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Edmonton Business Coach | The Video Strategy For Success

Edmonton Business Coach | The Video Strategy For Success

Getting started making videos is not something that everybody wants to do especially when they get started with an Edmonton business coach at inspired method market and coaching.

Most people when they get started with us are very nervous, or shy in the resist doing videos with every fiver of their being. A lot of people have fears when it comes to getting on video. All we find is they think that either they are going to receive ridicule from peers in their industry, or that they’re going to get haters who will attack them online. We found that this is not the case.

It is our job as the Edmonton business coach, to allay those fears and help them to get over them so that we can get on with creating videos to maximize the amount of online content that we can create for them.

If anybody is going to watch these videos at somebody who has found them either on Google or on YouTube. And the reason that they would’ve found it as they were searching for their product or service to solve the problem. Because we don’t put videos onto YouTube in order to get just random viewers. We use keyword search terms that people would use when they’re looking either on Google or YouTube to find a solution to their problem.

So in many cases when we have these videos online for our customers, they are often found in the Google search engine results pages. Without even having a website that’s ranking on page 1 of Google, we have videos from YouTube that are ranking under those relevant search terms.

This is especially powerful when you’re talking about local businesses. So many local businesses don’t know how to manage their online presence nor do they have any idea on how to rank on Google or YouTube. But that is the job of the Edmonton business coach at inspired marketing.

Right now we have a no-brainer offer that is open for almost any business. For one dollar you can get started with inspired method marketing and coaching and receive a full month of coaching and marketing help.

The goal of these videos is firstly to get the most HTML content uploaded onto people’s websites. Great side benefit of creating these videos is people get way more comfortable talking about their business in front of people. This is better than any Toastmasters event that you could get involved with.

Toastmasters is a great platform for people who want to improve their public speaking skills. But even better than getting in front of a large group of people is putting yourself in front of a camera with no eyeballs looking back at you and practising talking about your business to a camera.

So if you’ve ever wanted to improve your public speaking skills and get better at sales presentations the best thing you should do is get started creating YouTube videos on your own.

Edmonton business coach | becoming more comfortable shooting videos

Shooting videos becomes easier as you do them. When you get in touch with our Edmonton business coach at inspired marketing they will help you to get comfortable shooting videos for YouTube. At first it may seem very scary that some people on the other side of that cameras can be looking at your videos and judging what you’re wearing, what you look like, the quality of the videos then what you say.

Because we shoot videos in a relaxed atmosphere with only yourself and the Edmonton business coach, it is a less intimidating scenario than if you were to stand in front of an audience of people to give a speech.

One of the most beautiful things about shooting a video, is you can make mistakes and have them erased in editing. That has to be one of the best reasons for doing a video over speaking life. You have the opportunity to make mistakes and start over again.

Some people have a hard time sharing their business ideas and their product offering with customers. In order to get good at acquiring new customers, you have to get good at sales. And when you are talking for hours about your business, about what makes you special, and how you help other people, it’s much easier to give a sales presentation when somebody is physically in front of you.

The Edmonton business coach would rather you make mistakes with them as opposed to in front of a customer when it really matters. Our goal at inspired method marketing coaching is to help you to grow your business. We want to make sure that you business is able to run without you.

This may seem like a pipe-dream at the beginning, but once you get on board with the system and adapt your schedule and your lifestyle to how we do things, you will see that you will gain more freedom both financially, and in time.

The whole reason you started your business was that you could become wealthy and have more time. Even if money isn’t your main objective, you still have to put food on the table. This is not something that everybody is going to do. There are a lot of people who dream about becoming a business owner, but they simply don’t have the self-discipline in order to stay the course.

Take advantage of our one dollar marketing offer. For only one dollar you can get full month of business marketing and coaching that will help you to take your business to the next level. All you have to do is visit the website and fill out the contact form.

One of our owners will give you a call and set up a one hour consultation to see if your business is a good fit for a program, and to see if we will be a great fit for your business. From there we will simply schedule into one of our weekly timeslots and get you started on the program. Were all about business success and growth and we can’t wait to get started.

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