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Edmonton Business Coach | Growing A Good Team

Edmonton Business Coach | Growing A Good Team

The Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing, wants to help you grow up great team. Get in touch with us today on our website inspired Fill out the contact form and see why we are the most rated business coach in Canada.

Why is 168 the most important number in business? 168 is the number of hours that everybody has to get all of their work done. Whether you’re Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, or yourself, we all have the same number of hours in a week. What you do with those 168 hours determines how successful you’re going to be.

Many of our small business owner clients at the Edmonton business coach, start out trying to find their employees doing one on one interviews. The problem with that is their larger competitors have a massive advantage over them. They will simply be able to see enough people to find the right players.

You cannot compete with your larger competitors. It’s not an even playing field. Today the Edmonton business coach is going to help you level that playing field by adopting a group interview hiring strategy.

Many of our small business clients don’t like the idea of holding a group interview. A lot of people don’t like speaking to other human beings, let alone a group of people. The fear of speaking in public is greater than the fear of death to some people.

But if you’re wanting to grow winning team for your business, you have to get over this fear. The first thing to take note of in the group interview process is to have a set start time. You need to be firm on this.

When you’re group interview is starting, lock the doors. You cannot allow latecomers to take control of the meeting, or interrupt simply because they are late. This is rude to the people who showed up on time for the interview. It also sets you apart as a leader in your company.

You simply cannot expect it will take you seriously, if you don’t value your time. If you don’t value your time, nobody else will value your time either.

The next step in the group interview process is reviewing the job posting. As you are reviewing the job posting, ask if people recognize this posting. Should anyone not recognize this posting because they were applying for dozens of jobs, you can give them away out of this group interview.

Once that is over you can move on to the next part of the process. The next thing that needs to happen in your group interview process is to read out your companies vision, mission, and values.

Having a solid, and robust set of values will set you apart from your competition. These values need to be very polarizing. People either need to love you, or hate you. Any interviewees need to identify quickly whether it’s a heck yes, or a heck no they will never work with you.

You don’t want anybody on your team who isn’t the right fit.

Edmonton business coach | get on the bus

Working together with your Edmonton business coach will help you to grow your business faster than you would by yourself.

In good to great, the book by Jim Collins, he shares that the most important thing that CEOs did in these companies is get the right people on the bus, and the wrong people off the bus. Having the wrong people on the bus is the reason why businesses fail.

In fact, this is the third most common reason that failed businesses report as to why they fail. So this part of the process is very important for your small business. It is a waste of time to meet one-on-one with interviewees and answer all of their questions.

By having 10 to 20 people in a room, you can answer one question and satisfy the curiosity of a crowd of people. This is extremely efficient for your time. As you know we all have the same 168 hours per week in which to get all of our work done, and be with our families, and any other activities that we care to be involved with.

It’s all about time efficiency so that you can grow your business quickly. You want to be serving your customers, and not waiting for someone to show up to an interview. By allowing people to show up late to an interview, it shows that you do not value your time. If you do not value your time, nobody else will value your time.

Schedule and initial consultation with an Edmonton business coach today. Contact us through give you one month of premium coaching for one dollar.

There’s only one question that is important to cover in the group interview process. This question is:” why do you want to work here?”

This is a very powerful, and telling question. You can read right away a person’s motivation behind applying for the position. Lots of people are out there just to get a job. This is not a bad thing, but when you’re looking to fill your roster with top players, you want people with similar values to your own.

A lot of people don’t prepare themselves for this question. And that’s why it makes it so easy to identify who you would want to bring in for a job shadow.

When we identify somebody who is a good candidate for our team, we call them within 15 minutes after the group interview. We set up a job shadow day the following week where they can come in and do a trial run in the position. There is no better way to see if someone is been a be a good fit with the rest of your team, and if they have the basic skills necessary to get started.

Our Edmonton business coach clients often don’t like thinking about a group hiring process. They think it would be too difficult to do. But once they get started in this group hiring habit, they love it.

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