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Edmonton Business Consultant | Learning When To Start a Small Business

Edmonton Business Consultant | Learning When To Start a Small Business

Many people have dreams of becoming entrepreneurs says Edmonton business consultant. But several things often hold them back. One of which is not knowing when the most opportune time to start a business is.

In fact, many people need to understand that it’s never the perfect time for business owners to start chasing their entrepreneurship dream. And when they realize that, they will be able to start their business when it is the best time for them. Even if it’s not the perfect time.

In fact, Edmonton business consultant says two-thirds of all Americans have this dream. And 75% of all people age 37 to 57, also known as Generation X. Have the dream of opening a small business. There’s many reasons why people dream of owning their own business. And it is unfortunate, that not everybody who dreams about this makes it a reality.

There is a wide variety of reasons why people dream about owning their own business. One of those reasons says Edmonton Business Consultants. Is that they don’t feel like they are doing what they love, or they feel underappreciated where they are working. Whether it’s an industry they don’t like working in. Or whether it is a problem with the management of their company. If people are not enjoying what they do, they often dream about starting a business where they can do what they love.

Another reason why people dream about owning their own business says Edmonton Business Consultants. Is that they know that they’re never going to be able to accumulate the wealth that they dream about. Unless they do something different. They might be at the top of the salary for their industry. And know that they’re never going to make any more money.


Whatever the reason people dream about owning their own business. Many people don’t actually take the steps that they need to start their own business. If people realized that as long as they have the idea and the desire. Anytime can be the best time.

If people wait for the economy to be perfect, for them to have enough savings, and their family to be in the right position to be able to do it. They might never have all of those circumstances a line at the same time. And while it’s important that one of those factors is in place. If people wait for the best time. They will be waiting for ever.

The biggest thing that people who are thinking about starting their business need to know. Is that they’re going to have to work extremely hard, 12 hour days 6 days a week even when they don’t want to. In order to make their dreams a reality. And being able to work even when they are lacking that motivation. Is going to be important.

As long as people are certain that they’re going to be able to put the hard work in, even when they’re not motivated. And even when the circumstances aren’t necessarily perfect. That’s going to help people push through the difficult times. And work extremely hard in order to make their business entrepreneurship dreams a reality.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Learning When To Start a Small Business

Many people want to start their own business as Edmonton business consultant. And there is as many reasons as there are businesses. However, one of the common reasons why people don’t chase this dream. Is not knowing when the best time to start their business is.

However, Edmonton business consultant says it’s never the best time to start a business. And starting anyway is one of the important things that entrepreneurs to be needs to learn. As long as they have the drive and the discipline to work the very long hours that they needs. Anytime can be the best time.

Some people don’t want to leave the security of a steady paycheck. But like so many people find out the hard way. A steady paycheck can actually be not as steady as they assumed. Edmonton business consultant says that many people realize even after working in a company for 20 or 30 years. That they can be downsized very easily. Or have the company go under, leaving them without a job and without an income.

Therefore, counting on a steady paycheck is often a security blanket that doesn’t truly exist. And while it’s true, that people will need money to live. People can live on their savings. While they chase their entrepreneur dream. And then accumulate wealth from the money they make from their business.

Edmonton business consultant says another reason why people don’t actually start chasing their dream of owning a business. Is because they don’t have a great idea on what they want to do. This is why a lot of people opt for buying franchises. Because the idea has already been created.


And for others, they spend so much time creating an idea, and a product or service. That they don’t actually have customers for. In fact, Edmonton business consultant says that not having customers is the number one reason why Canadian entrepreneurs go out of business. 42% of all failed entrepreneurs say not being able to find customers is the reason their business failed.

Because of that, people who are thinking about what idea they are going to start their business with. Might need to look at it from a different perspective. Edmonton business consultant says business owners to be needed to think about a common problem that they are aware of. Perhaps in their industry, or in a hobby that they like participating in.

By solving this problem, they will have not only built-in customers. But knowing exactly where they’re ideal and likely customers are. Eliminating the most common reason why many entrepreneurs fail in the first place.

When business owners can come up with a great idea for their product or service that their business is going to sell. That can give them the confidence they need to get started right away. Even if the timing is not necessarily perfect for them. But the sooner people who want to start their businesses can get going on their idea. The sooner they’re going to find the success they need to give them the freedom of time. And the Financial Freedom they’ve always dreamed about.

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