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Edmonton Business Coach | What Is The Purpose Of YouTube Videos?

Edmonton Business Coach | What Is The Purpose Of YouTube Videos?

Why do I have to do videos is a common question that the Edmonton business coach gets from all of his clients.

There is not one who is comfortable with doing any YouTube videos. They think that somebody is going to look at their videos and judge them harshly based on their appearance, or what they say. What we have found over doing this with multiple clients is that this never happens. This is an irrational fear that people have about showing their faces on video.

They’ve watched too many
exposes on people who have been taken advantage of online with their videos. While we are not shooting those kind of videos here at inspired method marketing and coaching. We are in Edmonton business coach, not YouTube agents.

So what is the purpose of the YouTube videos? The purpose of making these YouTube videos is for people to get more comfortable talking about their business.

Lots of businesses when they get started don’t really have a solidified business model, and they don’t know what they are differentiating factors are. We help them to answer these questions by running a series of videos that answers a lot of the common questions that we need in order to develop content for their website.

Which brings me to the second purpose of creating these YouTube videos. Our Edmonton business coach system includes search engine optimization. And for search engine optimization to work, we have to ensure that our clients have at least 1000 words of content per page on their website.

And then we can never stop creating content for their websites so that we can help them win. One of the biggest things that we can do to help them on their SEO is create the most HTML content.

Having the most HTML content is one of the biggest things that Google is looking for when they are trying to index webpages online. Google is trying to create the most efficient search engine possible for their users. And the best way to do that is to partner with Google and help them to find the most relevant content on any particular subject. When we are working with our clients this is our job.

The other thing that we help them to do is get the most Google five-star reviews. Getting Google five-star reviews is something that’s very easy and every business should be involved in doing that. If they’re not doing that, then it will affect their search engine optimization rating with Google. Not only will it affect the rating with Google, it will affect the perception of their possible clients who will be finding their Google my business listing online.

So the biggest purpose for creating these YouTube videos is so that we can help customers get the most HTML content on their website that is relevant to their ideal and likely customers. The best way to do that is to ask them questions about their business, and then simply record what they say.

It’s very easy nowadays to get things transcribed digitally. And once we have these transcriptions then it’s just a matter of updating their website with this updated content that is fresh, and unique to our customers website.

Edmonton business coach | how many videos does it take?

The number of videos that it takes for you to win on search engine optimization results depends on the business that you’re in. As in Edmonton business coach we recommend that our clients never stop making YouTube videos for as long as they want to stay in business.

This may seem harsh, but this is a very competitive world and things are not getting easier for anybody.

The number of videos that we can start people off with his 14. We want to make sure that we have at least 14 weeks of content stored up to put on to their website. Because our videos are so long, we can get usually round a thousand words per video on to their website. So this equals two 14,000 words of content uploaded to their website. Not only are you creating more pages than their competitors, we are creating more words than their competition. This is very very important for our customers because we want them to win, backspace.

The inspired method Edmonton business coach program is not for everybody. There are some people who are completely shy or reluctant to get in front of the camera and create video content. Unfortunately there is nothing that we can do to help these people if they do not want to take the plunge and that themselves recorded on YouTube. This benefit is not just for their website. The benefit is for them to get a full understanding of the business at they’re in.

By shooting multiple videos talking about their business, they get more comfortable and able to talk about their business with strangers. This means that when they are in front of somebody else, they have a lot of answers that they can give for any question that might arise during a sales meeting.

So when people are more comfortable speaking about their business, it is much much easier for them to create website content and tell other people about their business. This will also help our clients determine who is going to be the right fit for their company as well.

Not just on the customer standpoint but from an employee standpoint. You want to make sure that people who are joining your team are fully on board with who you are and what you stand for. Sitting in is no longer the way to get ahead in today’s world. It is so competitive that you have to stand out from the crowd. Seth Godin in his book the purple cow goes into detail about how to develop your business offerings that is unique and special so that people stand up and pay attention.

Get in touch with inspired method and sign up for the Edmonton business coach program. You will get for private sessions with the business coach for only one dollar. It’s very easy to get started all you have to do is go to the website and feel your information there. You can also give us a phone call at 780-937-2939 and will be glad to schedule a one hour consultation with you and get you put onto our calendar for your weekly strategy sessions.

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