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Edmonton Business Consultant | Setting Personal Intentions

Edmonton Business Consultant | Setting Personal Intentions

Even though entrepreneurs have set goals about what they want to achieve in their business, and how they are going to get there says Edmonton business consultant, it is important to that they also set goals for their life as well. When setting their business goals, entrepreneurs are going to consider how big they want to grow their business, how much money they want to make, what areas they want to grow in, and they will have a variety of goals that in a variety of different areas. However, an entrepreneur should ensure that they are doing this personally as well. This can help ensure that the time that they spend away from growing their business is meaningful, and gets them closer to living a life that they desire.

A great exercise for business owners to do, is to take some time thinking about six different areas of their life, and writing down what is most important to them in those areas. Edmonton business consultant calls these the F six goals, and by thinking about these areas, can help an entrepreneur develop a meaningful life. Those six areas are family, friendship, fun, faith, fitness and finance. Not only should entrepreneurs be thinking about these, they should write down their goals, because as the Harvard business study found, those with goals that are written down are three times more successful than those who merely thought of the goals instead.

Many entrepreneurs often get stuck on their faith goal, because they believe this is only applicable if they have a specific faith that they believe in. However, this does not extend only to people with specific religious beliefs, but to everyone as well. All people have a desire within them to connect their spirit to the rest of the world. Everyone has a desire to have an outlet for being kind, loving and good citizens. Anything that allows entrepreneurs to connect their spirit to their community and the rest of the world can be a faith goal. They may decide to volunteer, donate money to a good cause, or joining a service club for example for entrepreneurs that do have a specific faith, they may have a goal of praying daily, or attending a worship service. The goal of this, is to help entrepreneurs think outside of themselves, and of the greater good of their community, and their world.

Another goal that is important for entrepreneurs to have according to Edmonton business consultant are family goals. Families are usually the reason why business owners are driven to become entrepreneurs and start their own business, so that they can improve the situation for their family. Either by providing more money’s they can live a better life, or to allow an entrepreneur to spend more time with their family. Therefore, setting a goal can help an entrepreneur ensure that the time they are spending with their family as they build a business is meaningful, and can help them ensure that their family is emotionally taking care of that when they are ready to spend more time with them after they have built the business, those relationships are there.

Edmonton business consultant | setting personal intentions

Successful entrepreneurs set goals in their business, that can allow them to follow a plan on what they are going to do to grow a business of their dreams says Edmonton business consultant. Similarly, entrepreneurs should also set personal goals, so they know exactly what they are going to do outside of their business, to live a life of their dreams as well. It is recommended that entrepreneurs not only think about six areas of their life that are meaningful, but that they intentionally set goals around them, so they can be certain that the time that they spend away from their business, is meaningful.

An extremely important goal that business owners should think of right away, is a fitness goal. Edmonton business consultant says that this is an important goal, because it is going to allow a business owner to engage in activities on a regular basis that is going to help them stay healthy. Being healthy is going to help them achieve all of their other goals, both business and personal. Being healthy is going to help them build their business effectively, and it is also going to ensure that they are around for their family as well. This does not mean that a business owner should train to become a star athlete, but setting a goal to be active on a regular basis, doing activities they love. Once they set this goal, they should write it down, so they can become more likely to create a plan and stick to it. That can help them avoid boredom, avoid quitting, as well as ensure the get active in a safe way that avoids them injuring themselves.

Another important goal, is a finance goals. While most entrepreneurs believe a finance goal is simply growing their business says Edmonton business consultant, but they should have a personal finance goal, so that it can help them be more intentional with spending their money great goal might be paying off a debt like a credit card, or saving to purchase a house. It might even be very small like ensuring that they are putting money aside every month in an automatic savings account. Whatever the goal is, Edmonton business consultant says that it should help an entrepreneur be mindful than they spend money.

By thinking of these goals, and writing them down, either in a list, or creating a fun graphic that they can look at every day is not going to guarantee that an entrepreneur will achieve these goals, but is going to help them be mindful with how their spending their time, so that they can take steps towards building a life that they love living, so that they have something meaningful to work toward once they have been successful in growing their business.

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