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Edmonton Business Consultant | How To Set Goals Outside of Work

Edmonton Business Consultant | How To Set Goals Outside of Work

Many people understand how important it is to have a professional goal says Edmonton business consultant. They decide from an early age what field of work they would like to go into, take classes and courses towards that before going to get there certificate or degree in that field. They decide what where to start work, and have plans on how fast they want to progress in the company. For business owners this is even more specific. However, many people do not understand how important it is to also set personal goals in their life. Personal goals will help people set a direction for what they want to get out of life and how they are going to achieve it. If people do not have personal goals set, they may discover that their relationships suffer, or they do not actually end up accomplishing anything, and waste their life away on an important activities.

Therefore, Edmonton business consultant recommends that people create goals for their personal life that can help them think about what they would like to achieve in life, and what they need to to get there. They recommend that there are six main goals that people set for their personal life. Faith, family, fitness, friendship, finance and fun. They call these the F six goals. Once a person thinks about what they want their life to look like, they start living a more purposeful existence.

Many people are confused about the faith goal, especially if they do not have a specific faith that they belong to. While people that do may have a goal of praying daily or attending a worship service on a regular basis. However, this is not necessary for the faith goal. This goal is all about connecting a person’s spirit and heart to a greater good. It is about being a kind citizen, and a person who cares about their world. Therefore faith goals do not need to be specifically religious in nature. It could be people getting more informed about their community, or volunteering, joining a service club, donating money or goods to a good cause. This goal is all about helping people connect to something larger than themselves.

The next important goal says Edmonton business consultant is a family goal. These connections are often the ones that are most taken for granted because people see each other every single day. But this is why it is most important to set a goal around it so that the time that is spent is meaningful. This can be setting a regular outing, spending one full day a week with them, or simply making the decision to be present when they are together, meaning no electronic devices or television when they are spending time together so that they can actually connect.

Edmonton business consultant says that once people have thought about all of their six goals, they need to write them down at the very least. People who write down goals are 14% more successful than people who do not write their goals down. And while this is not a guarantee that people will reach their goals, it will ensure that people are being more purposeful the way their spending their time.

Edmonton business consultant | how to set goals outside of work

While many people are no stranger to creating professional goals says in ten business consultant, Harvard business study actually did a survey and found that 83% of the population does not have goals in their life. Meaning, people could end up going through their entire life wondering why they did not live the life that they expected. Setting personal goals is all about thinking about what people want to achieve in life, and then getting on the right path to achieve them.

it is important that people have a fitness goal says Edmonton business consultant. This is not about making anybody be an athlete, it is a goal however about staying healthy. Therefore fitness goal might be as simple as finding an activity that they love to engage in on a regular basis. Or this goal might be about making a plan that has people moving their bodies on a regular basis so that they can be healthy. People that have their health can be more successful in business because they are working better, by being healthy they can be more present for their family but most importantly says Edmonton business consultant, a healthy person can be more present for themselves so that they can enjoy life more thoroughly. By setting a goal, people can create a plan that will ensure that they will not get bored, they will stick to it, and can avoid injury.

many people say that they find it harder and harder to keep and connect with friends the older that they get says Edmonton business consultant. This is because people are busy building a career, being present for their family, that it can become very difficult to connect with friends outside of that. However, it is very important that people maintain a bond of friendship with someone outside of their work and outside of their family. This might mean setting a goal to have an outing with friends once a month or fit in lunches occasionally during their week, or even hosting friends at their place. Whatever a person can manage that will ensure that they are maintaining the bonds of friendship is important.

Edmonton business consultant also says that people should think of what finance goal they would like to achieve as well. This is not about trying to force people to save their money. But, if a person has a financial goal in mind, they will be more purposeful with their spending. People can often become mindless consumers that will have them spending more money than they realize on things that are not truly important. By creating a financial goal can help people think about their purchases more, so that their only spending money on things that are truly important.

By creating personal goals, people are essentially setting an intention about what they want their life to look like. While this does not guarantee that a person is going to be able to achieve all of the goals that they set, it will put them on a path of purpose and meaning that they can enjoy even if they fall short on one or two of their goals.

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