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Edmonton Business Coach | Your Small Business Secrets

Edmonton Business Coach | Your Small Business Secrets

In this article from the Edmonton business coach, we’re going to share with you some of the vital small business secrets that will help you to create a business that lasts. Inspired method marketing and coaching is right now offering a no-brainer.

Small businesses can take advantage of this offer by going to our website and signing up for 30 days of business coaching and marketing consulting for one dollar this seems like a crazy offer but this is exactly the type of offer that we help our small business clients with every single day.

Having a no-brainer offer is one of the tips that you need in order to attract your ideal and likely buyers. What is a no-brainer offer, you might ask? It simply an offer that your ideal buyer cannot say no to. For example are no-brainer offer includes a full month of marketing and consulting for one dollar.

Other examples can be a one dollar haircut or your first service free. As Edmonton business coach, most businesses that we talk to resist the idea of having such an outrageous offer. They see it as devaluing their business, their brand, or their professional designation. It goes counterculture to everything that people are taught about business in their business courses.

Unfortunately in today’s marketplace if you are competing on the same playing field as everybody else the only way to go is to either provide such an amazing service that is so unique that nobody else can compete in your local area, or you have to compete on price.

The whole idea behind a no-brainer offer is not to base all of your sales off of that no-brainer. The no-brainer offer is designed to get people to call you, to enter your store, and to try you out. No-brainer offers are not meant to be moneymaking offers. They are simply a marketing and advertising initiative that gives people the opportunity to try you out and it gives your business the opportunity to wow them.

It simply meant to get them in the door. We had a lot of resistance with every single business owner that we present a no-brainer offer to. However every business that adopts this no-brainer idea policy, ends up growing their business.

How this backfires is if you offer the no-brainer, and then don’t deliver. It would be better to not offer anything at all than to do this.

A well-crafted no-brainer offer will keep the phones ringing, the emails coming in, and the new excited clients coming into your doors. This gives you the opportunity to sell them on the remainder of your product line, or make them repeat customers. The beautiful thing about a no-brainer offer, is that when you deliver and it works as it should, you will get referral business as well.

We’ve seen our Edmonton business coach clients businesses grow as much as 300% by adopting a no-brainer strategy. Keep in mind that you have to overdeliver and while the client in order for this to work effectively. Not doing so will cause you nothing but frustration and a loss of revenue.

Edmonton business coach | do this to win

The other thing that our Edmonton business coach clients need to keep in mind when they’re starting a new business is that they must be able to plan for 5 to 10 years before they see the fruit of their work.

This goes against the grain of most of the self-help gurus, business coaching that you see online by the so-called experts. Get-rich-quick is a dream. It is not based in reality, and anything that we have seen in all of our Edmonton business coach sessions shows us that the get-rich-quick, laptop lifestyle is a fallacy.

The hard truth about starting a new business is that it’s not easy. Even though people online can show you videos of them walking on the beach, or floating in their new boat, or beside sports cars in their garage, those are just designed to lure you into a false sense of what entrepreneurship really is.

Being a small business owner means putting in the hard work when you don’t feel like it. It means getting up early, going to bed late, and missing out on a lot of events family functions and parties that you normally would get to go to if you are still working for somebody else.

As a 10 business coach I like to help small businesses to realize the truth about entrepreneurship and running a small business. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing people’s hopes and dreams come alive after they put in the hard work and adopted the discipline that’s required to become a successful small business.

One of the other hard truths that our Edmonton business coach clients need to learn is that worklife balance Is a myth. There is no such thing as having a perfectly balanced life.

Thinking that you can have 33% worklife 33% family life 33% fund time is complete joke. There are always things that are to be out of balance in your life. There is absolutely no way around this, there is no book that can teach you the secret hacks on how to have worklife balance.

What it takes is day in and day out working hard in your business, and then going home to your loved ones and spending quality time with them. If you are working around the clock, where every single waking hour is on the business then you are going to lose out on what matters most in your life.

You started your business so that you could have time freedom and financial freedom. Having the time freedom means that you can spend time with who you want to spend time with when you want to spend time with them.

It doesn’t mean that you wanted to spend all your waking hours on your business. Even though it seems like that is what is necessary, you will end up hating your life because you have spent all of your time on the wrong things. It seems contradictoryq but in order to have the life that you want you need to work hard in your business most of the time but then when you’re with your family you need to spend time with them.

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