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Edmonton Business Coach | How Inspired Method is Different

Edmonton Business Coach | How Inspired Method is Different

Hi, welcome back to the Edmonton business coach YouTube channel. I’m Karen and this is my husband Trevor, and today we’re going to be talking about how Inspired Method is different.

Yay. So Jim Collins, an author of 6 books says, focusing solely on what you can potentially do better than any other organization is the only path to greatness. And did you know that by 2021 global retail e-commerce sales will reach four point 5 trillion with a t trillion? Um, that’s crazy.

That was crazy. That’s from Shopify plus 2018.

Edmonton business coach, back when I first started in digital marketing for over 20 years ago, it was tough to convince people that the Internet was a thing. They thought, oh, it’s just a fad. The thing that’s going to disappear. I don’t need a website, e-commerce. I’m not putting my credit card online. Are you kidding me? Um, and now there’s still people who say four point $5 trillion. Wow. That is amazing. It’s crazy. So a lot of business owners that we work with come to us thinking that they need just in a marketing company to help them with their social media or creating ads. What ends up happening is we end up in a coaching role to show them the path they need to take to grow their business. So Karen, what are some of the questions people might have about that?

So why did we change the name to Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching? It used to be just Inspired Method. Now it’s Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching.

Edmonton business coach, we want it to make it really clear what we are about and what we do. We discovered that we are more than just, you know, a website development company. We’re more than a copywriting or content marketing company. What we do is we guide people down a proven pathway to business success in SEO and marketing and really business development that is a long-term commitment. So when we teamed up with Spurrell and Associates and became partners, you know, we really have the opportunity to kind of shift and pivot from just being a digital marketing company to an actual marketing and coaching business where we are taking business owners and leading them down a different pathway, giving them some tough love sometimes. Yeah.

So what kind of coaching do we provide our Edmonton business coach clients? Well, what’s a little bit different from us then? Uh Oh, I’ll back up. I’ll say what kind of coaching we provide is all related to growing your business. So we’re talking about creating content, obviously doing videos, making sure that you’ve got your Google my business listing and you’re getting reviews and all those key performance indicators that you’re working on every single day to grow your business. Make sure that your online presence is, is there that you actually have. One of the other things that we help businesses with are things like sales training systems, checklists, you know, hiring these types of things that a lot of other coaches don’t really focus on and they don’t help people with. It’s not their focus and not their forte. And you know, we are in a unique Edmonton business coach position because we’re working with, uh, you know, in our office alone, we’ve got over 80, 90 years of business experience spread over a few different people and it’s really exciting.

We can help a number of different businesses. So how different are you, other than most coaches? Okay. Most coaches that I’ve heard of are dealt with, they are into more that touchy feely side of things. So how, how does that make you feel? And they will ask questions and help you so that it draws up from you. The answer really that you’re looking for that a correct assumption. Okay. How we’re different is we know what works, we’ve done it and we’ve helped other people do it and we just get them on board with the plan because there are certain things that we know work 100% of the time, Edmonton business coach. And it’s up to them to take the bull by the horns and follow the plan. For instance, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the Green Bay packers, but famous coach for the Green Bay packers, Vince Lombardi, he was, you know, not always liked by his players, but he was respected and he didn’t make suggestions on the field.

It was more, this is what we have to do to win. This is what I expect from you. And if you do these things, you’re going to win. Uh, Tim Grover, right? Tim Grover of coach to people like Kobe Bryant and a Magic Mike, Right? Michael Jordan. He took no guff from them. He, they knew what was expected when they got into the gym and started doing workouts and he knowing, you know, physiology and knowing, uh, you know, diet, exercise, have different regimens and the mental game he was able to prepare them, can win. Now they had to do the work. He couldn’t do the work for them, but he knew, and he knows the right way to do it. And that’s how we’re different than most Edmonton business coaches.

So how does having an in office mastermind come into play?

Well, like I mentioned earlier, we’ve got 90 years of business experience in the office, right? So we can draw upon not only you and I, we can draw upon our business partner who is himself work over 20 years helping small businesses with their, uh, business planning, financial planning, marketing and team building. We can draw on it. And then all the other people who are in our office, we can pose business questions and you know, help come up with great ideas to help get people to the next point or the next level. And really just we’ve got a wealth of Edmonton business coach information here that helps us and in turn helps our clients.

So what does, how does that benefit our business owner clients?

Well, what happens is when we come into a situation that’s a little bit different than we’ve maybe experienced in, it’s a different industry, it’s okay. I’ll say guarantee that somebody in our office has worked with an industry like that and can easily find a solution for them, right? We’re not having to guess or, or look at another location somewhere outside of ourselves to find an answer. That’s one, two to work and helping that situation. How have you proven that our marketing systems work well? We are our own guinea pigs. We try them out on ourselves first, with Spurrell and Associates and Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching. And not only that, we’ve done years of research into these topics, not only us, but our business partner Josh. And we’ve found mentors and other coaches who have used these exact same principles in order to help their clients to win and grow.

So it’s not just us here in this office, you know, as an island we have other people who have proven the Edmonton business coach concepts that we’re using and teaching other people so that they can win and grow. So there’s a lot of confidence that we have in our approach and in our systems and the method that we use to do it.

What happens in your weekly strategy and coaching sessions?

What happens there is we have a weekly agenda that go over. So they include all the key performance indicators, all of the things that our clients need to do in order to be successful. So things like, how many reviews did you get? Are you still, you know, what are you doing to improve that? We’re talking about do we have our YouTube video outlines created, not you’re going to say we’re going to make YouTube video outline, so we’re good film video or not company.

That sounds ridiculous. We’re going to capture video, we’re going to capture video in our meetings. And then from there, if they’re having struggles with things like higher, you know how to get the right team in place or if they have an issue with their phone system, so they need some inbound call script so they need some outbound call scripts or emails or drip campaigns or something of that nature. We can help them with all of those things because that is, that’s what we do and that’s what we’re designed and built on her to do is to help business system grow and succeed. Okay.

What determines if a client will be so successful or not?

This is, it’s hard because we found even in just a short period of time, there are people who are listeners and doers and they’re diligent in the things we asked them to do and there are other people who want to go along with their own ideas because they think they know better. It’s their business, they know it better than anyone else. That might be true. But what is important to understand is you wanted and needed help with your marketing and business growth because what you were doing is not working. So we’re here to give you the Edmonton business coach tough love that is going to help you to win and succeed. Now, it’s not instantaneous. It’s not an overnight thing. And some people can get impatient and I understand, but what is important to be clear is this is not an overnight success thing. This isn’t a discipline building exercise. Yeah. And if you want to win, you gotta be willing to put in the time and the people who are successful putting in the time and they do the work for people who are simply don’t. Sure.

Well, thanks so much for breaking that down for us. If you guys out there like this video, give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel and we’ll see you on the next video.

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