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Edmonton Business Coach | Why 6000 Words?

Edmonton Business Coach | Why 6000 Words?

That sounds like a lot of words, but as in Edmonton business coach we know that this is just the beginning. When we are talking with our coaching clients, about doing their website, they are shocked when we tell them that they have to write 6000 words for their website.

This number seems absolutely outrageous to them and they don’t know how they could possibly get to 6000 words. Many of them have even written 6000 words as they left school. So telling them that 6000 words is the minimum that we need for the website it puts them into a state of shock and disbelief.

We don’t let our coaching clients down though, being in Edmonton business coach means helping them through this process. We have the means and ways to get to 6000 words from our clients. We do want clients to be involved in that process, because who can speak better about your business than you.

When you’re relying on somebody else to do a copywriting for your website that you are setting yourself up for some disappointment. You have to go through several different rewrites, and revisions that just waste time.

In our Edmonton business coach sessions, we help clients with creating videos that walk them through clear descriptions of who they are, and why they matter in the marketplace. We want to ask them what kind of business are they?

We asked them who is there ideal customer? And there are number of different things that we ask our clients and capture on video so that we can get those things transcribed which makes our hard work of getting 6000 words for their website done in a more efficient manner.

Our business coaching clients have a lot of other things on their mind than marketing. They have things like customer service, payroll, and employee issues that they have to deal with on an ongoing basis that they need to put into their weekly schedule to run their business efficiently.

So when it comes to marketing this is something that most business owners only put off as a once a month, saying, or they just have a continuous running newspaper or flyer add that they don’t really pay much attention to. This is a flaw of a lot of small businesses, which is why 50% of businesses fail.

The three biggest reasons why small businesses fail are:
1. the inability to attract enough customers
2. they run out of cash
3. they can’t attract and keep enough of the right people

We believe this is completely avoidable and we want to help thousand businesses over the next five years to not become a statistic. If you need to get a handle on your marketing so you can attract more of your ideal and likely customers, get in touch with us today at inspired method market in coaching. We can help you develop systems and processes that will make your business run more smoothly and profitably.

Edmonton business coach | search engine optimization is necessary

Any small business who has been in business for longer than a day knows that they must have a website. Is not it just enough to have a website, you have to have that website show up on page 1 of Google search engine results. As in Edmonton business coach, this is one of the things that we specialize in and help all of our clients do. We believe so much in our systems and technology that we only work with one company in any given industry in a geographic region.

Currently, we have a no-brainer offer open for any business who wants to take advantage of them. For only one dollar, you can have one full month of business coaching and marketing help. It’s very simple to get started with us, but it’s not your typical coaching program. We require all of our businesses who work with us to meet with us on a weekly basis.

That means scheduling time in your calendar to focus on marketing initiatives. What get schedule gets done. If you don’t make time for your marketing then six you are making the decision to pass the responsibility of marketing onto somebody else.

Engaging with the Edmonton business coach through inspired method marketing means that you want to take your business to the next level. It is our goal to help thousand businesses over the next five years to beat the odds of business failure.

Did you know that 50% of all small businesses fail within the first five years. This is a tragedy as there is a human cost that is associated with small business failure. We believe this is completely avoidable as long as people are fully engaged in their business and they want to see it succeed.

As a business coach we know that wanting a business to succeed is only the first step to making sure that you blast. You have to also put in the work and effort to make that business successful. It means doing things that are out of the ordinary, and counter every piece of business advice that you’ve learned in business school. Search engine optimization is just one of the ways that we help businesses to succeed.

Getting to the top of Google is only the first step in making sure that your business going last. You have to make sure that you are keeping an eye on your cash flow, and you’re making sure that you are creating and building a strong team within your organization.

There are three reasons that businesses fail in their first five years. The first one being the inability to attract enough customers. Without customers, and without sales you don’t have a business. What you have is a very expensive hobby that eventually will fail and you’ll have to go back to working your regular job that you hated.

The reason you started a business was so that you can have time freedom and financial freedom. It is what you want for your life, then you definitely need to get in touch with the Edmonton business coach today.

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