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Edmonton Business Coach | Don’t Become A Statistic

Edmonton Business Coach | Don't Become A Statistic

Don’t become a statistic, call the Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching to grow your business.

Did you know that 50% of all Canadian small businesses fail within the first five years? We believe this is a statistic that is avoidable. The biggest problem with many small business owners is that they are not fully equipped to beat those odds.

This is the reason why your Edmonton business coach has teamed up with Spurrell and Associates to help Canadian businesses beat the odds. We want Canadian businesses to grow and thrive for five years or more.

Many small business owners when they first get started are entrepreneurs who have a flash of inspiration. Following that inspiration up with appropriate action is the difficult part. Lots of small business owners fail because they underestimate the amount of work that is going take to become successful.

A lot of new entrepreneurs only see what their boss has been able to accomplish by providing them with the job. Many get disgruntled thinking that they can do it better than their employer.

What they don’t realize is the amount of struggle involved with creating any business. Unless you have won the lottery, and have a large amount of funding to get your project going, you typically have to bootstrap your business.

With this in mind, you should hire the Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching to help you create repeatable and duplicatable business systems. Having effective business systems in place, will ensure that your customers will receive a consistent level of service.

If there’s anything that consumers life, it’s high levels of service, and consistency. People will pay more for better service. A lot of small businesses think that they have to be the lowest price option in order to beat there competition. The opposite is true.

You can just perform better than the larger competition, because you are more nimble. You can make adjustments to your ideal and likely buyer faster than a large company.

With this in mind, you should always be looking out for who your ideal and likely customer is. One of the common mistakes that we find is that people assume that everyone is going to be their ideal customer.

Not everybody is going to be your number one customer. There’s only a small, select group of people who will be your raving fans.

These are the people that you want to find, and make 100% happy. By focusing on your ideal group of buyers, you will be able to make more money by spending less on advertising and marketing initiatives.

Word-of-mouth is a very powerful ally for small businesses, but it is not the only thing that you can rely on. You have to create a wow experience for your customers to fall in love with you, and tell her friends about you.

Everybody will be excited to tell their friends how amazing your service, or product is. This is how you grow business with some consistency and regularity.

Edmonton business coach | tips to help you grow

When you first get in touch with an Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching, you will receive one month of coaching services for only one dollar. This is what we call a no-brainer offer.

A no-brainer offer is something that your competitors will do, but your ideal and likely customers can’t say no to. As an Edmonton business coach, we often find that business owners are resistant to offer some type of no-brainer.

This means that the companies who offer something that’s irresistible to their ideal and likely buyers have a competitive advantage over those stubborn business owners who refuse to do this.

If you want to grow your business quickly, then you must develop some type of unique selling proposition for your buyers. You need to stand out from the crowd and not be a wandering generality.

Seth Godin says in a crowded marketplace fitting in his failing. Not standing out is the same as being invisible. Boring is invisible. Remarkable people and products get talked about.

When you are considering starting a new business, don’t try and be a repeat of somebody else’s business. If you are a coffee shop, or a pizza place, or a plumber you need to be unique and differentiated from everyone else.

You must consider how you can do things differently, and how that will attract your raving fans.

We can help you discover what your unique selling proposition should be. Call your Edmonton business coach at 780-937-2939 to set up a free coaching session. We will work with you and help you develop these systems and processes that all the major successful businesses use.

It’s if you were thinking you’re going to have a better handle on your work life balance when you start a new business, you are very wrong. There is no such thing as a work life balance. There’s going to be a lot of time spent in imbalance when you are a business owner.

The majority of your time is going to be spent developing systems, perfecting processes, and dealing with the normal functions of the business.

Until you can create automated systems and hire the right people for your team, you will have to do the majority of the heavy lifting for your business.

Define the right people for your business the best way to get started is by adopting a group interview strategy. Holding group interviews is the way that you can see a greater number of people, and find better employees. When you are looking for people one by one, this is inefficient and a large waste of your time.

You should always have an adder running on indeed or some other job posting site in order to attract the people you want for your business. Holding a weekly group interview allows you to see more people. If it takes 100 people to find that one awesome player for your business, then this is the only way you’re going to be able to do it.

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