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Edmonton Business Consultant | Purposeful Goal Setting

Edmonton Business Consultant | Purposeful Goal Setting

Many entrepreneurs understand the value of setting goals in their business, says Edmonton business consultant. And in fact, can be quite knowledgeable about setting goals in their business. Creating a business plan when they start their business is common practice for many people even if they do not consider it to be specific goal setting. Some entrepreneurs keep this practice up every year in their business as they update their business plan in order to help drive their business forward. However, it is less common for entrepreneurs and in fact most people to actually set goals in their personal life. In fact, Harvard business did a study and found out that 83% of the population does not have personal goals. This is perplexing, because if people do not know what kind of life they want to lead, how do they lead a life of purpose?

While many people might understand the value of goal setting, they might actually not know where to begin when setting goals in their personal life. This is our Edmonton business consultant can help out. If people are looking for ways to impact their life as well as their business, setting goals in what Edmonton business consultant calls their F six can help people set a meaningful life. These six areas are faith, family and friendship, fitness, finances and fun. These are important areas to keep in mind as they set the direction for their life.

Because many people tend to struggle with finances, and for entrepreneurs, a financial goal might be creating the business itself, because their intention was to increase their wealth by becoming an entrepreneur. However, many other people creating intention behind the finances can be very impactful. A financial goal can be something small such as ensuring that there putting money towards savings every month, or could be something larger like paying off a debt like a credit card or loan, or saving up for a major purchase.

People can also struggle with creating fitness goals, because they do not feel that they are particularly athletic. However, according to Edmonton business consultant fitness goal should be about staying healthy. By setting a goal in creating a plan can help people become active in a way that is safe, and will help them be engaged so that they can have a healthy body that will help them grow their business, and allow them to be around for their family for a long time.

Once a person has created a list of all of their goals in all of the important areas of their life, they need to ensure that they are writing those goals down. While this does not guarantee that a person is going to succeed in all of their goals, but writing it down can help a person formulate a plan and create the steps necessary to achieving these goals. All goals require planning and hard work in order for them to come to fruition.

Edmonton business consultant | purposeful goal setting

One of the most important reasons why an entrepreneur should put time into setting goals in their personal life says Edmonton business consultant, is because it can help them be more successful in business, and develop a meaningful life. Entrepreneurs often understand the importance of setting business goals, and that helps them grow their business in a measured way. However, it is much more uncommon for entrepreneurs to create personal goals in their life.

When entrepreneurs are struggling with this, they should contact Edmonton business consultant, because they entrepreneurs great goals that can help them set the direction that is most important for them in life. In fact, Harvard business did a study and found that people that had goals were 14% more successful than people who did not have any goals. This can be an easy way for entrepreneurs to increase their chances of success. However, the same study discovered that once those goals were written down, the people became three times more successful than those people who just set goals but did not write them down. Thinking about goals on a daily basis can help people take steps towards achieving it.

Family is one of the most important areas that business owners can create their first goal according to Edmonton business consultant. The reason for this, is because while family is often the reason why business owners are driven to open their own business. They wish to spend more time with their family in the future, or increase the family’s wealth to give their family a better future. Therefore, ensuring that they are spending time with their family in a meaningful way as they grow their business is very important. A great example of a family goal could be ensuring that they leave work on time every day to ensure they can see them regularly, or something like ensuring that they are creating time in their schedule in order to spend undivided attention with them.

A faith goal is also very important for people, because even if entrepreneurs have no specific religion, it is important for people spiritual needs to be met, and connect their spirit to the world. This means having an outlet for their kind and loving energy to be accepted. This could mean volunteering for a meaningful cause, or joining a service club. For people that do have a specific faith, a great faithful could be ensuring that they are attending a worship service on a regular basis, or praying regularly.

After an entrepreneur has taken the time to create all of their life goals, they should take the next step says Edmonton business consultant and write those goals down. This is the important next step for helping an entrepreneur create a plan that is going to allow them to take steps towards achieving the goals. This way, they can ensure that their building a life of purpose and meaning, so that when they have grown their business to a point that they can spend more time away from it, they will have a meaningful life to spend time in.

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