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Edmonton Business Consultant | Six Important Goals to Set

Edmonton Business Consultant | Six Important Goals to Set

When it comes to setting goals you have to keep these first six in mind according to the Edmonton business consultant. According to Harvard business study 83% of the population does not have any goals.

It is a proven fact that people who have goals and write them down are much more successful than people who do not set a goals. People who set goals and write them down have a 300% better chance of reaching those goals and becoming successful than people who do not set goals at all.

There are some goals that we encourage all of our business coaching clients to use in order to develop the type life that they want. When you work with the Edmonton business consultant at inspired method, we go through these six crucial goals so that you have a well-rounded life.

The six goals include faith, family, fitness, friendship, finance and fun. You may be wondering what are all these goals for and why should I set them but if you want to have that work life balance that it is important for you to take some time and consider these goals so that you do not miss out.

An example of a faith goal could be volunteering at a non profit or taking time throughout your day to be mindful and prayerful about your life and situations that come up. You do not necessarily have to be in a religion to have a faith goal, but people who do have faith it is much easier to set a target in this particular category.

A family goal is something that a lot of business owners do not consider when they are building their business. Because are working so hard to build their business they feel at this is that the contribution that they have to make to their family. Unfortunately, says the Edmonton business consultant, it is important that you have a goal to spend time with your family and really be present for them when you are not on the job.

It is okay to work hard on growing your business, as long as you do not sacrifice the time with your family. When you are at home, it is our recommendation to turn off your cell phone and disconnect from electronics so that you can be present with your family they will appreciate it much more than you just being physically present but not mentally and emotionally present.

Fitness is something that we often take for granted as business owners. Many times our health suffers because we are not paying attention to nutrition, exercise, or getting proper rest. So it is important that you set a goal to at least achieve something on a daily basis that pertains to longevity and good health.

Business owners often do not have a lot of time to create new friendships and other relationships. So setting a friendship goal sometimes can be difficult to do.

Edmonton business consultant | the top six goals for success

When you are working with an Edmonton business consultant at Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching, you will learn firsthand how to set these six major goals.

A lot of business owners want to set goals on finance and that is the entirety of their goal setting. What we found is that without setting other goals to help you have a balanced life, you will experience burnout and you will be setting yourself up for overall failure.

You have to have a number of goals to make your life enjoyable and fun. Your family and friends will understand more easily if you include them in your life while you are growing a business.

Finance goal is important to set because without a target, you will not know when you arrive at their financial goal. You also can come up with a plan on how to reach that goal. Another thing to keep in mind according to Edmonton business consultant, is regular key performance indicator checkups. You should be able to look at your KPIs on a weekly basis to see if you are reaching your target or not.

One thing you must keep in mind while setting goals is to have a fun goal. What is the point of making all this money if you do not intend to have fun with it. It is not enough to just make a bunch of money and stashed away the bank.

Think of a goal such as taking a big trip, buying yourself a round of golf at a premier golf club or something that can involve a family goal as well. It can be beneficial to have a fun goal that includes your family like a trip to a tropical destination, or Disneyland. As long as you have that goal in mind and you are including other people with you you will not feel as if you are missing out on life while building a business.

According to the Edmonton business coach a lot of people resist writing down their goals. It is very important that you write down your goals because it gives you a greater chance of success. Studies have shown that people are three times more likely to achieve their goals when they have them and they write them down.

Writing down your goals is not a guarantee they going to reach your goal. You have to put in the work in order to achieve those things.

What we recommend is get in touch with inspired method marketing and coaching and schedule a free initial consultation with us. We will give you a plan on how to grow your business that you do not resent. We want to ensure that you have success not only in their business, but in the rest of your life as well. It is not profitable for somebody to become wealthy and then lose their family or their health in the process. Call us today.


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