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Vancouver Business Coach | Multitasking Steals Your Efficiency

Vancouver Business Coach | Multitasking Steals Your Efficiency

In order for entrepreneurs to be successful, they must get a lot done says Vancouver business coach. However, the answer is not multitasking. Despite the fact that this is a common occurrence.

Vancouver Business Coach

In fact, multitasking has been proven, scientifically. To be inefficient, and ineffective. Ensuring anyone who does this. Will get less work done. And the quality of the work that they do finish. Will be very poor.

How that works, is because people need to work. An average of twenty-three minutes. Before they can reach their brains peak productivity. This is the point at which, their brain will be able to work quickly and efficiently.

While doing its best to work. Therefore, when people multitask. Because they are constantly switching between tasks. They never reach one task, within twenty-three minutes. Which means they will never.

Reach their brains peak level of productivity. Therefore, they will work slower. If they were concentrating on one task at a time. And, the quality of the work that they do will suffer.

However, it remains very pervasive in our society. Because people feel very busy. They have several projects in front of them. And they are always busy. Means there getting lots done, right?

Unfortunately, this is not true. And while the research shows. That everyone is bad at multitasking. Some people are actually worse than others. And the people that tend to be worse.

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Are the ones that think they are the exception to the rule. And can multitask, better than most. This is a good case, for everyone avoiding this task. Because it does not work.

When people start working with Vancouver business coach. They will find out about the multitasking myth. But one of the problems that they talk about. Is how they cannot avoid distractions.

That cause them to be robbed of their productivity. Things like cell phones, email, phone calls and customers. That cause entrepreneurs to be forced to multitask. Because of constant interruptions.

And while it can be hard. Eliminating distractions is relatively simple says Vancouver business coach. One of the biggest distractions, which is the smart phone in everyone’s pocket. Can simply be turned off.

During an entrepreneurs business day. By not getting the constant reminder. Of text messages, and social media notifications. Can eliminate a lot of the distractions. That cause people to get less done.

As well, business owners needs to learn. That it is completely acceptable. To be unavailable for certain parts of the day. This means, that they will not answer their business phone. During the times of the day.

When they are working on the most important strategic priorities. That needs their concentration the most. As long as they have time set aside in their schedule. To check voicemail and return phone calls.

No customer that calls a small business. Is going to be upset. And having to leave a message. By learning how to minimize distractions. Entrepreneurs can avoid the multitasking. That is destroying the productivity in their business.

Vancouver Business Coach | Multitasking Actually Steals Your Efficiency

Starting a business is a huge undertaking, and hiring Vancouver business coach. Can help many entrepreneurs. Learn exactly what to do. To be successful. As well as avoid making the mistakes. That cause other businesses to fail.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs believe. That they can get more done. By multitasking in their business. And this is habit, that they need to unlearn very quickly. Multitasking is inefficient.

And that has been proven by science. Researchers have discovered. That people need to focus. For twenty-three minutes. Before they reach their brains peak level of productivity. When they do their best work.

Multitasking ensures people do not reach that level. And that they do not ever do their best work. That their brain is actually capable of. However, many entrepreneurs. Might want to avoid multitasking.

But they simply do not know what to do to stop doing this. Because it is so ingrained in business. This is where hiring Vancouver business coach comes in handy. They can learn different tips.

Such as time blocking, that can help them avoid multitasking. To get more done in their business. What time blocking is. Is the act of creating blocks of time. In the future. For all the tasks that need to get done.

Successful entrepreneurs time block to schedule. Will have every single minute of every single day accounted for. With tasks that need to get done, both large and small.

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The most important, and difficult tasks. Will be saved for first thing in the morning. When their brain is at its best. And the afternoon, can be reserved for activities. That require attention, but less brain power.

Things like meeting with clients. Paying bills, and returning phone calls. Can be reserved for the afternoon. However, when entrepreneurs are starting to time block. The common complaint area

That Vancouver business coach gets. Is that they do not have enough hours in their day. This is because they are trying to cram a business owner’s schedule. Into an employee’s day, and it will not work.

The most successful business owners in the world. Work twelve hours a day, six days a week. Because there are simply so many tasks. That need to get done. In order to get it successful business off the ground.

Therefore, they are going to learn. That there going to have to add hours to the day. Instead of tacking them on that the end. Which many business owners will want to do.

The better solution, would be to add most of the hours. At the beginning of their day. So that they can have several hours. Of uninterrupted work. When their brain is at its best.

And while many business owners. Do not want to wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning. To be at work that early. Successful business owners. Are simply willing to do what the rest will not do. In order to be successful.

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