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Edmonton Business Coach | Video Content Helps You Win

Edmonton Business Coach | Video Content Helps You Win

Inspired method marketing and coaching has a fantastic offer from our Edmonton business coach. For only one dollar you can get started with our exclusive business coaching and marketing program. What you receive is four weeks of business coaching and marketing help that will prepare you for business growth and success.

In order to take advantage of this offer all you need to do is go to the website and sign up on our contact form. When we receive your inquiry, and

Edmonton business coach will be in touch with you to schedule a one hour consultation to make sure that you understand what is required as one of our clients, and see if you’re going to be a good fit for us and conversely if we will be a good fit for you.

One of the hard things that we have all of our clients do is create YouTube videos. In some cases people are deathly afraid of having their image on video. They have a lot of fear surrounding video and getting themselves exposed online.

These fears are mostly irrational. People are not going to seek you out and try and stop you. They are not going to ridicule you online just because they saw your videos. Your professional designation does not mean that somebody is going to pick apart what you say on these videos and make a note of ridiculing you open thing online.

Our Edmonton business coach clients sometimes don’t believe us when we say this to them. But there has been no occasion when we’ve had any issues with anyone shooting a video or people taking the time to ridicule somebody online.

The videos that we make are strictly to help them get better Google rankings in the Google search engine results and on YouTube. We do not do anything that is going to hurt or jeopardize our clients reputation. We would not be good coaches if we did that.

The videos are designed to answer questions that a customer would have about that person’s business. So in many cases it is much like doing a sales presentation instead of doing a video. It is not an editorial commentary that is going to be published on the nightly news. There is not going to be a bunch of haters going to your YouTube channel to try and make you feel bad.

The whole point behind making these videos is so that our business coaching clients will become more comfortable talking about their business. The other benefit of having people make these videos is creating HTML content to put on the website.

By making our clients talk about their business 10 minutes at a time easily get over a thousand words of content per video that we shoot with them. This only takes 10 minutes. If someone was to sit down and actually write a thousand words, it would take them 4 to 6 hours to do.

Most people have not written anything since they left school. It is not a muscle that most people exercise on a regular basis. So what happens in many cases people higher expensive copywriters to create content for their website.

Edmonton business coach | only use a copywriter when necessary

Using a copywriter is sometimes necessary in business. Writing well-crafted sales letters and pitches is a skill that not everybody has. Using persuasive language and telling a good story is very difficult for most people.

But it is the best way for someone to communicate their message in different publications. So what we do to help our Edmonton business coach clients with talking about their business is we make them create YouTube videos.

Having YouTube videos is one of the best ways to add lots of HTML content to your website in a short amount of time. Within a 10 minute time-frame, you can have over a thousand words of content. Written content that can be easily read by Google’s web crawlers.

So I would not ever use expensive copywriter who can charge up to 300 or sometimes $1000 per article to write content for your website. If you have a sales letter that needs to go out to a bunch of prospective clients, and you want to have a very well written persuasive story then I would look at getting a great copywriter to help you.

As an Edmonton business coach, I do not recommend that you have a copywriter right any of the content on your website that nobody is ever going to read.

The type of content that were going to be putting on your website is so that Google can help users find your website because it has the most relevant HTML content that they’re looking for. It’s not that we don’t want people to read this information, we just understand human nature and people are too lazy to read anything. Most people would rather watch a video then to read an article.

Most people come across your website when they’re on a mobile phone. Mobile phones are not the best medium for reading. Mobile phones are great for video though.

There is a possibility that videos that are Edmonton business coach clients shoot will be seen on mobile phones. The likelihood people watch a full 10 minute video is very small. It does happen, but it is very rare.

A recent study showed that 33% of viewers will stop watching video after 30 seconds the study goes on to say that 45% will quit by one minute and 60% by two minutes. So we can say with confidence that most people will stop watching your video after about two minutes.

When you look at mediums like Facebook, the most video views that people get on average is about a three second video view. If you can get someone to engage on your video for 30 seconds then you have done something to attract their attention and more than likely they will click through to your website to learn more about what you’ve got going on.

Contact inspired method marketing and coaching today to secure your spot for one month marketing and coaching offer that we have for only one dollar.

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