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Vancouver Business Coach | How Multitasking Backfires

Vancouver Business Coach | How Multitasking Backfires

Or time says Vancouver business coach. Because entrepreneurs, have finite amounts of time. And a lot to do. In order to grow their business successfully. And while many people think multitasking works.

Vancouver Business Coach

The fact of the matter is that it does not. And it has been scientifically proven as well. According to the research, it takes people twenty-three minutes. Of working on a task, completely uninterrupted.

In order for their brain to reach its peak level of productivity. Until then, people typically work more inefficiently. And make more mistakes. Every time they are interrupted.

People must work for another twenty-three minutes. Before they get that peak level of productivity back. When they reached that level. They will be able to work faster. Producing better quality work.

Therefore, when people are multitasking. They are switching tasks so often. That they ensure that their brain never reaches. That peak level of productivity. Which means they will work slower.

And they will do a poor quality of work as well. However, while many people can agree. That multitasking is inefficient. They somehow believe that they are better at it than most people.

Research has also shown. That this is also false. And that anyone who thinks that they are good at multitasking. Are actually more inefficient at it. Then the average person.

This means, that everybody is bad at multitasking. But people who believe they are better at it. Or worse. Which makes a very strong argument says Vancouver business coach. Against nobody multitasking at all.

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However, so much of our world. Has been set up in order to accommodate multitasking. And constant interruptions. The proof of that, is in our pockets. Just look at any smart phone.

There are literally dozens of applications. That will message us. Whenever we get an email, a text message. A phone call, or any number of social media notifications.

These constant beeps in our pocket. Because S to be constantly distracted. Robbing us of our productivity. And causing us to work less efficiently than we should. In order to help entrepreneurs.

Eliminate multitasking in their business. A simple solution. Is to turn the phone to silent. When people are working in their business. In fact, a better solution. Is simply turning the phone off.

So that people are not tempted, as they work. Growing a successful business. In order to make all of their goals a reality. While it might seem very difficult to do at first. The amount of work that can be accomplished.

When people avoid being interrupted. Can help entrepreneurs continue doing this. So that they can get even more done in their business. And while some people would argue that they cannot turn their phone off.

Because that is how they get their business calls. Vancouver business coach reminds their customers. That it is completely acceptable. To be unavailable. For certain hours of their day.

As long as they return voice messages in a timely fashion. Customers will be happy, and they will get more done.

Vancouver Business Coach | How Multitasking Backfires On Entrepreneurs

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs think multitasking works says Vancouver business coach. They often have many projects they are working on. Therefore they feel as though they are extremely busy.

But the proof in the pudding, at the end of the day. Shows that entrepreneurs just do not get enough done. When looking at their to do list. Not only does multitasking backfire.

But it also causes people to get a poor quality of work done. Which is why Vancouver business coach tells their clients. To avoid doing this. However, it is easier said than done.

Because many business owners simply do not know. What they can do to stop multitasking. One of the best tools that they can learn. Is how to create a time block to schedule. But this is, is setting aside time.

In blocks, in the future. Dedicated to all of the different tasks. That they need to accomplish. To start, business owners should make a list. Of all of the tasks. Both large and small that they need to do.

They can then start scheduling those tasks in. For specific times in their calendar. The best calendars will be repeatable. Every day, week or month. Keeping all of the most difficult tasks.

Four first thing in the morning, when there brain is at its best. While other tasks, that do not require so much brain power. It can be reserved for later in the day. When their brain, does not need to work so hard.

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Business owners are likely going to discover according to Vancouver business coach. That they do not have enough hours. If they are working an eight hour day. In fact, the most successful entrepreneurs.

Work for twelve hours a day on average. And work on Saturday to. They will be able to get enough done. To accomplish all of their priorities. To grow a business. And outshine their competition.

However, many business owners. Think that they can simply tack an additional four hours. Onto the end of their day. This is not recommended. Simply because they will never see their family or their friends.

The family will get tired of never seeing their loved one. And quickly grow tired of their business ownership plans. Instead, they can get up at five in the morning. And get to work by 6 AM.

So that they will be able to get to work. While their family is still asleep. And get home in time to see them. Before they go to bed. And while many business owners do not look forward to getting up at five in the morning.

Growing a successful business. Means doing the things, that the average person. Is not willing to do. For more ways that entrepreneurs can get more done in their business.

And learn how they can grow their business larger. Entrepreneurs can hire inspired method marketing and coaching. To help them accomplish all their goals.

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