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Edmonton Business Coach | Work on Your Small Business

Edmonton Business Coach | Work on Your Small Business

Your Edmonton business coach that inspired method marketing and coaching has an amazing no-brainer offer for any small business wanting to take advantage of it. For one month you will get world-class business coaching and marketing advice for one dollar.

All you have to do to take advantage of this offer is number one have a real business that serves other people in number to go to our website and fill out the form. Some will be in touch with you to schedule four weeks of one-on-one coaching to help your business grow.

A lot of the small businesses that we get to work with as the Edmonton business coach, are under the assumption that everybody is their customer. Even though they understand that not everybody really is their customer they have a hard time disassociating themselves from their product or service.

They’re in love with it, they’re excited about it, and they believe everybody else will be excited about it. The fact of the matter is there so much variety out there in the marketplace, and so many similar businesses, or products, that to appeal to absolutely everybody is an impossibility. Even in a smaller city you will have a hard time getting everybody to agree that your product is the best.

The biggest idea that you need to have is who are you going to serve. In our Edmonton business coach meetings with our clients we walk them through a process to help to define who their customer avatar is. In some cases they’ll have more than one customer avatar depending on their products and services.

In any case you have to clearly identify and understand who your ideal likely buyer is. If you don’t understand who that buyer is then how can you possibly create any marketing or advertising that will attract them?

Asking yourself questions such as who are my ideal and likely buyers, where do they live, what are they do, what are their interests, how many children do they have, how much money do they make, what books do they read, what keeps them up at night, and what problem can you solve for them are all part of the process of finding who your ideal likely buyer is.

Once you’ve discovered that ideal likely buyer is the next part of the process is crafting your no-brainer offer. What is that no-brainer offer? It’s an offer that your ideal likely buyer just cannot say no to. The whole idea behind having a no-brainer offer is to get people to try out your products and services.

The idea is to get them to pick up the phone call you or visit your location. The next part is up to you to over deliver on your promises. If you are able to do this successfully your business will flourish and grow dramatically. Having a well-crafted no-brainer offer should make you feel very, very uncomfortable. Because it goes against all of the teachings in business books, and everything at your accountant says.

That also goes against everything that your friends and family will tell you. They’ll think you’re absolutely crazy.

Edmonton business coach | crazy helps you win

We tell all of our Edmonton business coach clients to set up a no-brainer offer. It seems counter-intuitive to go against common belief that you have to make money on every single transaction that you make. But where the businesses that stand out and attract raving fans win is by crafting a well-designed no-brainer offer.

That no-brainer offer is going to make you feel sick in the pit of your stomach when you first think about it. Because normally you would sell that product for two or three times more. The problem with that is, most of the time you have to try and convince people to try your product first. When you’re just starting out nobody knows who you are. You’re in utter obscurity. So in order to get people to try you out you have to have a well-crafted no-brainer offer.

What doesn’t well-crafted no-brainer offer look like? It looks a lot like the one that we are offering any small business who is willing to give it a try. We are offering 30 days of world-class business coaching consulting and marketing help for only a dollar. That’s right! You can have the same principles systems and winning strategies that are used to help some of the most successful businesses in the world working for you for a dollar. Contact us at to learn more about this amazing offer.

As the Edmonton business coach it is our goal and mission to inspire businesses to tell her unique story and attract raving fans. The only way to do this is to go counter to everything that is taught in traditional business schools. Why do we do this? Because it works.

Most people won’t understand why you’re doing what you’re doing when you start a new business. Because a lot of people who start a new business have been working for somebody else for a number of years.

By the time to get started their new business, it means they become a skilled technician at what they’re doing getting paid the top rate at their company. So your friends and family will think you’ve absolutely gone crazy. No wonder how you could give up such a good paying job with such great benefits in order to open yourself up to all this risk.

What they don’t see is that the job that you had was not so secure in the first place. The threat of being laid off at a whim or at the turn of the local economy is not secure is it?

Before I was in Edmonton business coach this was my story. I was at the top rate of pay that I could earn in my industry and because I was at the top rated my industry when the economy turned it was very attractive to lay me off in higher a lower paying worker to do the same job.

This is very uncertain and very unstable for someone who wants to raise a family. What I find, as with most of the people we work with, is that they would rather live life on their own terms with the opportunity of massive success, then be under the control of somebody else’s desires.

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