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Edmonton Business Coach | What Is SEO

Edmonton Business Coach | What Is SEO

Your Edmonton business coach at inspired method gets this question quite often. What is search engine optimization? Search engine optimization is the act of optimizing a website so that it will be found easily on search engines by intended searchers. This may not be that technical definition of search engine optimization, but it works.

Basically, what you want to achieve is when someone is searching for a service or product like yours, you want your business to appear at the very top of the search engine results. Most of the clicks happen in spots 12 and three on a Google search engine results page.

How do we achieve this? It’s simple, but not easy. Your Edmonton business coach not only helps you to create systems, checklists, templates, and processes to help your business to grow in thrive, we also help you get your website to the top of Google.

It would be counterproductive for us to help your business become more efficient, and creating a great team atmosphere without helping your business be seen by the number one search engine on the planet. So we have endeavoured upon this task to help you make your business grow.

Search engine optimization has a few basic steps that, when followed consistently your business will grow. One of the most difficult things to do with a website is get content. Creating relevant content for your ideal buyers is a challenging task. A lot of businesses simply have no mechanisms in place to help them do this.

One of the ways that we help all of our clients get the most HTML content on their website is to help them develop longform videos. We make these longform videos and upload them to YouTube. If you didn’t know, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet. So just like Google is to finding information on websites, then YouTube is the second source of information that people are learning from.

In a lot of cases your longform videos will be found in a Google search engine results page. This means you’ve got not only leverage from Google, but also from YouTube.

As an Edmonton business coach we help our clients create these longform videos, and then we use the transcriptions from them to upload onto their website. Why do we do this? It simply because the Google web crawlers cannot see pictures or videos. They are interested in HTML. This is the language that all websites are written in.

Even though your website might have flashy graphics and moving widgets, and other things like that, what Google is interested in are the words. Having the most words on a topic in your website is one of the keys to winning on Google. How those words appear on a page, is also very important.

Google canonical compliance is very, very important to ranking highly in the search engines results. Without having your HTML content arranged in the format that Google likes to see it in, you can make all the content you want, but it will not make any difference.

Knowing what to do with the content, is just as important as making the content.

Edmonton business coach | why SEO is valuable

Search engine optimization is something that, as an Edmonton business coach, we focus a lot of time and attention on for each of our clients. We want to make sure that our clients not only have great systems and processes in place, but we want their websites to rank on page 1 of Google for their relevant search term.

Why this is so important is because most people who do any kind of buying, whether it’s business to business, or business to consumer, they are searching on Google first. Because we know that people are searching for our clients businesses on Google, it makes the most sense to spend a lot of our time developing their website to be found first in a Google search engine result.

This isn’t a vanity metric that we are going for. We want all of our customers to win by getting the most leads coming in through their website that they can then convert into a sale. Not all customers sell things directly on their website. In fact, most of our clients at the Edmonton business coach, inspired method marketing and coaching, are looking for an appointment to see a person before they make a purchase decision.

Becoming the top in your industry, in your local area, should be the priority of any small business. One of the easiest ways to get some traction in your local area is by getting a Google my business listing. A Google my business listing means the difference between success and failure. Some may think that your Edmonton business coach is being a little dramatic, but doesn’t make sense to use the most powerful tool that everyone is using to your advantage?

Google is your friend, when you use Google to build your business. We love Google because of its ability to help us find things were looking for. That’s why they started Google in the first place. It’s not because they wanted to start a search engine. It’s because they wanted to help people find relevant webpages based on their needs.

This is why we are working hard every day to partner with Google so that our clients will win. We want them to win not only online, but off-line as well. The first item we want to tackle with any of our clients is making sure that they get enough leads.

More important than leads, is ensuring that once a lead comes in, they know what to do with it. So ensuring that all of our clients have robust sales processes, and templates in place, will make sure that every inbound lead has the opportunity to become an appointment, and then a sale.

Going back to a Google my business listing, you can get Google reviews at no cost to you. Google provides this free service for any business wants to take advantage of it. And just like inspired method marketing and coaching, every business I want to take advantage of our no-brainer offer just has to fill out our contact form on our website.

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