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Edmonton Marketing | What is a Brand And Why Should I Care?

Edmonton Marketing | What is a Brand And Why Should I Care?

Hi, welcome to inspired method Edmonton marketing. My topic is going to be what does the brand and why should I care? My name’s Karen and my husband Trevor. Hello. We are co-founders of inspired and today I’m going start you off with a quote from our friend and genius Darren Taylor. And you did find some brand strategy as the continuous articulation of who you are and why you not expressing the most powerful and way. Statistics say that 64% of consumers site shared values as the primary reason they relationships with the brand. And that’s coming from Harvard business. They know what you think. Businesses don’t really understand how to create bread and most business owners and marketing consultant companies, big brown is just a logo, but it’s much more than that. Yeah.

So where do you start when creating a brand? Good question. Big Question. Where do you start? Well, it goes back to a few videos ago that we talked about their vision, mission and problems. That’s where you start when creating and bread. I know it sounds weird, but that is really weird because brand is not just pictures and his picture. So what are some of the misconceptions people have about what people think is if I just clueless looking logo, Wiki. This colors according to Google says about your color orange and I’m going to have you know, successful man that is so far. No, we left having good design. It Rapino looking logos and things like that. That is not where you start with creating your brand. What are some examples of great brands? Wow, great brands. The number one that comes to my mind is outlook. Apple is a great brand.

They’ve really carved out in their, in their world where they have, I can list these things out for you. Clean lines, simple design, great user interface and they are consistent across all their devices and all their stores. Get it out. This product. Yeah, so that, that’s an example. Can you make ready? Another great brand is Starbucks. Starbucks. You can walk into any Starbucks on the plan. You know exactly what you’re going to get, the experience. You know how the Barista takes your order and you’ll write your name on and you get your drenched exactly the way we ordered it. Whether you’re an order is like a 20 word Long Ben came double time genome and whatever it is, then it comes to you and they repeat it back. It’s awesome, right? It’s a great experience, nice cozy atmosphere. And so those are a couple of examples of great brands that really stick in your mouth.

Is it also true that good brands tell a story because you learn best through stores and when a company isn’t able to articulate what’s their vision, mission, values are and their customer, then there’s no connection. Whereas when you are talking about the, the really differentiating themselves between pcs and I can remember the commercials where they had that stodgy old dude with the glasses. No really clueless and that was the ivs and then they had this cool guy with you know, hip shoes on and a Hoodie and I’m Mac, right? So they really found their audience and who they were and use really effective marketing and started developing your brand, your tribe or group of people who are your raving fans. Because let’s be honest, a lot of business owners go into business and they think that everybody is, their customer needs my services, everyone is my customer. And we’re like, no, you need to find your customers, your customers by having really solid branding is the the face of what a company is in marketing vehicle used to share the road. Does that make sense?

Okay, so what is, what are the dangers of not identifying? Well, the big dangers are as you get a negative response, right? So let’s say you say we can provide the best service warranty guarantee and this and that follow through with customers. And I tell you what, the speed of salts like faster than sending a little backwards snake skin is no joke. If you are not consistent with your brand and you say you’re going to do and how you’re sitting there or if you had a bad hire and they are not living out your company’s values and putting thinking brand first before their own opinions, their own attitudes that will send ripples ripples out into the real world that affects or employees damage courses around. Yeah, absolutely. So this brings me back to an example from Andy Frisella. This example happened, a guy called VA and I’m cruising. New employees pick up the phone and that’s now Andy likes to test employees to see no, if they’re going to go above and beyond it, they’re going to live up the company values, which is do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer. And this guy would call it in English is looking for, so give first heart like an auto zone or something like that. This guy didn’t know who is Andy. Just joking with them and had somebody call in because they don’t sell, they don’t sell auto parts at all.

So um, so this guy, he was all unfolding. He solve this guy’s problem. He went over and above what he was supposed to do, set this guy, get an answer to his problem. Now the power that is the guy was just testing Andy’s shop wasn’t even a real guy. He was just somebody who is trying to catch Andy in his own words. And really because this guy, because this guy went over and above, then the fellow who was doing the experiments told everyone about it. And as you can imagine, yes, employees can see damage or improve what happens at the send money on marketing and development. Ooh, well I equate it to taking your money and just letting you know, okay. Like that. It’s that kiss. The biggest strength that we see companies make. They think, okay, I’ve got this company and I’ve got a sticker and a sign on my back and knees. They spend thousands of dollars and they get nothing in return. And then they’re angry on the marketers, marketer, marketers fall kind of his conviction.

But the problem is they stand before they had a developed breasts and you know, it’s, it’s an Eric and we see all the time and it’s something that we are no worse than the beaver sleep to trying to help people avoid doing because it happens too often. Okay. So once you’d have a great brand developed, what do you do with this? You put this stuff on every day. You put it everywhere. So if it’s got to go on a website, get some swag name, you don’t get a nice branded a shirt or clothing and make sure that people know about you because the number one killer, but one of the biggest killers of new businesses, I’m scared. Can you help me? He knows who you are, knowing about cheating, those worked fine, what you’re all about. Then they’re not going to pain. Right? So the biggest thing is once you have figured all these things, then you can start marketing, putting, putting the pedal to the metal and getting into your message. So that was today’s, that was this video on why is it you joined us.


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