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Edmonton Business Coach | Video For Social Media

Edmonton Business Coach | Video For Social Media

Social media often comes up in our Edmonton business coach meetings. Social media is pervasive, in the business world, and in the private sector. There is no getting around social media for your business. But before you get started on social media campaigns, and expensive advertising, you should take some time to create some longform video content documenting your business growth.

Should you make long-form video content for all your social media platforms? The answer is yes and no. Yes you should be making video that you can use across all of your social media platforms, but I don’t recommend that you create separate videos for each social media platform individually.

The best way to use video for social media is to repurpose content. We have our Adventist business coach clients do is create longform videos for YouTube. When we have them create these YouTube videos the can then put them into smaller pieces that can be used across different social media channels.

The very first place that we have our customers place these videos is of course, on their website. When we have these videos posted up on their website we don’t just leave it there. What we do is we transcribe those videos so that we have all of the written content updated on their website on a regular basis.

One of the top things that businesses can do in order to win with SEO is have the most HTML rich content. When you have the most HTML rich content, then you have an unfair competitive advantage over your competitors. The reason why we use video is because it is so much easier to say words that it is to actually write them on a keyboard.

Because it is so much easier to just speak words rather than type words we can get thousands and thousands of words in an hour. In one hour we should be able to get 6000 words that we can then use on our customer’s website. Our Edmonton business coach system is different than most coaching and marketing programs. We take into account a lot of things that many marketing companies don’t take into account.

Being an Edmonton business coach doesn’t mean that we are just there telling people what to do and not to get ourselves. We also take our own advice and use the strategies in our own businesses. If we didn’t do this we would be hypocrites and unworthy of our clients hard earned dollars. We do everything in our power to overdeliver for every single one of our customers every time.

And if you’re the kind of business that feels the same way, that we would like to work with you. Because we have similar values and ideas about what a good business is, and what good business isn’t.

So call inspired method get in touch with one of our Edmonton business coach professionals to get a free assessment of your business, and get scheduled in for one month of business coaching and marketing help for only one dollar.

Edmonton business coach | how long does my video need to be?

We often get asked at our Edmonton business coach headquarters how long of a video do we need to make. The answer sometimes shocks are coaching clients. We want our clients to create 10 minute videos. The reason why we want them to have 10 minute videos is because we need to update their website with a thousand words every single week.

And sometimes we need to update their website with a thousand words every day. It all depends on what type of industry they are in and how competitive their industry is. The best way to do this is to capture them on video talking about their business.

Who is better equipped to talk about your business the new? There is nobody who can talk more passionately or more in depth about your business then you can. If you are a fan of Michael Gerber in his book the e-myth revisited, you know that most small business owners are great technicians who have an entrepreneurial seizure.

This means that there really good at doing the work of a business, but they have no idea how to run a business. The goal of the Edmonton business coach is to help you create a business that is scalable and duplicatable.

The only way that we can do this is by getting started with you on our no-brainer offer. For 30 days you will get four sessions with an Edmonton business coach to go through your business and help you to begin creating systems and processes that will create a business that will last.

There is only three reasons why businesses fail. Number one, the inability to attract enough customers. And because number one is so prevalent number two is businesses run out of cash. When businesses run at a cash there unable to attract enough team members which is reason number three.

When all of these three things come together that he close to 50% business failure over a five-year period. This is something that we find absolutely preventable. As long as you have a good business idea, and you’re willing to put in the work to create business systems that can run without you, then you’re a great candidate for what we do here at inspired method.

We want you to succeed. One of the things that you need to do in order to succeed is create these 10 minute videos for you to. It’s not the most comfortable thing for anyone to do. For that reason alone you will gain an unfair competitive advantage over anybody in your industry in your local area. Simply because they would be unwilling to create 14, 10 minute videos. And because most people are unwilling to do the hard work, or the boring work, or be consistent in what they do, that is why they fail.

Once you have all of these videos created for YouTube and on your website, you can then repurpose them over many different social media platforms. Social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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