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Hi and welcome to Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching channel. My name is Karen Samons and I’m a co-owner of Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching. We handle all of your online marketing. Now my background is in education, so I understand the importance of always learning and in turn being authentic in my community. I’m passionate about sharing what I learned, and it comes through in everything. Our goal at Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching is to help businesses stay in business. That inspired method. We have created a proven path that helps any small business succeed and we want to share that proven path with you. And the good news is that it’s only $1 to get started today with your first month of Edmonton marketing. The main problem we see is that the most common reason for business failure is the inability to attract customers. Our vision at Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching is to transform the digital presence of a thousand businesses.

Our mission is to inspire business to tell their unique story, to win the hearts of their customers.

Right now we have a no brainer offer where we can help you get started transforming your digital online presence and it’s only $1 to get started today. The best thing about this offer is that there’s no obligation. You are not committed to it, not locked in. There are no fees to get out of it. Simply just to get started and see how we fit together. Visit today to get started with resolving and of course, remember to subscribe to our channel and like this video, if you want to see more content and then that way you’ll always stay up to date with all the new videos coming out and you will be consistently putting out videos to teach you all about marketing and how to transform your business to the stays in business by and have a great day. Thanks for showing up at Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching.