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Edmonton Business Coach | Do This Before Your Website

Edmonton Business Coach | Do This Before Your Website

Before you build your website, get in touch with your Edmonton business coach at inspired method and coaching. Right now inspired method as a no-brainer offer that you cannot refuse. If you want your business to succeed and grow, then you’ve got nothing to lose.

There is available to you a 30 day marketing and coaching program that is only one dollar. That’s right so if you’ve got a dollar despair, then you can get world-class business coaching from inspired method market.

Seth Godin is one of the best marketing minds on the planet right now. He says and I quote, “you’re not running around grabbing every conceivable lock to try out your key. Instead, you’re finding people [the lock] and since you are curious about their dreams and desires, you will created key just for them, one field happily trade attention for.” This is the type of marketing advice that we give as the Edmonton business coach.

So many business owners are under the illusion that was soon as they build a website there’s going to be tons and tons of leads coming in from the Internet. I really wish that this is true. But it is simply not. It takes many things in order to get your website to the top of Google.

Google has over 300 different criteria that they look at for judging websites. For so many Seo companies in web development companies, it would be impossible to know and to adjust for all of these different parameters to make a website to the top Google.

Our Edmonton business coach system has a plan that gets our business owners to the top of page 1 on the Google search engine results page. Because where is the best place to hide body? On page 2 of Google.

So the best thing to do for any small business get started is to set up a Google my business listing with Google. Why is it so important? It simply because it’s free and it is the first place that people use to search when they’re looking for something. 80% of people read reviews before buying. This is according to Forbes which is a leader in the business world in a highly respected source of business information. And if it’s good enough for Forbes, it’s good enough for me.

So soon as you get your Google my business listing set up, the next thing that a business owner has to do is get to 40 Google reviews as soon as possible. Why 40 Google reviews? Because researchers found that the average consumer expects a business to have 40 reviews before they trust their star rating.

It’s not enough to just have Google reviews you have to get as many five-star Google reviews as possible. Because when people are searching online for your business or something similar to what you do, they’re going to click on the business with the most Google reviews even if it’s just to check out their website and see what they’re all about.

Edmonton business coach | GMB is for me

The beautiful thing about setting up a Google my business listing, and as the Edmonton business coach what we recommend to all of our clients, is because it’s free. Not only is it free for you can get found by people searching for businesses similar to yours in your local area without having a website.

Of course we want you to have a website, because website is like a salesperson who is working for you 24/7/365. Now there is absolutely no employee that will ever work that hard for you, because it’s impossible for humans to do this. That’s why you want to make sure you have a fully optimized website that has all the relevant and important information on your homepage above the fold. About the fold is a term that was used in newspaper days.

Newspapers were folded in half and the most relevant and important headlines were put on the first page above the fold, where the newspaper was folded in half. That is just a little tidbit from your Edmonton business coach that you might not have known.

Number 40 get started building your website, you have to get a great Google my business listing set up for your business. It can be any kind of business as long as you are selling a product or service in a local area. For most businesses as their starting out, they are not a national company.

You can set up a Google my business listing in every region that you are expanding to. But it is not something that you need to get started with right away.

In order to fully optimize your Google my business listing you need to do the following. You need to go to and click the start now button and then start filling out your information there. You’re going to need to know your business address and of course your business name. And from there you need to put in what type of business you are the area that you serve as far as geographic region, and then optimize it with as many images as you can get.

If you have a physical location then you should definitely put in a 360° virtual tour on your Google my business listing.

The next thing that we advise all of our clients to do as he admits business coach, is to get to 40 Google reviews as fast as possible. Why 40? Because 40 is the number that the average consumer expects a business to have before they trust the star rating. This means that when someone comes across your ad online, when there searching Google, the business who has at least 40 Google reviews is more likely to get a click then business who doesn’t have 40 Google reviews.

So take it from the Edmonton business coach you must get a Google my business location set up as it is the very first metric that may prevent a look for defined and click on your business.

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