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Vancouver Business Coach | Boost Productivity Easily

Vancouver Business Coach | Boost Productivity Easily

When entrepreneurs are starting out, they often think multitasking is the answer says Vancouver business coach. But, they will find out the hard way. That they do not get any more accomplished this way.

Vancouver Business Coach

In fact, the only way to boost productivity. For entrepreneurs, and employees as well. Is to avoid multitasking. As it has been scientifically proven. To be inefficient and always.

According to the science, people need to work. For twenty-three minutes completely uninterrupted. In order to reach their brains level of productivity. This is the level at which the brain will do its best work.

Working efficiently, and doing the best job on tasks. When people multitask, they are constantly switching from one task to another. Subsequently, they never reach that peak level of productivity.

Which means not only are they working slower. Then they would be if they were concentrating on one job at a time. But it also means that that they will get a very poor quality of work done.

But they do end up accomplishing. However, multitasking seems to be pervasive. Simply because it feels as though people are very busy. Going from one task to the next. And never having a break in their day.

But when they look at the list of things that they have completed. Next to the list of things that they need to complete. They will realize, it does not help them get any more done.

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Often, entrepreneurs end up hiring Vancouver business coach. To help learn what they need to do. In order to grow a successful business. And are surprised to learn, that one of the first things to do.

Is to stop multitasking in their business. However, even if they are convinced. That this is not something that they should be doing. It can be very difficult. To stop doing, what culture has programmed them to do.

For example, everyone has one of the biggest distractions ever. Sitting in their pocket, which is a smart phone. However, the smart phone is making everybody dumb. Because it causes everyone to be distracted throughout the day.

So that they never reach that peak level of productivity. Even when they are trying to focus on one task at a time. They will get a notification. For every text message, email and social media notification.

That does not help people get more done in their business. And just serves as another distraction. Robbing people of their productivity. That is why, one of the best ways. To eliminate multitasking.

And help business owners work more efficiently. Is to actually turn off cell phone. When they are at work. For some people, their cell phone is also their business phone.

And they need to learn that it is completely acceptable. To be unreachable for certain parts of the day. Instead, they will let their phone go to voicemail. And return messages later.

That way, they will be able to focus on the most difficult tasks. That they need their full concentration on. In order to grow their business. And become successful says Vancouver business coach.

Vancouver Business Coach | Boost Your Business’s Productivity Easily

Starting a business, is a huge undertaking says Vancouver business coach. That can have an incredibly sharp learning curve. Entrepreneurs are going to have to learn how to run their business. While running their business.

In any small mistake that they make. Could spell disaster. Causing them to lose money. Lose time, or fail in their business. In fact, the failure rate for entrepreneurs in Canada is extremely high.

With 50% of entrepreneurs failing within a five-year time zone. The reasons why they fail, are very avoidable. If entrepreneurs failing to find enough customers. Running out of money, and not being able to find staff.

However, they will face their first hurdle. By not getting enough done in their day. And they may be one of the few that fail their business. In the first one or two years of entrepreneurship. Therefore, learning how to be efficient.

With their time, is one of the first things. That Vancouver business coach will help entrepreneurs accomplish. They will be able to do this, by creating a time block to schedule.

What this is, is a calendar. That has every single hour of the day. Accounted for, with an activity set aside for it. Some time blocks are going to be long, such as two or three hours. While some to be shorter.

However, business coach cautions entrepreneurs. To avoid making the time blocks to short. Or else they will fall into the multitasking trap. Of switching tasks too often. That they end up losing productivity.

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What this activity will force entrepreneurs to do. Is create a list of all of the tasks. That needs to get done in their business. From the very large and important strategic priorities.

To the smaller less important things, such as sweeping the floor. And other activities that might get forgotten. Such as reviewing financial statements. And systematizing their business.

They will also likely find out. That they are unable to grow a successful business. Simply by working eight hours a day. And they will have to figure out. How to add more hours to their day.

One recommendation by Vancouver business coach. Is to add most of those hours. To their morning, so that they work before their business opens. Not only because they will get a lot accomplished.

Because it will be time that is naturally interruption free. Because customers and phone calls. Will typically not be coming into their business. That early in the morning.

But also, it will ensure that they are able. To leave work at a reasonable time. So that they can go home to their spouse and children. And see them before they go to bed.

When entrepreneurs need help. Learning how to avoid multitasking. Creating a time block schedule. Or many other tasks. Hiring a business coach. Can be the single most important thing to help them grow their business.

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