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Edmonton Business Consultant | What Are F6 Goals

Edmonton Business Consultant | What Are F6 Goals

It is extremely important for people to set goals in their life according to Edmonton business consultant. Because our goal, a person does not know what they want, how to achieve it, and will end up wandering through life wondering what happened. Those who set goals are 14% more likely to succeed than people without goals, and those who have written goals become 300% more successful than those who have set goals without writing them down. Writing down a goal will allow a person as well as an entrepreneur to think about their goal daily, in order for them to create a plan on how to achieve it.

Entrepreneurs often know how important it is to set goals in their business. The set goals on how big they want to grow, how many employees they want to have, how much and revenue they would like to achieve without setting these important business goals, an entrepreneur may end up working extremely hard in their business, and wondering why their business is not growing.
However, it is also important for entrepreneurs to understand that they also should be setting goals in their personal life as well. When entrepreneurs sit down with Edmonton business consultant in order to discuss growing their business, they often talk to the clients about setting personal goals.

There are six main areas that Edmonton business consultants recommend their clients establish goals in. They call them the F6 goals and they stand for faith, family, fitness, friendship, finance and fun. By ensuring that an entrepreneur’s life away from their business has meeting to it, means that an entrepreneur should also spend time thinking about the different areas of their life that they should have goals in order to ensure that they are getting what they want out of life.

The first of the F six goals is faith. Many entrepreneurs may wonder why this is important. If they have a religious faith already, they may think that having a religion is goal enough. However, they may set a goal about praying daily, attending a worship service on a regular basis, or relating a religious book.

People that do not have a specific religion or faith, you may then wonder why they should have a faith goal. Edmonton business consultant says that even people without a religion, need to be able to connect their heart with their community and to the rest of the world. Being kind, loving and good citizens mean that a faith goal could be something as simple as volunteering, joining a service club, or donating money to a worthwhile organization.

By setting personal goals along with their business goals, entrepreneurs can ensure that they are ensuring that there getting the most out of their work life as well as their personal life. This can ensure that while they are building their business, there still growing as a person in their personal life, so that when it is time to step away from their business and take more of that worklife balance back, they will have a thriving personal life is going to allow them to enjoy that time off.

Edmonton business consultant | what are F6 goals continued

It is extremely important for entrepreneurs to learn how to set goals personally as well as business says Edmonton business consultant. While many entrepreneurs routinely set goals for their business with a business plan, these business schools often do not have a personal side to them. However, entrepreneurs should get into the habit of setting personal goals as well. That way, they can ensure that life away from business does not get forgotten, and can thrive as they also grow their business.

If an entrepreneur is interested in seeing how setting personal goals can help their business life, they should look up Edmonton business consultant in order to discover what setting personal goals can do for them and their business. For example, Edmonton business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs set family goal as one of their F six goals. For most entrepreneurs their family as the reason why they wanted to get into business ownership in the first place. They wanted to build a life that they could provide for their family, and spend time with them.

Therefore, it is extremely important that as they build this business that is going to allow them to spend more time and provide for their family, that they are not forgetting their family in the process. I family goal can include something like ensuring that when they do spend time with their family that they are being present at all times meeting no social media or electronics. However, he could just mean setting aside one day every week in order to spend a full day with them.

An extremely important F6 goal that entrepreneurs should ensure that they make time for is fitness goal. Some entrepreneurs question why this is important, as they may not be particularly athletic, or have an interest in fitness. However, making it a priority to have some level of fitness in their personal life is important in order for an entrepreneur to stay healthy.
This will allow them to build a strong business, and be around for their family and themselves. Having a fitness goal might include learning how to run 5 km, or it might just be making it a goal to be active like walking every single day.

Not only is it important for entrepreneurs to set their F6 goals, but they should ensure that they are writing down those goals. Harvard business study found that people with written goals were three times more successful than those who set goals but did not like them down.

Although, writing down their goal was not a guarantee that there going to achieve everything they set out, but they actually need to put some work into it in order to achieve it. Writing them down is the first step to creating a plan in order to ensure that those goals are met.

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