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Edmonton Business Coach | Why 80 Hours A Week Is Necessary

Edmonton Business Coach | Why 80 Hours A Week Is Necessary

We don’t preach a very popular message at the Edmonton business coach headquarters. We tell business owners that they are going to have to sacrifice in order to succeed. Working 80 hours a week as opposed to the typical 40 hour work week is common when starting a new business.

Unfortunately, as an Edmonton business coach we often see people who are under the spell of online gurus. They think that they can start a business and immediately begin working for hours a week and become successful. There is nothing further from the truth.

There are some great tips they we can take away from Tim Ferris’s book but, it’s somewhat misleading to say that you can achieve a four-hour work week by starting a new business.

The great takeaways from that book are batching your work, and the minimum viable product concept.

Let’s talk about batching your work for moments. As an Edmonton business coach, there are many repeatable tasks that we have to do in order to help our clients to win. Writing articles is one of them. Rather than writing an article or two per day, we take a full day to badge multiple articles at one time. This way, we have a month of articles ready to go and only have to spend one day doing it.

A lot of our clients have the paralysis by analysis problem happening for them. They want to make sure that their logo looks right, their website has just the right colours or they want to make sure their product is perfect before presenting it to the market.

The best idea is determining what your minimum viable product is and presenting it to the public. Wait until things are perfect because they will never be perfect. The best thing for you to do is get that product in the hands of people or service people’s needs and then you will learn how to perfect it for your ideal and likely customers.

Four-hour work week maybe possible for the entrepreneur who has been building their business for five years or more, or someone who has unlimited resources and can build a team quickly using those resources.

Most business owners don’t have the resources to do this, so the alternative is working 80 hours a week.

Many entrepreneurs at first have to do all of the tasks that are required of their business. Many people start businesses are great technicians who have had an entrepreneurial seizure decided to go over on the road. The thought being that they will spend less time work and make more money.

Unfortunately, this is not the case and many people quit before the end up seeing the fruit of their labours. We want to help stop this business failure from happening. That’s why we are offering four weeks of business coaching and marketing assistance for only one dollar. If this is you, get in touch with us today.

Edmonton business coach | working less will come eventually

The goal for any small business owner is to work least amount as possible according to the Edmonton business coach. Your businesses designed to serve you and not for you to become a slave to it.

Yes, having a great work life, and home life is very important. If it wasn’t why would we go into entrepreneurship in the first place? The only way to have a good work life and home life is to have a rigid work schedule that your family can count on.

When you have a rigid repeatable weekly schedule you can schedule in all of the work related things that have to get down on a avian weekly basis, and you can also scheduling time for the family. They can schedule events around your schedule and you have the opportunity to be 100% present when you are with them.

We always recommend as an Edmonton business coach that you unplug from your cell phone while you are doing family activities. If you are always checking your push notifications, updating your Facebook status, or watching YouTube videos while you are with your family you are doing them a disservice. This is a recipe for disaster.

There is no such thing as work life balance where you can work 50% of the time and be with your family 50% of the time. That is asinine thought that only sounds good but in practice is completely impractical.

As an Edmonton business coach, we work with many small businesses and help them achieve a successful business and have the freedom available to spend with their family doing meaningful things together.

It is much easier to build a business around something that you’re passionate about because the long hours that you’re going spend won’t seem as long. As the saying goes do what you love and deliver workaday in your life.

Serial entrepreneurs who have already built a business around their passion they know the systems that are required to make any business successful. They don’t need to have as much passion as building businesses becomes a game that they can simply do over and over again.

When you are working on building a business, you have to celebrate the small accomplishments that occur on a daily and weekly basis. It’s not always about the next sale, or you’ve reached a financial target that you can celebrate. Every small thing like checklist or template that will improve your business efficiency is a win.

Make the time to celebrate those little victories and eventually you will see a massive transformation in your business. Bill Gates is quoted as saying people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what can be done in 10 years. There’s nothing more true than that statement.

Gary Taylor in his book the one thing says that time on a task over time eventually beats talent every time. This is a code that we live by at inspired method marketing and coaching. We understand that building a business is not an instantaneous event.

Building something that is going to last takes time.

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