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Vancouver Business Coach | Increase Your Efficiency

Vancouver Business Coach | Increase Your Efficiency

There are many things that can help entrepreneurs get more done in their day according to Vancouver business coach. However, there are many things that can sabotage their productivity as well.

Vancouver Business Coach

Many entrepreneurs still believe in the myth of multitasking. Which robs them of their productivity. And causes them to get poor quality of work done. However, even if they learn that multitasking should be avoided.

Any people do not know how to avoid it. Because distractions, and interruptions. Tend to be built in to the workplace. And the world in general. With our biggest distraction, sitting in our pocket.

However, others, still believe that multitasking will give them an edge over their competition. That it has in fact even been scientifically proven. To be ineffective and should be avoided.

According to the research, people must work for twenty-three hours. On a task, with no interruptions. In order to reach their brains level of productivity. Every time they are interrupted.

Or, each time they switch to a new task. Their brain needs to work again, for twenty-three minutes. Before it reaches its peak level of productivity once again. This means when people are multitasking.

They are not going to be working efficiently. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Causing people to work slower. As well, since they are not working at their brains best capacity. The quality of work that they do.

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Will be to a lesser quality than they are capable of. Since entrepreneurs need to do a lot of tasks. And do them to a high degree of excellence. Multitasking, is not going to help them do that.

When way that Vancouver business coach helps entrepreneurs. Avoid the trap of multitasking. Is by helping them learn. How to create time block schedules in their business.

What this is, is creating a schedule. Where they block out time. For every task that needs to get done in their business. Every single hour will be accounted for. And every task will have time to get done.

That way, an entrepreneur knows exactly what they are working on. The minute they set foot in their office. And what they are going to do until the end of the day.

The key to time blocking being effective. Is eliminating distractions. Which is often easier said than done. In order to minimize distractions. Vancouver business coach tells its clients.

That it is completely acceptable. To be unavailable for certain times of the day. So that they can turn their phone and email off. As long as they create a time block to schedule.

That gives them the opportunity to check their voicemail. And respond to any messages. No customers are going to be upset. At a solo-preneur, who does not answer their phone every time they call.

When entrepreneurs are learning how to time block. He can always ask a business coach for help. To get tips on where to put some of the most difficult tasks.

Vancouver Business Coach | Increase Your Efficiency Exponentially

In order for entrepreneurs to grow a successful business, they must be efficient says Vancouver business coach. However, they are not going to do this. By multitasking. Even though they think it is effective.

Unfortunately, multitasking is actually a myth. Causing people to work slowly. And do a poor quality of work. Then what they are actually capable of. While it feels very efficient.

Because people are actually very busy. And are working on many projects. When they look at their to do list. At the end of the day, they will realize. That they did not get enough done.

And since entrepreneurs have very little of two things. Time, and money. Making the best use of their time. Will help them yet more money. And they will not get more accomplished with multitasking.

However, eliminating distractions. Is easier said than done. But one of the first things that Vancouver business coach recommends. Is not looking at their email all day.

Many business owners think that it is good business sense. To look at their email all they, every day. And respond to messages. As soon as they receive them. Unfortunately, while this seems like a good idea.

It is actually very inefficient. Causing entrepreneurs. To waste entire days. Responding to every email in their inbox. And as soon as they are done. They have got another wave of emails. That they need to look at again.

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Instead, it is far more efficient. For people to set aside blocks of time. In their calendar, devoted to checking email. Two blocks of time per day. Is really all that is needed.

Until they have an employee. Who can check their email on their behalf. By looking at the emails only twice a day. And only responding to the ones that need a response.

Entrepreneurs can gain back. Dozens of hours, that were lost previously. While this seems like it is easy. The difficult thing, is turning off the email notifications during the day. And resisting the temptation to check the email.

As well, business owners should ensure that they have at least two time blocks in their day. Where they are not reachable by phone as well. The reason why says Vancouver business coach.

Is because they need times of the day. Where they are going to focus on tasks that require their attention. And they cannot afford to be interrupted. I phone that is ringing.

This again, requires discipline. By turning off cell phone. And turning the ringer of their telephone off. However, when entrepreneurs can get a significant amount accomplished.

They will never go back to the way they worked before. Wasting time, and constantly being interrupted. While multitasking is the way many people do business. Entrepreneurs that are successful will avoid it.

And learning how to emulate successful entrepreneurs. And avoid the common mistakes. Is one of the most valuable things that an Cooper business coach can teach the businesses that they work with.

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