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Edmonton Business Coach | A Bad Video is Better Than No Video

Edmonton Business Coach | A Bad Video is Better Than No Video

At inspired method marketing and coaching are Edmonton business coach often gets a lot of push-back from clients because of the quality of our videos. A lot of customers are looking for that highly polished well produced video that makes them go weak in the knees. Though there is a time and a place for these amazing videos, when worth talking about HTML content for SEO purposes, this is not the time or the place for it.

Some customers talk about wanting their image to be portrayed as very professional very polished and clean, and we understand where they’re coming from. But as an Edmonton business coach, I would rather them have a crappy video, then no video at all.

Making a YouTube video is very uncomfortable and unnatural. And that is a good thing. If creating YouTube videos was easy then everybody would do it. The beautiful thing about our system at inspired method marketing and coaching is we get people to jump out of their comfort zone and into discomfort.

We wouldn’t be good at our job if we wanted to do only what the customer wanted to do. This is not what an Edmonton business coach does. Someone who it is a coach must see where people need to grow and help them to get there. This is an area that separates the diligent doers from the happy hopers.

Making 10 crappy videos is one sure way to make a lot of HTML content for your website. The goal for making all this HTML content is so that we can beat your competitors by a long shot.

Most people have no idea how to win with SEO. One of the surefire methods to getting onto page 1 of Google is to have the most HTML content on your website. And what is so great about that is we only work with one particular company in any industry in a geographic region. So there is no way that anyone else is going to duplicate our process where we are. It simply too hard for anybody else to duplicate.

It’s not that it’s impossible for somebody to do, it just takes a lot of hard work and discipline that most companies will see as a useless waste of their time. They would rather depend on technology to try and game the system in order to help their clients get to the top of Google.

What we do is get into the trenches and help our clients make the most headway that their competitors will never be able to catch up.

By the time their competitors catch on what were doing, it’ll be too late. So don’t wait to get in touch with inspired method marketing and coaching. Secure your spot with one of our coaches by going to the website and filling out the contact form.

You can also get in touch with us at any time by calling 780-937-2939 where you will speak with one of the owners of inspired method and coaching. We’ll be glad to take your call and schedule you into one of our designated weekly strategy sessions that we hold open for only one business in any industry.

Edmonton business coach | get started making your videos today

If there was an easier way to make content, then we would be doing it. Our Edmonton business coach clients don’t have a ton of time to be wasting on marketing initiatives. They have several other things that is on their plate on a daily basis.

We do demand that our clients set aside at least one to two hours every single week to focus on marketing efforts. In the first four strategy sessions with an Edmonton business coach, we have them create 14 YouTube videos. The reason we have to make these videos is so that we have 14,000 words of content to update onto the website should they continue to go forward with us.

We do not hold their videos hostage, everything that we create for them they have full access to and they can use at any time to update onto their website. We just want to equip people with the tools in order to make their business more successful. We understand that not everybody is going to be your ideal customer, or that they’ll be able to afford our services past the one month for one dollar special.

We are 100% okay with that because we want to provide as much value to them in a short amount of time as possible.

Being an Edmonton business coach we have to give people tough love that sometimes. Telling them that they have to make YouTube outline so that we can shoot them when they come in is an uncomfortable thing to do. A lot of people aren’t sure how to get started. That’s why we get started for them. We show them our outline of how we create YouTube videos. We then go through the process with them so that they feel more comfortable doing it on their own in the future. The idea behind coaching is doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done and showing our customers that we are doing exactly the same thing.

This is not something that we do once in a while, it’s something that we do on a weekly basis so that we can not only win for ourselves, we can win for our clients. It is our goal to help thousand businesses over the next five years to expand and grow their business there is absolutely no way we can do this unless we are doing everything in our power to help them to win and grow.

If this sounds like a program for you, then I would suggest you get in touch with inspired method marketing and coaching today. It’s very easy to get in touch with us.

Simply go to our website and fill out the contact form. Please fill out your name your email address and your phone number and one of our business coaches will give you a phone call to set up a one hour appointment with you. After we do an initial assessment of your business we will then put you into our calendar as one of our clients.

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