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Edmonton Business Coach | The Myth Of The 4 Hour Work Week

Edmonton Business Coach | The Myth Of The 4 Hour Work Week

The Edmonton business coach has observed that successful entrepreneurs work more than 40 hours per week. There many conflicting ideas out there today especially with books like the four hour work week.There are some valuable strategies in that book that someone we and make use of in their business, however, most people cannot build a successful business working only four hours per week.

There are couple of strategies in Tim Ferris’s book that can be used by entrepreneurs to help them grow their business and be more organized. The idea of patching work is something that everyone should get hold of and implement to their business. For example, we are batching SEO articles for time efficiency and effectiveness.

As the Edmonton business coach we recommend to our clients that getting started is better than waiting until your product or service is perfect. MVP principle in the four-hour work week is very valuable. Essentially, you want to create your minimum viable product and start selling it so that you can make adjustments and continuously improve your service and your product over time.

A for a work week may be possible for very, very few but 90% of small business owners don’t have unlimited resources in a large staff have to work more than 40 hours per week in order to be successful. Our goal as an Edmonton business coach is to see how we can change the odds of business failure from 50% to 80% of businesses being successful.

Often people quit jobs in order start a business because they are hoping to improve their work life balance. They seem to be waking up and going to work only to come home tired the end of the day and going to bed without spending any real time with their family.
The problem with this thinking is that you are not going to be spending less time at work, you’re going to be spending more time trying to get your business off the ground.

What is important to understand is by maximizing your schedule and wasting time doing meaningless tasks, you can fit in all of your family time, and your work time while building your business.

The idea is to cut out all the things that are not necessary in your life. Did you know that the average person watches five hours of TV per day? This is something that can be cut out your life and will only add to improving the quality and the ” work life balance” that people are seeking.

Rather than spending 40 hours a week like you would in a normal job, you are spending closer to 80 hours a week when you’re building a new business. The long-term goal should be to reduce the number of hours you spending at work, but you must expect for the first five years that you’re going to be spending at least 60 to 80 hours a week building your business.
Edmonton business coach | maximizing your time

It is much easier to build a business around your passion according to the Edmonton business coach at Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching. When you are excited and passionate about something the long hours a spend at it don’t seem as arduous.

As the saying goes, do something you love and you never worked a day in your life. That’s somewhat true because it won’t feel like work when you’re doing something that you truly enjoy.

When working with your Edmonton business coach we will help you maximize your time, and help you discover your minimum viable product so that you can begin selling and optimizing your business right away.

As Gary Keller said “time on a task over time eventually beats talent every time.” This is very true as we have seen this played out in a number of our Edmonton business coach clients.

Serial entrepreneurs who have already built a business around their passion know the systems that are required to make any business successful. So your second and third businesses don’t necessarily have to be a passion project, because you will understand all of the things that are necessary to make a successful business.

One must always take pride in small accomplishments. That’s why when we are meeting with our clients on a weekly basis, we celebrate small wins such as getting Google reviews, or creating content videos. These things may seem small but over time they will amount to a large amount of content and large amount of Google reviews.

So getting back to cutting things out of your life. What are the things that you’re willing to sacrifice in order to achieve your goals? Are TV and video games a big time suck in your life?

What about extra curricular sports activities or parties that don’t really improve your life but only take time away from you achieving your business and life goals?

By scheduling into your calendar what is really important for you and your family, you will be more present and available for your family. We always suggest you unplug after work and even on weekends. When you are at home, you should be present with your family and not always checking your notifications or email on your phone.

Having a rigid schedule is so important for ongoing success it keeps you focused and allows you to replicate tasks so that you get the important things done and ignore things that are not important. It’s also easier to get family buy-in you have a rigid schedule. They know when you’re going be off and that you’re going to be 100% present in their lives you can have family outings, vacations, and other events that show them that you really care.

Business owners often push back disciplined repeatable schedules they think that they can work whenever they want to. What this means in most cases is that they are continuously working on the business and never fully focused on spending time with her family.

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