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Edmonton Business Consultant | How to Set Meaningful Goals

Edmonton Business Consultant | How to Set Meaningful Goals

The reason why goal setting is so important says Edmonton business consultant, is because it gives people a clear picture of what they want their life to be, that can help them take steps on how to achieve it. Not only is it important to set goals in order to set the direction of life, but Harvard business did a study and found that people that had goals were 14% more successful than people that did not have any goals at all. This can be an extremely easy way for people to increase their likelihood of succeeding. Learning how to set goals can be an important aspect of life, whether it is career driven, or for personal reasons. In fact, it is much more common for business people to set goals, especially entrepreneurs because they are creating business plans on a regular basis to help their business grow, and to achieve financing. It is far less common for people to create goals in their personal life to shape how they are going to live.

The same Harvard business study that found that people with goals were 14% more successful than people that did not set any goals, also found that once people wrote those goals down, they became three times more successful than those people had just set goals but did not write them down. This is extremely important to take note of says Edmonton business consultant, because writing down the goal will help people think about their goals more often, that will help them take steps towards achieving them. However, many people often do not know the first place to start when setting goals in their life, so some direction is often required.

There are six main areas that people can focus on in order to set meaningful goals. These six areas include faith, family, friendship, fitness, finances and fun. These are some of the most important areas for people to focus on in order to set a direction of how they want to live their life. For people of faith, a faith goal may be as simple as attending a worship service on a regular basis, or praying daily. But not all people have a specific faith, or are religious. These spiritual people, ensuring that their hearts and spirit is connected to their community in the world is important. Faith goals for spiritual people could be volunteering or donating money to a worthy cause, or joining a service club.

Family goal is an important one, because many people often unintentionally take their family for granted, or assume that their family will always be there. But by making a goal to being present for their family can ensure that their developing family bonds that are going to last a lifetime.

Edmonton business consultant says setting goals is extremely important to helping a person articulate what is most important in their life, so that they can ensure that they living a life of purpose.

Edmonton business consultant | how to set meaningful goals

Many people are not sure why it is important to set goals says Edmonton business consultant. And others, are sure how to start setting goals in their life. While goalsetting can be an important task for people to set the direction of their life, and create a vision of what they want their life to look like, without knowing how to do it, or what to focus on goalsetting can become a scary task that is hard to achieve.

Edmonton business consultant recommends focusing on the six F’s. These are six areas of their life that can help people create goals that will be meaningful, and can help them live a life that they love. These six areas are faith, family friendship, fitness finance and fun. By learning how to set goals in these areas can help people develop a positive and fulfilling life.

Finance is a big one, partly because many people struggle with their finances says Edmonton business consultant. No matter what the state of the finances is for anyone, they can always set a financial goal. It might be a huge goal such as being able to invest enough to be able to retire with a million dollars, or it could be something like paying off all of their debts, like a loan, their credit cards or even a mortgage. It could be saving money for something like a vacation or fun purchase like a boat or an RV. It can also be something as truly simple as putting money aside every single month into a savings account. Regardless of what is and is in their life, there can be a financial goal that will help them achieve what matters most to them.

Some people struggle with a fitness goal because not everybody is an athlete, but that does not mean anybody should be in order to set a fitness goal says Edmonton business consultant. Whether a person wants to eat in an Iron Man, or learn to run a marathon, or if there fitness goal is simply just to be able to move around in their body on a regular basis, the fitness goal is actually centred around staying healthy. In order to live a life of purpose, people should have as healthy a body as possible. Staying healthy for their family, and their career is important as well. By creating a fitness goal can help people ensure that they are moving their body in a safe way that will help them be healthy.

The most fun goal to focus on is the fun goal says Edmonton business consultant. As time becomes more scheduled with careers and family, fitting things like plan in can be difficult. People should consider fun goals as a reward for all of the hard work they have put into their life. It might be something like taking up a hobby like crafting or playing music, engaging in a fun sport. Being able to reward themselves for hard work is important to a purposeful life.

The last most important thing that people need to keep in mind when goal setting, is write them down. While this does not guarantee someone will achieve their goals, writing them down is the first step to creating a plan on how to achieve them.

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