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Edmonton Business Coach | Hacking SEO

Edmonton Business Coach | Hacking SEO

In this article, the Edmonton business coach is going to be sharing some tips and tricks to help you get to the top of Google. We call these our power moves for search engine optimization. These are something that we use not only for our clients, but for our own businesses.

We would be total hypocrites if we did not use the same exact tactics to get our pages to the top of Google, that we are telling our clients to do for their businesses. Telling your clients how to get to the top of Google and not including it in your monthly fee, would be like ordering a cheeseburger and all the condiments are extra. It doesn’t make any sense.

Now one of the first things that we have to get our clients to adopt is getting Google reviews. It’s not easy for people to get this habit formed. There are a lot of companies that we talk to, that art comfortable asking for an objective Google reviews.

One of the reasons is they are afraid of any negative reviews. Negative reviews will happen, and that is just a sign of you being in business longer than a day. There are some people who just cannot be pleased, no matter what you do. Because of this you have to take charge of your Google reviews. It is your reputation that’s on the line, so it makes the most sense, as the Edmonton business coach, to be in charge of your own reputation online.

When people he review it’s a very emotional thing. Either people it really happy, or they’re really upset. People who are really happy, don’t tend to leave reviews. It’s not that they wouldn’t leave a review, it’s that they’re not thinking of it. But when somebody is very irritated, they want to let the whole world know about it.

When people are highly emotional they say and do things that they typically wouldn’t do. So that means they will perhaps, say things a lot harsher and depict the events in a more dramatic fashion because of their heightened emotional state.

This is why we always recommend that our Edmonton business coach clients start asking for objective Google reviews. This will counterbalance any negative reviews that come in because there will be an overwhelming majority of positive reviews. Studies have shown that over 88% of people look at reviews before they make a buying decision.

So don’t be afraid to get objective Google reviews. You have to get in front of this or your worst nightmare will happen. You will have only a handful of Google reviews, and a star rating of three. This is not the position that you want to be in. You want to have a star rating of at least 4.6.

Researches found that consumers expect a business to have at least 40 reviews before they trust their star rating. So get to 40 Google reviews as fast as you can, and then never stop getting them.

Edmonton business coach | there is more to reviews than meets the eye

There are number different ways that you can get Google reviews. One way that the Edmonton business coach has found to be very effective, is having employees incentivized to get objective Google reviews. What works well is for every Google review that they get a client to leave and include their name in, they get a financial reward or other recognition.

There are other ways of course. But we found that asking someone face-to-face while they are in that heightened emotional state of pleasure is the best time to ask. You can send out emails, or send out a blanket text message via different services. This will get you some Google reviews, but the best ways still to ask directly at the time of sale.

Now moving on from Google reviews, the Edmonton business coach also recommends that your website be a mobile friendly website. Mobile friendly website simply means that your website is easy to search and find information on a cell phone. Most of the population has a cell phone. In fact, there are more smart phones on the planet then there are people.

To say that they are important is an understatement. You’re Edmonton business coach knows that 80% of people read reviews before buying. And most of those reviews are looked at on a smart phone using Google. This is why we are always working to help our clients create a website that is easy to use on a mobile device.

Apart from having these two things we want to ensure that our customers websites follow Google’s canonical compliance. We want to make sure that they have all of their pages properly laid out described well for the searchers to find relevant information that they’re looking for. We also want to ensure that Google likes and is able to index all of the pages correctly.

After ensuring that our webpages are Google canonically compliant, we want to make sure that our clients have the most HTML content of any of their competitors.

The way that we get them to have the most HTML content is simply by helping them create 10 minute long YouTube videos. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet. By having YouTube videos, they not only rank for having the most HTML content on their website, they also rank on YouTube under their search terms.

This is very important for any business to take advantage and leverage the power of search engines to help their business to grow. The more people see their content, the more chances they have at getting people to click onto their webpage. And if their website is set up in such a way, that encourages people to click through, then they will get more inbound leads coming in.

The lack of leads is the reason that most businesses fail. This is something that we want to avoid at all costs. We don’t want any of our small business clients to have to go out of business because they did not get enough leads. These are just some of the ways that we help all of our clients to win using the tactics that some of the most successful companies use.

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