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Edmonton Business Consultant | You Must Have Goals

Edmonton Business Consultant | You Must Have Goals

It is extremely important that if entrepreneurs are serious about becoming successful in business, Edmonton business consultant says that one of the first things that they need to to do is set a goal. Harvard business study did a survey and found that 83% of the population does not have any goals. 

If entrepreneurs do not know what they want, or how to achieve it, they will end up running their business and finding that it is not growing. In fact, the same Harvard business study also discovered that people who set goals are 14% more successful than those who do not have any goals at all. However, once that goal is a written down, people are three times more successful than those who have just said a general goal. Entrepreneurs who are serious about becoming successful in their business need to set goals, and then write them down in order to increase their chances of succeeding.

Many entrepreneurs are sure where to start when it comes to setting goals, and they may have ideas of what they want in their business, but that is not the only area that they should set goals in. By setting up an appointment with Edmonton business consultant, they can help entrepreneurs set what they call the F six goals. There is are six main goals that they can help entrepreneurs set to enhance their life. F six goals stand for faith, family, fitness, friendship, finance, and fun. These are important goals for an entrepreneur to have, that can help them ensure they have the best life outside of work as possible as well.

Many entrepreneurs may wonder why they should set a faith goal if they are not of a particular religion. However, while people of faith may be able to set the school fairly easily by saying that they want to pray daily, attend a worship service regularly, read their religious book, people of no specific faith should still set this goal, because people are spiritual, and connecting themselves with the rest of the world is important. it is important for people regardless of their faith or spirituality to be kind, loving and caring citizens of the world. Therefore a non-religious faith goal could be volunteering, donating money to a worthwhile cause, or joining a service club.

It is also very important that entrepreneurs set a family goal. Edmonton business consultant says the reason why is because family is usually the reason why entrepreneurs start businesses, so that they can spend more time with their family, and create a life that is going to benefit their family. A goal for family might be ensuring that the entrepreneur is present when they spend time with them giving them undivided attention. It might committing to spending one full day a week with the family. Whatever goal it is, can help an entrepreneur connect to the most important reason why they do what they do.

By spending time working on their goals both in their business and out, can help an entrepreneur connect to the reasons why they do what they do, so that not only they can build a successful business, but they can have a well-rounded life. This is important for entrepreneurs matter what stage of life they are at, they should spend some time ensuring they have their goals set.

Edmonton business consultant | you must have goals cont’d

It is often very important for entrepreneurs to not only set goals says Edmonton business consultant, but write them down so that they are more likely to achieve those goals. By thinking about their goals every day, can help an entrepreneur ensure that they are working towards that goal regularly. Without goals, an entrepreneur may work hard in their business, but wonder why their business is not growing. And without personal goals, an entrepreneur may wander through their personal life wondering what happened.

One of the important F six goals that an entrepreneur can work towards is a fitness goal. Edmonton business consultant recommends that all entrepreneurs have a fitness goal, so that this can help them stay healthy, not only for their business, but for their family and for themselves and their own quality of life. Therefore, ensuring an entrepreneur has a fitness goal can help them create a plan. Without a goal in the plan, an entrepreneur might get bored, you may quit, and they might even injure themselves. Creating a goal and working towards that is an important way for entrepreneurs to ensure that they are keeping their health as a priority.

It is also important for entrepreneurs to set a friendship. The reason why, is it helps connect the entrepreneur to the people that care about them. However, Edmonton business consultant says that this is often very difficult for entrepreneurs who are already working eighty hours a week six days a week, with focusing on spending time with their family. They also need to ensure that they are present for their spouse, and any business partners they have. This type of lifestyle does not always lend itself well to having a lot of time for friendships. However business owners can always set goals to meet up with friends as their schedule allows, by scheduling time in, and ensuring that they are friends with their spouse, business partner, and connecting with clients that they have commonality with can be an important way that entrepreneurs maintain friendships.

Now is very important for entrepreneurs to understand that writing down goals is not a guarantee that they will preach them cautions Edmonton business consultant. Just because an entrepreneur writes down their goals does not mean they are magically going to happen, because there still is a lot of work that needs to go into achieving them. However, by writing them down, an entrepreneur can create plans, think about their goals daily, and create a schedule around achieving it.

By spending time every year focusing on not only their business goals, but their personal goals as well can help an entrepreneur ensure they are working towards growth. When entrepreneurs do not set goals, they end up working phenomenally hard in their business, and often wondering why they are not achieving success. Success looks different to many entrepreneurs, and defining that in a goal is the important first step to achieving it.

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