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Edmonton Business Consultant | What Are Six Personal Goals to Set

Edmonton Business Consultant | What Are Six Personal Goals to Set

Setting personal goals is important, even if an entrepreneur has several business schools already says Edmonton business consultant. They understand how important it is to set business goals, so that they can have a direction for how they are going to grow their business. And that is why it is important to also set personal goals as well. By knowing how they want to spend their personal time away from work, is important to entrepreneurs. By setting these six personal goals, can help entrepreneurs be purposeful with the time that they have, so that they can ensure they are making the most of the time they are not building their business.

Since entrepreneurs typically work eighty hours a week, and work six days a week, that does not leave a lot of spare time in their life. Therefore, it is extremely important that they are very intentional with everything that they do. By setting personal goals can help ensure that when a business owner gets home to their family, and have time that they can spend however they want, that they make the most of that time says Edmonton business consultant. They are recommendation, is to set goals in a six areas of their personal life that can help them be purposeful with their actions, and build a personal life that makes them happy.

The six goals are family, fun and friendship as well as fitness, finances and faith. The reason why these areas are chosen, is because it will allow an entrepreneur to have a completely rounded life, focusing on all of the things that are important outside of work.

The faithful is more around allowing a business owner to connect their spirit to the rest of the world. Everyone has a tendency to want to connect to a greater good, and this is where this goal should lead a business owner. This might be spending more time in the faith of their choice, but even entrepreneurs who do not have a specific faith can choose a goal that will allow them to have an outlet for their spirit to connect to the community and the rest of the world. Such as volunteering at a cause that is meaningful to them, donating money to a good cause, or even joining a service club.

It is also important that an entrepreneur has a finance goal. Even though the made associate this with the business, there is a difference between a business financial goal and a personal one. This can help an entrepreneur be very intentional with the money that they spend in their personal life. This could mean that they are setting a goal about saving money, paying off a debt, or purchasing something fun like a vacation, or boat or an RV. Regardless of what the goal is, it is important that a business owner has one, so that they can avoid spending money without purpose.

Edmonton business consultant says once an entrepreneur has gone through the exercise of setting all of their F six goals, they should ensure that they are writing them down, and putting them in a prominent place in their house, so that they can be reminded of them regularly, so that they can take steps towards them on a regular basis.

Edmonton business consultant | what are six personal goals to be set

It is very important for people to set goals in their life says Edmonton business consultant, so that they can decide a direction where the want to go in life, and how they want to get there. However, Harvard did a business study that found that 83% of the population do not have goals. Which can lead to a significant amount of people having no idea what they want out of life, or how to live a life that is meaningful.

Not only is it important for entrepreneurs to set goals in their business, but it is just as important for them to set goals personally as well. Edmonton business consultant says that this can help ensure their life outside of building a business has direction, and is being taken care of, so that when they are done building the business and they are ready to spend time with their friends and family, they have been taking care of it so they have something to enjoy.

An extremely important goal for entrepreneurs to set is the fitness goal. This goal does not require a business owner to try to become a star athlete, it simply a goal centred around maintaining their health. It could be as simple as setting a goal to be active on a regular basis, to join a sports team, or get into the fitness routine. Regardless of what the activity is, it is important that entrepreneurs taking care of their health on a regular basis, so that they have the ability to build business, so that they can enjoy spending time with their family, so that they can be healthy themselves. Setting a goal will help a business owner create a plan and stick to it.

While entrepreneurs should set a friendship goal, this can be one of the most difficult ones to send, because business owners typically have such slim free time, that it could affect their ability to spend time with friends. Working eighty or more hours a week, while putting family into their schedule, means that an entrepreneur might need to be creative in order to set their friendship goal. It might mean having regular conversations with them, or getting together once a month or every other month. However, maintaining friendships outside of work and family is important, so that an entrepreneur can see that the world is bigger than they are.

Setting these personal goals, in writing them down is going to guarantee that an entrepreneur is going to reach all of them, what it will do, is ensure that the time away from the business that their spending is purposeful and meaningful. It can allow them to enjoy their life, which will refresh them for going back to their business, and working extremely hard to achieve their business goals.

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