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Edmonton Business Coach | The Myth Of Overnight Success

Edmonton Business Coach | The Myth Of Overnight Success

When you’re talking with Edmonton business coach you will find out that most businesses don’t start off with an amazing product or service. There is usually a lot of time spent perfecting your service offering or products to suit your ideal likely customers.

Depending on the industry that you’re in you can come up against a lot of different challenges and struggles when perfecting your service offering and your products. There’s a lot of trial and error that’s involved when you’re starting anything new.

When you think about any of the brands that we know and trust, and have used for many years, it is taken a very very long time for them to create their winning services and products. As an Edmonton business coach we help small businesses every day refine their systems and processes so that there service offering gets better and better over time.

This means that the owner has to spend more time working on the business in the early days. Not everybody has a giant staff that they can start doing their business with. Most of the time it’s one or two people who are working hard to do all of the work, and to all the administration for the business.

When you’re talking with the Edmonton business coach you will find this is not a scalable model. It’s impossible to try and create an award-winning business that is designed to serve you, and to all of the work at the same time. Eventually you’re going to have to build a strong team that surrounds you to deliver on your products and services.

This can take a really long time depending on the industry that you’re in. It also depends on how many different clients are able to serve on a daily or weekly basis. You have to consider a lot of different variables when you’re thinking about growing and scaling a small business.

Along with creating systems and templates, the business owner is responsible for doing all of the sales and marketing for the business. It is not a one time thing. The business owner has to wear all paths in the early days of starting their small business.

It can take several months up to several years to create a scalable marketing system. There are a lot of different variables such as a website, advertising online, social media strategy, and other traditional media.

Cash flow is also an issue for small businesses in a lot of cases. Making sure that you have enough cash to pay your employees and suppliers, as well as advertising can create struggles for a small business.

Sometimes small businesses will overextend themselves and oversell product that they don’t have the team for the cash flow to fulfil. Don’t let this happen to you contact inspired method marketing and coaching for a free consultation.

Visit our or give us a call at 780-937-2939 and one of our coaches will be glad to do a free assessment with you on how to maximize and grow your business.

Edmonton business coach | grow from inside

There is a myth that you can grow your business with outside talent. When you are working with an Edmonton business coach, you will see that the data doesn’t backup that myth. Looking at the book Good to Great from Jim Collins research has shown that any of the good to great companies who outperformed the stock market over a long period of time, had internally promoted CEO’s.

When you’re talking about promoting people from within it is very important that you have a very strong culture within your company. The only way to develop strong culture is to regularly train and meet with your employees.

With advice from your Edmonton business coach, will show you how to hold regular meetings with your staff and promote your vision, mission, and values. If you do not regularly go over these items with your staff, then there is no real way for them to understand what your company is all about.

When you’re growing and developing your leaders, you are not going to have your a players or going to be able to take over your business in the first year. You have to plan for 5 to 10 years before you have those types of people in place.

Schedule a free consultation with an Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching. All you have to do is visit our website and fill out the contact form. You can also reach us at 780-937-2939.

Having a well thought out problem, vision, mission, and values will help you with all of your branding and marketing initiatives going forward. This is one small step is one thing that many small businesses don’t take the time to think about and then they struggle with their marketing.

Not only do they struggle with marketing, but they struggle with building a strong team culture and a service based attitude towards their business. Knowing that 50% of small businesses fail, this is a big problem for every small business who is just starting out.

When you’re thinking about creating scalable systems, you have to be thinking about creating a franchise type model for your business. Just like McDonald’s has systems for everything in the restaurant, you have to have systems and templates for every possible system or situation that arises when you’re fulfilling customer expectations.

This is not an overnight thing, that something that takes a very long time to perfect. Even once you think you have it all sorted out, there is always more refining and perfecting as you continue to improve and interact with more and more clients.

The good thing about working with inspired method marketing and coaching is that you are not alone. You have a team of people behind you who have the experience in creating these systems and templates to help your business grow and be able to function without you being there.

Your business was designed to serve you, and not be a ball and chain.

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