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Edmonton Business Coach | Wait to Build Your Website

Edmonton Business Coach | Wait to Build Your Website


Websites are a great tool for generating new business for any small business startup. That inspired method marketing coaching we help small businesses do just that. Right now we have a special offer for any small business who is wanting to take their marketing to the next level. For one dollar you get 30 days of walking in coaching expertise from an Edmonton business coach just go to for more information or call 780-937-2939.
As an Edmonton business coach people always ask us why we tell them not to build a website before they are ready. The reason for this is because we need to put over a thousand words per page on their website. And a lot of times people don’t really know what their businesses about and they don’t know what content please go on those pages. The first page that we need to address is the homepage and what type of information is to be put on that.

The other pages that are most important for the team page, the services page, and the contact page. Before we get started on these pages gotta make sure that we know what your vision is for the business. The vision is quantified by a number. An example would be we want to help 500 businesses in the Edmonton region their marketing and business growth.

The next thing want to talk about is the mission. The mission is how you accomplish the vision. For example our mission is to inspire businesses to tell the unique story and attract raving fans. The problem is a lot of small businesses when they start out they don’t understand what these things are. They don’t know who they’re wanting to help, or how they’re going to do it, and the most important reason is why.

One of the next important things and you have to work out for your company is what are your core values. Core values are is the heart and soul of your business. What are the core beliefs that you have about yourself,. Your employees, and your customers. Going to make sure that all of your business values lineup with your personal values and beliefs.

The toughest part about creating website is coming up with a thousand words per page. You have to really know what your company is about you serve why you serve them and all the other things a spoke about earlier.

Some things he also need to consider for your website is a logo, colours and images in the overall branding of your website. Now before all of these things the Edmonton business coach recommends that a company take advantage of the free items that are available at their disposal by Google. Google my business is number one. The best thing about it is it’s free and it’s easy to sign up. The reason why you want to do this early in your business before your website, is because you can start getting valuable Google reviews before your website is even created. Which means you can get traffic coming to your business even without a website.

Edmonton business coach | get those Google reviews

One of the easiest and most important steps that a business can take, is to set up your Google my business location. By setting up your Google my business location you are able to get valuable reviews from local customers. And as people are searching Google for your particular product or service, you can be found here Google my business listing. If you have a great Google my business description with your hours of operation images, a 360° tour, and of course the most valuable thing, Google reviews.

Being an Edmonton business coach, it is our pleasure to help so many businesses get started with their book my business location. Right now we’ve got a special no-brainer offer that any business should take advantage of. We will help you 30 days of business coaching and marketing services for one dollar.

Some people are under the misconception that you have to have website before you get started with your business. And this is false. You do not need a website to get started with your business. It helps, but unless you know what the problem you’re solving is, the vision for the company, and your mission and values then it’s good to be very very difficult for you to come up with your branding and all of the content that you need for your page.

Another some things that you can do in the meantime if your website is finished on time. You can start building a dream 100 list what a dream 100 list is a list of hundred or more companies that can use your product or service. And then what needs to be done is a well-crafted outbound call script needs to be made, and then it’s up to you business owner to start dialling for dollars. Being in Edmonton business coach, this is a part that most people don’t enjoy doing, but it is one of the activities that is a great rush to revenue.

A lot of people learned of the misconception that as soon as their website goes live, they’re going to have a lot of traffic. I really wish that this was true. There is no way to guarantee any traffic to your website as soon as it goes live. It takes time for your webpages to index on all of the servers around the world. And it takes a while for Google to index all of your pages as well. There’s a time period that it just takes in order for you to start seeing your site show up in the Google search engine results pages.

But the things that will help with your Google search engine results are making sure that you have at minimum of 40 Google reviews. Once you get to those 40 Google reviews then people will start seeing your business as a real business.

Get started today with your Edmonton business coach inspired method marketing and coaching. For only one dollar you can get started 30 days of world-class business coaching and marketing services.

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