start gaining authority online. Though there are some things that you can do to help yourself out while you’re waiting for yourself to be ranked well on Google.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to secure your Google my business listing. With a Google my business listing well optimized with pictures, your address, your phone number, and other ways for people to get in touch with you you will be able to get phone calls and visits to your business without ever having a website or spending a dollar in advertising.

In fact it is a waste of money for you to spend anything on online ads before you reach at least 40 objective Google reviews from raving fans. Why 40? Because all the research that we have seen, as in Edmonton business coach, shows that people need to see at least 40 Google reviews from the company before they will believe their star rating.

This goes not only for consumers but Google as well looks for these things as markers when you are running Google ads. According to Forbes 88% of people read reviews before they buy. So seeing that over 88% of people look at reviews before they visit her shop before they buy, it makes a lot of sense for you to get as many reviews as possible.

Our Edmonton business coach clients often have it very difficult time getting these Google reviews. They have a lot of excuses like, people find it hard to leave a review, Mike employees are asking for the reviews, or even if they ask for the review clients are reluctant to take the two seconds in order to leave that objective Google review.

There are ways to do this but it takes boldness little bit of courage and persistence. It’s not enough to simply just ask for review you have to incentivize people to leave that review right there on the spot so that on their next visit for their next purchase with you they can receive that offer. You cannot buy a Google review as it goes against Google’s terms of service. But you can offer them something on their next visit if they give you an objective Google review.

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