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Edmonton Business Consultant | What to Know About Setting Goals

Edmonton Business Consultant | What to Know About Setting Goals

It is very important for people to set goals in their business as well as their life says Edmonton business consultant. Business goals can help entrepreneurs and business owners figurative direction and way to grow their business, whereas personal goals will help people develop a clear picture of what they desire their life to look like, so that they can take steps to live it. Although, with how important goalsetting can be to living a life of purpose and meaning, Harvard business study discovered that 83% of the entire population does not have any goals. With so few people actually setting goals, or knowing how, there is several things that people should keep in mind when learning how to set goals personally and professionally.

One of the first things that people should keep in mind is that people who actually set goals are 14% more successful in people with no goals. Edmonton business consultant says this is an extremely easy way to increase the likelihood of being successful in business and in their personal life. Simply by thinking of how they want their life to be, can help people actually achieve it.

Second thing that people should know about setting goals, is that when someone who writes that goal down, they become 300% more likely to be successful than those people who merely thought about their goal. The reason why, is that by writing the goal down means that there more likely to think about it daily, which will inevitably lead to them creating the steps in order to achieve it.

By this point, many people are convinced that they need to set goals, but Edmonton business consultant says they do not know where to start. That is why, they recommend that people focus on six areas of their life in order to help them create meaningful goals. They call them the F6 goals. The six efts are, family, friendship and faith as well as fitness, finances and fun. By focusing on these areas, people can set six ways that they can create a life that is meaningful to them.

One of the first areas is the faith goal. This often is a struggle for people that do not have a specific religion or faith. However, that does not mean that they have to become religious in order to set a goal here. People with no specific faith tend to have spiritual needs that include connecting their heart and spirit to their community or to the rest of the world. It is important for people to have an outlet for their kindness and love. Faith goals can be volunteering their time or money to an important charity or good cause, or joining a service club. You can even mean picking up trash in their neighbourhood.

By understanding the first steps in setting goals can help start to live a life of purpose, and a life that they choose to lead, and that is important to them. Not only is it important to set these goals, they need to write them down and revisit them often.

Edmonton business consultant | what to know about setting goals

Once someone has decided to set goals in their life, because they have decided they want to live a life says Edmonton business consultant, they often find value in this quote from Michael Gerber, who is the author of the E myth: “with no clear picture of how you wish your life to be, Helen are you going to live it? What is the primary? Where is the script to make all your dreams come true? What is the first step you need to take and how are you going to measure your progress? How far have you gone, and how close are you to achieving your goals?” Setting goals can help people ensure that there the life that they choose.

By sticking to it Edmonton business consultant calls the F6 goals, people can set goals in six main areas of their life are going to ensure that they are setting meaningful goals that are going to enhance their life. In addition to faith, they should focus on family goals, friendship goals, business, finance and fun goals as well.

Family is one of the more important goals, because many people tend to not focus on their family, taking them for granted as always being there in the home after work. However, people should make time for their family, because otherwise, they might not be there. A family goal might be visiting parents on a regular basis, having family dinners every night or once a week, it can even mean ensuring that while they are spending time together, that a person has decided they are going to be fully present by giving them their undivided attention which means no electronics or television.

Friendship is another important goal that is related to family. If someone does not focus on putting the importance on their friendships, they might find that when they truly need it, those friendship bonds have withered. Edmonton business consultant says this is important to do, because most people find that life gets very busy, with work, family, additional commitments like taking kids to sporting events, lessons as well as making time for their spouse. However friendship goals can include going for lunches occasionally, or accepting invitations to spend time together more often than they might be inclined.

A finance goal is another important one says Edmonton business consultant, because finances are way that people live their life. Some finance schools might be for someone to save enough money to retire millionaire. Or it could be a like paying off their debts so they can move debt free, saving money for have a vacation, or even simply just to make it a habit to save money every month.

By setting goals in these important areas, people can start to live a life of purpose, that is going to allow them to get the most out of her life, and live a life that is meaningful. Not only is it important to set these goals once, but to review them often, and reset them as needed.

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