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Edmonton Business Coach | Small Business Life Hack

Edmonton Business Coach | Small Business Life Hack

In this article the Edmonton business coach is going to share with you a small business life hack that will save you hours and hours of time. Isn’t that why you started your business in the first place? To have time freedom?

Right now inspired method marketing and business coaching has a no-brainer offer for any small business wants to give us a try. We will give you one month of coaching, and marketing services for one dollar. Just visit our website and sign up. Or you can give us a call at 780-937-2939. Don’t delay because our timeslots are filling up quickly.

Another thing to note, is that we only work with one company in any particular industry. We believe in our systems so much that we feel it is an unfair advantage to work with more than one company in any individual industry.

So what is this life hack that the Edmonton business coach is going to share with you? It’s the group hiring process life hack that is going to provide you more time freedom and get more work done because you’re not wasting it on interviewing useless candidates.

When small businesses are just starting out and they need to hire their first few people it can take many many applicants in many hours to get the right person. The process goes like this, you put your job on a job board, applicant sends in their resume, you look at their resume, make the decision to call them, when you finally get a hold of them and schedule the appointment to meet they don’t show up. This happens time and time again.

It’s by the time you actually meet with somebody and asked them the interview questions that you found online from some HR website, you quickly realize that they’re not a good fit. And then the process repeats again, and again, and again.

All the time wasted in potential employees missing appointments, you reading resumes and scheduling interviews can be avoided by simply adopting the group interview hiring process that we use at our Edmonton business coach facility. Finding the right candidates for your position is a numbers game. You need to see 100 people in order to get that one great team member.

How on earth can you possibly see hundred people following the process that I just laid out above? It’s virtually impossible. You don’t have enough hours in the day nor do you have enough money to waste on human resources staff or yourself doing the HR responsibilities. The only way to do it is by doing a group interview.

By having multiple people show up to your interview you avoid having to ask the same questions individually to each person that comes in front of you. And it also saves you time from not having to have to read all the resumes.

We don’t read any resumes until we see somebody in the group interview that has some potential. This saves us so much time and effort energy and money that we will never go back to the individual interviewing process again.

Edmonton business coach | group hiring for small business

We only do group interviews at the Edmonton business coach, inspired method marketing & coaching. The reason for this is quite simple, we don’t like wasting our time looking for the right candidate.

There aren’t enough hours in the day where we can possibly see enough people one by one and hire that perfect person. And we talked all of our coaching clients that they must adopt this group interview process for their business.

The process goes like this for us. We post our job online and applicants respond to the job posting by email. From there we send out a template ties email to them letting them know when our group interviews are going to be taking place.

We tell them what time we give them the address and we only schedule is for one hour per week. We do not read the resumes or call them to schedule an appointment. We simply wait for applicants to show up and then we going to the next step.

We read the job description and the ad that we put out to make sure that there in the right place. And then we go over our company vision or mission and our values. Once we do this we open up the floor to the applicants to ask any questions of us that they have about the position about the company or about the duties that will be responsible for.

Once everyone’s questions have been answered, we then asked them this one question. Why do you want to work here? And by that we don’t mean why do you want to work as an Edmonton business coach, why do you want to work at inspired method?

The answer to this question becomes very telling quickly as applicants respond. We can tell right away who is going to be a good fit for our company, and who is not to be good fit. Only when there is agreement between the two people conducting the group interview do we call anyone back for a job shadow.

And then during the job shadow we can determine whether they are suited for our company our culture and if they have the coach ability that we need in order to bring them on board.

By adopting this method of hiring, at inspired method marketing and coaching, the Edmonton business coach, we are able to save an enormous amount of time in our schedule.

If you are a business who hates hiring new people because it is such a waste of time, you need to get in touch with us at inspired method marketing and coaching today. You can schedule yourself a free consultation and get booked in with one of our business coaches by giving us a phone call at 780-937-2939 or by checking out our website

If you book today we will give you 30 days of business coaching and marketing services for only a dollar. That’s right we’re providing a no-brainer offer for any small business that wants to take advantage of this offer today. Spots are filling up quickly so please don’t delay.

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