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Edmonton Business Coach | Be The Best At SEO

Edmonton Business Coach | Be The Best At SEO

You can learn to be the best that SEO by working with an Edmonton business coach at Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching. If you’re on our website right now all you need to do is click on the get started button and fill out the contact form. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with a consultation to assess your business needs.

One of our goals is to help you systematically enhance every aspect of your business so that you greatly reduce costs and dramatically increase profits.

One of the methods we use is helping you optimize your Google my business listing. By optimizing a Google listing, you’ll be found by your ideal and likely buyers when they are searching in a local area.

For instance, if you run a plumbing company in Calgary, anyone who is searching for a plumber in Calgary can find your listing in the maps section of the Google search results.

By getting one of these with things you are improving the odds that you’ll be found by your ideal customer. It is not necessary that you have a website to get started. It is helpful however to have a website as people will always want to check out a website to learn more about your company. You can use Google’s free website builder as a placeholder until you have a WordPress website created.

Once you have secured a listing with Google your next goal is to get to 40 Google reviews as fast as possible You must ask your customers to leave you in objective Google review so that you can improve the trust factor and your star rating. Researchers found that the average customer expects a business to have 40 reviews before trusting their star rating.

Google also looks at the number of stars you have to determine relevancy and legitimacy of your business. It’s important for search engine optimization so don’t discount the importance of this step when creating a search engine optimization strategy.

Search engine optimization is a very complex subject and topic that most people don’t understand. In fact, most people who claim to know about search engine optimization don’t know how it works either. The good news is that your Edmonton business coach understands how to get to the top of Google.

Though there are more than 200 criteria that Google looks for when indexing and ranking webpages, there are four main items that the most weight. In of those is having the most HTML content.

By having more content than your competitors, you can secure your dominance on page 1 of Google. Contact your Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching for a free consultation.

For one dollar you can receive one month of premium business coaching and set up a full month of strategy sessions. To discover your company’s hidden opportunities and lowest hanging fruit for quick growth. If that something that interests you, get in touch today.

Edmonton business coach | you can be the best at SEO

Becoming the best that SEO is important for your Edmonton business coach at Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching. That’s why we searched intensively for the best strategies that help small businesses to be successful.

After a relentless search for the top performing actions we have developed our system after the best in the world.

It isn’t knowing the most, it’s knowing what works that makes all the difference. We don’t claim to know everything there is to know about Google, and other search engine optimization rules. We know exactly what works and have proven the strategy multiple times for numerous small businesses.

First advice we offer to our clients as their Edmonton business coach is to get the most five-star Google reviews. Getting the most reviews from your clients is something that will give people confidence when they find your Google my business listing when they are performing local search.

It’s typically the company when the most reviews that gets the clicks and phone calls. When business owners ignore this hidden secret, they are doing themselves harm. It’s not hard to ask somebody for review, especially when they have had a good experience with your products and services.

When someone has had a great experience with your business this is the best time to ask them for an objective Google review. The companies that don’t ask, often get the one-star Google reviews that are a detriment to their online presence and reputation.

It’s better for you to take control of this by asking and getting reviews, and risk feeling like you’re imposing on your customers, then not asking at all. Don’t be too proud to ask for help from your customers. If they truly want you to be successful, they will gladly give you that five-star review.

The next step in winning with search engine optimization is creating a Google compliant website. What we have learned in our extensive research is that WordPress is the best possible way to create a Google canonical website.

The creator of WordPress Matt Mullenweg went to the creators of Google and asked them will be the best way to create websites for Google. After this meeting, he built WordPress over the course of several months.

You can build a website on a platform you wish, your Edmonton business coach recommends building one on WordPress. The next step is ensuring that your website is mobile friendly. It has to look good on phones, tablets, and desktop devices. You also have to ensure that you have the most HTML content.

When creating the most content rich HTML content, you can ensure your place at the top of page 1 of Google. This may take a long time, but it will be worth it when you are consistently at the top of Google and your competitors are far behind you.

The top three positions on page 1 of Google get over 80% of the website clicks.

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