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Edmonton Business Coach | Winning Small Business Advice

Edmonton Business Coach | Winning Small Business Advice

Inspired method marketing & coaching is an Edmonton business coach that truly cares. Our mission is inspiring businesses to tell their unique story and attract raving fans right now we have a special no-brainer offer any small business who wants to take advantage of it.

We offer one month of business coaching and marketing services for one dollar. That’s crazy right? Who wouldn’t want one of the top business coaches in the country helping them with their marketing and developing proven systems to help them win? All you have to do is go to our website inspired and send us an email. Or you can give us a call at 780-937-2939.

We see a lot of small businesses who need help identifying their ideal likely buyers. There under the assumption that everybody is their ideal candidate for the particular product or service.

This is absolutely untrue, false, and leads to a lot of frustration. What you have to do, is put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Try and empathize with their needs. What are they like? Where do they live? What kinds of things keep them up at night?

Other questions that we ask as an Edmonton business coach, are things like demographics, where they live, what sex they are, how much money they make, what’s important to them, and things like that.

We have a questionnaire that we use in our office have inspired method marketing and coaching that walks small business owners through this process. Being an Edmonton business coach gives us insight into a lot of different businesses, and we can more easily help them identify who their ideal likely buyer is, and how they should shape their product and service to meet that need.

It’s not enough to create a product or service and assume that people are going to come to your door. What needs to be done is finding what people’s common needs are and creating a product and service that’ll fill that need. Doing it the other way around leads to this frustration and failure.

Your friends and family will think you’re crazy. They’re not can understand why you decided to leave your good paying job, with its benefits and all the perks that come along with being a highly skilled technician. But that’s okay. They don’t have to understand why you decided to branch out on your own.

You know why you did it. Is because you wanted freedom for your life. You wanted time freedom and financial freedom, and never wanted to listen to another human being as long as you live. This is all fine and well, but you have to understand that the customer is still the boss. The customer can fire you at any time by choosing to spend his money somewhere else. With that in mind tread cautiously when starting a new business. As the saying goes be careful what you wish for.

Edmonton business coach | when at small business

Our job as the Edmonton business coach is to help small businesses succeed. Our goal is to help small businesses to tell their unique story and inspire raving fans. It’s not enough to just put out a shingle and start a business with the hopes that it’ll be successful. You have to have a plan in mind. Having a business plan will give you better odds of being successful in not being part of the 50% that fail.

Right now we have a special offer for all businesses who want to try our services. We will give you 30 days of business coaching, consulting and marketing services for only a dollar.

One of the things that a lot of small businesses don’t understand is that it’s going to take a long time to see the rewards of their hard work. You may not think so, but it’s true. Businesses like Amazon did not see a profit for 10 years. And even today some still question whether they are profitable or not. Amazon is a world wide company.

They have found a way to make shopping convenient, fast, and easy. They employ tens of thousands of people across the world. The only way they could have done this is refusing to quit when it got hard.

The other thing that Amazon did that made them so successful, was they created systems. If you do not have systems that the lowest skilled person can understand and do than your business is doomed to fail. A lot of business owners get handcuffed by their business because they can never leave or take a break from work. When these poor souls do take a break, their revenue goes to zero.

That is the story for most small businesses, especially family-run businesses. They don’t have the repeatable and duplicatable systems in place in order to give them the time freedom that the so need. If this is you, you need to schedule a free consultation with our Edmonton business coach

Another system that we help small businesses to implement is a hiring system. There are numerous hours that are wasted by small entrepreneurs on hiring new people for their business.

This is completely avoidable by adopting a group interview strategy. Many of the business owners that we talk to about a group interview hiring strategy, don’t believe us when we first bring it up in our Edmonton business coach meetings. But we’ve run the numbers, we’ve adopted the practices as our own, and we have proven that it saves at least a month of time.

If you are looking at resumes one by one, and your scheduling interviews with individuals, who more than likely won’t show up, then you will spend almost 24 working days worth of time to find one good employee. I’m not talking just an employee, someone to just fill the position. I’m talking about and a player who is the right fit for your team.

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