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Edmonton Business Coach | Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Work 5 Days a Week

Edmonton Business Coach | Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn't Work 5 Days a Week

One of the goals that many business owners have when they first start their business says Edmonton business coach is being able to improve their work life balance. However, many entrepreneurs believe that is work life balance can happen sooner than it actually can. In fact, not only do business owners need to work very hard on building their business, the have to work more than they were as an employee, by working more than forty hours a week, and adopting a six day a week work schedule.

The reason why entrepreneurs will need to work six days a week, and often eighty hours in that week says Edmonton business coach, is because business owners need to get all of the most important tasks done to grow their business. This means that all of the important administrative tasks of the business need to get accomplished, which take more time than most small business owners realize. Creating systems, checklists and templates to allow their business to scale up when the timing is right, creating call and email scripts for themselves and employees, as well as training, creating manuals, customer phone calls, servicing customers are all going to take her time than an entrepreneur realizes.

In addition to the administrative tasks, entrepreneurs also underestimate the amount of time they need to spend marketing their business. Edmonton business coach says that most entrepreneurs do not even put enough time in to the sales and marketing, especially in the beginning. So when an entrepreneur spend more time than they were anticipating on sales and marketing, they need to realize that it is often not enough. One thing that they should do early on, is create a schedule to allow the sales and marketing to get done regularly and consistently. This way, it becomes harder for an entrepreneur to stop focusing on sales and marketing as their business grows, which will stall their business if it happens.

In addition to their admin and sales and marketing, business owners should also set aside time to recruit staff on a regular basis. This often seems unusual to most businesses, because their method of recruiting is to wait until they have an opening in their company. However, recruiting this way will be done reactionary, and will not give an entrepreneur enough time to meet enough people in order to have the best fit for their business. By implementing a regular group interview scheduled in their week, will help an entrepreneur ensure that they are in a pool of qualified candidates that can be hired when a job opening unexpectedly happens in their business.

By realizing how much time building a business takes, can help entrepreneurs create a schedule so that they can ensure all of the most important tasks of the business get accomplished consistently and regularly, so that business owners can build a strong business. They should know that free time is a possibility, but it is going to be a long-term goal. In the meantime, business owners need to work a six-day week to get there.

Edmonton business coach | Why Entrepreneurs should not work five days a week

The reason why many entrepreneurs go into business for themselves, is because they excel at providing the product or service that there company sells says Edmonton business coach, and there less passionate about all of the administrative tasks that need to get done in the business. However, in order to build a strong and thriving business, business owners need to realize that their time becomes a valuable resource, it is going to help them accomplish all of the strategic priorities of their business, so that they can become successful.

One of the most important things that an entrepreneur can do early on in their business is creating as schedule for all of the tasks that need to get accomplished. Edmonton business coach says that when entrepreneurs do not create a schedule, often they start to underestimate the amount of time it takes to accomplish certain tasks, or they believe that things can get done in their free time. However, business owners need to realize that many tasks will take more time than they have in the evening or the weekend, and if left, many things simply will not get done.

Also, Edmonton business coach recommends that entrepreneurs do not try to get work done in their free time, one of the first reasons is because if an entrepreneur does not take time in the evenings or the weekend to rest and relax, their entire life will feel like work. This can lead to burnout, which will be detrimental to an entrepreneur’s ability to grow their business. Also, their family needs to have focused time with them, so that they can go on to support the entrepreneur working there extended schedule. By focusing on their family and resting in their free time, rather than trying to split their focus, they will feel more rested and relaxed in order to be able to work a long week.

When an entrepreneur creates a schedule, they need to ensure they have enough time slots in order to all of the important tasks done like sales and marketing, administration, accounting, client work, staff training and recruitment, and creating efficiencies in their business. However, Edmonton business coach says that business owners need to understand that all of these tasks cannot typically get done in a forty hour work week. The recommends that entrepreneurs create a six day week schedule, with longer than eight hour days. This will allow them to create enough time slots in their schedule get all important priorities done consistently and accurately. Work schedule can help not only ensure that an entrepreneur has time to accomplish all of the important tasks, but it can also help them from feeling overwhelmed as well.

By creating a great schedule, can help an entrepreneur ensure that they have all of the most important tasks done consistently, so that they can scale the business up in order to grow it, training and recruiting staff’s they have the best workforce for their business, do the sales and marketing that is necessary. By making time for all of the most important things, including themselves and their family, entrepreneurs can build the foundation of a solid business, is going to be able to provide a livelihood for them, that will eventually give them the freedom they long for.

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