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Edmonton Business Consultant | Customers Connect to People

Edmonton Business Consultant | Customers Connect To People

Entrepreneurs need to realize that creating a marketing plan is necessary to help them find customers according to Edmonton business consultant. Because they are not going to be able to grow their business significantly without one.

In fact, Industry Canada did a survey to find out why 50% of Canadian entrepreneurs were failing. What they found, was 42% of all failed entrepreneurs said not being find customers was the number one reason why they failed.

This shows how vital having an effective marketing plan is. And that if entrepreneurs think that is going to be easier to find customers in their business once they open the doors to their company, they may be shocked to find it is more difficult than that.

In fact, creating an effective strategy to find customers takes time, and careful thought. And building a relationship with potential customers. In fact, companies need to market their company purposefully, so that their ideal and likely customers can get to know who they are, so that they can like them. And ultimately purchase products and services from them.

And one of the most effective ways of doing that, is showing who the people are behind the business. The reason why says Edmonton business consultant. Is because customers want to do business with companies they like and trust. And they are not going to like and trust a business if they do not know who they are.

This is why so many large corporations use celebrities to sell their products and services. Because they know that customers connect to people, and not brands. So by using a celebrity that has traits, and elicits feelings they want associated with their brand. They can generate that connection to sell their products and services.


And while this is not a marketing strategy that most small businesses can utilize. Because it takes millions of dollars in marketing to achieve. Small businesses can use the same concepts, to connect to their customers.

This is why it is extremely important for business owners to show who the people are behind the business. Not just the owners themselves, but all of the staff behind the business. And their unique story.

In fact, the second most visited area on a company’s website is the team page. Showing entrepreneurs that customers want to know who the people are involved in the business.

When they do not see who the people are in the business. It could be business located anywhere, owned by anyone. Or even the fake business. And they are going to be less interested in purchasing from that business says Edmonton business consultant

Because of that, entrepreneur needs to know how important it is to be the face of their business, and start building that connection with their ideal and likely customers. So that they can start selling products and services to those customers.

By creating marketing strategy and head of time, can help ensure that business owners are doing this as soon as they open the doors to their business. So that they can start creating that relationship, that will be so important to growing their business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Customers Connect to People

Many entrepreneurs often think that it is going to be far easier to sell their products and services than it actually is according to Edmonton business consultant. And they think that as long as they have exceptional products and services, that they are going to grow their business.

When in fact, growing a business means identifying who their ideal and likely customers are. And then finding those ideal and likely customers, and getting them to know, like and trust a business.

Gary Vaynerchuk, has said in the past, “your number one goal is to tell your story to your customer wherever they are, and preferably at the moment they are deciding to make a purchase.

This is an important thing for all entrepreneurs to consider. That they need to tell their story. Because customers connect to people and their stories, and not their brands.

In fact, customers want to know, like and trust a business. And they are not going to do that if they do not know the people behind the business. And they also are not going to trust a business, if the business is not good at what they do.

Therefore, an important way that they can start building that trust, is showing that they have be customers. By getting as many testimonials and reviews as possible, can show ideal and likely customers, that the business is trustworthy because they are good at what they do.


In fact, testimonials and reviews from strangers can be more important than testimonials and reviews from friends and family. Because the reviews that they see online, are unbiased.

Therefore, business owners should create a strategy on how they are going to generate as many Google reviews as they possibly can. In a short amount of time as possible. So that anyone who does a Google search of their business, will see that they have a large number of happy customers in their business.

And since a business owner who does not try to get Google reviews will not get them. This is very important that an entrepreneur has created a marketing plan with Edmonton business consultant. So that they can have a strategy on how they are going to get these Google reviews.

This is going to include things like starting with asking their family and friends, and then asking every single customer that comes into their business. To leave a review. Some businesses offer a slight discount off the final bill if people will leave a Google review.

And whatever they have to do to get those reviews, it can be extremely important to get. Because not only do 88% of customers look and Google reviews to make their purchasing decision. Those Google reviews influence that decision, and if there is none or not enough them. Customers will look elsewhere.

Therefore, it is extremely important that entrepreneurs create a marketing plan, that not only includes how they are going to develop trust with customers. But how they are going to generate Google reviews as well. So they should contact their Edmonton business consultant, and arrange for free consultation.

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