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Edmonton Business Coach | Time Freedom as an Entrepreneur

Edmonton Business Coach | Time Freedom as an Entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs get into their business, because they are passionate about the product or service that they offer says Edmonton business coach. They rarely realize the time it is going to take them to do the administrative, accounting and sales and marketing their business. Therefore it is extremely important that entrepreneurs learn early on that they need to schedule their tasks, so that they can ensure all of the most important things to accomplish have a time slot in which to get them done.

Because entrepreneurs are often excited to provide the product or service that they are passionate about, they frequently do not take into consideration the time necessary to accomplish the administrative tasks of the business. Creating systems into checklists as well as templates take a significant amounts of time, but are necessary in order for entrepreneurs to be able to scale up their business, and ensure that as they need staff, that the staff will be able to carry on the tasks that the business owner used to do says Edmonton business coach.

As well, because new business owners often have more time then money, and even though they have limited time, they use their own time in order to advertise their business. And even still, this means that entrepreneurs often are not putting in enough time marketing their business as well. It is extremely important that entrepreneurs create a schedule where they have regularly scheduled times to spend on sales and marketing for their business, so that they do not fall into the habit of letting the sales and marketing of their business stop because they are starting to get busy with customers. This is often a tendency of new entrepreneurs says Edmonton business coach, that as their business grows, they start focusing on service. There needs to be a balance, and a schedule can significantly help with that.

In addition to administrative tasks and sales and marketing, business owners also need to set aside time to recruit staff. Small businesses do not put enough effort into finding new staff, only looking when they have an immediate opening in their business, which puts their business in a position of being under time constraint to fill the spot, and not being able to fill it with the best possible people. Edmonton business coach says that not having the right people in their business is one of the top three reasons why entrepreneurs fail, and is extremely important that business owners recruit people on a regular basis, so that they are prepared with great people in the eventuality that one of their current staff is going to give notice, or that their business is going through a growth spurt.

Extremely important that business owners realize early on that all of these tasks that is necessary are not going to get done in a shortened work week, and that time freedom needs to be a long-term goal, because if an entrepreneur does not accomplish these tasks because they are taking short workdays and short workweeks, in their business will be successful. By creating a time schedule, and a longer work week, entrepreneurs can ensure that they are getting all of the tasks done that are necessary to grow a successful business.

Edmonton business coach | time freedom as an entrepreneur

When entrepreneurs start their business the first time says Edmonton business coach, they should keep an extremely important Gary Keller quote in their mind as they do so: “time on a task, over time, eventually beats talent every time.” This refers to the momentum that entrepreneurs can get as long as they are consistent with the time that they are spending on their business. While many entrepreneurs believe that are going to be able to have said if they get freedom of time in their business, this is not true while they are growing company. There are significant tasks that need to get accomplished that are going to help an entrepreneur grow a strong and successful business, and if an entrepreneur gets these done early on in their business, are going to be able to grow business that will allow them to eventually have the freedom of time as an entrepreneur.

One of the most important things that an entrepreneur can do, is create a time block to schedule. Edmonton business coach says that not only can a schedule ensure that all of the most important tasks of a business get accomplished, but it can also help an entrepreneur from feeling overwhelmed. They also recommend that a business owner creates a six day a week schedule, because all of the administrative, accounting, sales and marketing, recruiting and training tasks will not get done in a traditional forty hour work week. Creating the schedule will ensure that a business owner has time set aside regularly for all of these important priorities, so that they will get accomplished.

Business owners should not forget one of the most important things that they should block their time, which is the time to go home and spend with family. Many entrepreneurs who underestimate how much time they are administrative and accounting tasks are going to take them, often believe that they can get it done in their free time. However, they should be spending their free time with their family, being present for them. Not only does working on administrative tasks in their free time means those tasks will get accomplished efficiently or accurately, because an entrepreneur lacks focus, but it also means that the business owners family does not get the benefit of business owners attention says Edmonton business coach. By being present for family, can help an entrepreneur feel rested and ready to tackle the next six-day workweek.

By learning early on in their entrepreneurship that business owners need to create a schedule, and work longer than forty hours of work week can help them get all of the tasks needed to get done in order to grow their business. It can also help them from feeling overwhelmed, and keep them from feeling like their whole entire life revolves around work. Time schedules one of the keys to growing a successful business, so learning how to do this efficiently and effectively as early in the business as possible is extremely important to grow business.

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