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Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Setting Personal Goals is Important

Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Setting Personal Goals is Important

Most entrepreneurs will not argue with how important it is to set business goals according to Edmonton business consultant. They need to know what they wish to achieve in their business, so that they know what activities they need to do to get there. However, it is equally as important for entrepreneurs to be creating goals for their personal life as well, so that they know what activities they need to be doing to live a meaningful and purposeful life. By spending time to consider what is important in six important areas of their life, can help entrepreneurs make the most of the time that they have away from building their business.

Edmonton business consultant calls these goals the F six goals, because they are six goals that all start with the same letter. These represent the six areas that can lead an entrepreneur to live uninspiring and full and happy life. These six areas are: family, friendship, fun, faith, finance and fitness. In order for an entrepreneur to set these goals, they should take a free evening, and think about what is most important to them, and what kind of life they want to live both in the evenings and weekends in between growing their business, and what they want their life to look like once they have built their business.

The reason why entrepreneurs build their business, is typically because they are driven to create a better life for their family. This might mean wanting to provide for their family monetarily, or it might mean they want to be able to spend as much time as they want with them in the future. Therefore, it is extremely important that they created goal on how they are going to spend the time that they have their family, so that as they grow their business to benefit their family, they can be enjoying that family as well. A goal might be deciding to ensure that they are not on electronic devices when they are spending time with them so they have the entrepreneurs undivided attention. Or, it might be spending a certain amount of time, like the one day off a week that they have their family. Whatever the goal is, entrepreneurs should ensure that it is meaningful.

A fitness goal is an extremely important one as well, because while this goal is not about becoming an athlete, it is about helping an entrepreneur maintain their health so that they can more easily build their business, as well as be healthy so that they can enjoy their family in the evenings and on the weekend, so that they can be healthy for after their businesses grow, and they are ready to spend more time with them. By setting a goal says Edmonton business consultant, an entrepreneur will be more likely to stick to the goal, as well as make a plan that can help them avoid quitting. Since people with goals were written down or three times more successful than people who just have a goal in their head, it is important that entrepreneurs set the school, and write it down.

By going through the exercise of considering what is important to them, and setting goals can help entrepreneurs ensure the time that they spend away from their business is meaningful, and is helping them achieve a life that they are going to be excited to live, not just as they are building their business, they have achieved their business goals as well.

Edmonton business consultant | why setting personal goals is important

It is extremely important for entrepreneurs to have goals says Edmonton business consultant. Not just in their business, which is extremely important to ensure an entrepreneur is building their business in the methodical way. But also, to have goals personally, can ensure an entrepreneur is very intentional with all of their actions, so that all of the time they spend away from work is as meaningful as possible.

Edmonton business consultant recommends setting goals in six meaningful areas of an entrepreneurs life that can help them be very intentional with all of their actions. These six areas are faith, family, fitness, friendship, finance and fun.

While many entrepreneurs believe that their finance goals are attached to their business, it is recommended that entrepreneurs come up with financial goals that are specific to themselves and their family only. It does not matter what the goal is if it is big or small, reason why it is important to have, is so that an entrepreneur can be very intentional with the money they have outside of their business. Other it is something like paying off a credit card or mortgage, thing fun like saving for a vacation or purchasing something fun like a boat. Or if it is something very practical or small like just starting and personal savings account, or even automating the savings process is that many automatically saved every month.

Another important goal is a fun goal says Edmonton business consultant. The reason why it is important, is because an entrepreneur’s time is very precious, and very scarce. Therefore, an entrepreneur should be very intentional on the activities they enjoy doing. They should use their fun goal as a reward for all of the hard work that they have put into growing their business. It could be a goal like travelling are going on a vacation, or regularly engaging in an activity they love such as golfing, dancing or playing music. As long as it is a reward for their hard work, they should ensure that they intentionally write down what they are going to reward themselves with.

By taking the time to write these goals, and set their intention can help business owners be very intentional and meaningful with their time away from their business. This can help them avoid the pitfall of getting home from work, and wasting time because they do not know what they want to do. By setting these goals, can help entrepreneurs know exactly what they are going to do when they get home to make the most of their life away from work.

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