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Edmonton Business Coach | Using Video For Your Business

Edmonton Business Coach | Using Video For Your Business

Using video is how the Edmonton business coach helps its clients get ahead in today’s online marketplace. Video is not only widely accepted by most people, it is one of the easiest forms of communication that businesses can use to create long-lasting content. A lot of businesses are afraid of using video for a number of reasons.

One reason is they think that their videos have to be absolutely perfect in order to publish them online. More of the studies that we see as an Edmonton business coach, is that people aren’t so impressed with highly produced videos. Especially when it comes to local small businesses. Yes we were watching a blockbuster movie in the theatre, or something from a studio, or a large multinational company we expect a certain level of professionalism and quality.

But when you talk to a lot of people, you will see that they are absolutely comfortable with a local small business having a video that isn’t top quality production. So our Edmonton business coach clients who complain about, or worry about their image have really nothing to fear. It’s almost better to have a poorly produced video because people will see that as authenticity.

Being authentic on video is one of the best things you can do to share your unique message to your ideal customers. Having flashy, well produced video sales letter is very expensive to do, and you will more than likely not get the return on that investment.

When we are coaching our clients, we help them get over their fear of doing videos. You don’t need to buy lots of fancy equipment in order to get started. Almost every person has a smart phone. And smart phones these days have very very good cameras on them. And if you take some time to make some cheap lighting, you can get some pretty fantastic results out of a smart phone.

The point of the matter is, we are not going for a Hollywood production video. What we’re going for is a video that shows a business owner being passionate about their business helping out their customers and explaining to their ideal audience what they’re all about.

And you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to do this. Anybody who wants to do this can get started today. You just need a nice steady place to put your smart phone, you want to make sure that your face is well lit, and then press record. Once you have created a number of these videos, you can then use these videos in a number of different places, the first place being your website. Other places that you can use these videos are places like social media.

When you use video on social media you’ll get more engagement because people would prefer to watch a video then read a story. Those are just the facts in today’s age, we are so busy with our lives and all the distractions around us that we would rather spend a few seconds watching a video then reading an article or a story.

Edmonton business coach | videos for different media

One of the tricks of the trade that we use as the Edmonton business coach, is to create longform video content with our clients and then repurpose them across different multimedia channels. A lot of customers are very pleased when we tell them that we want them to make 1410 minute videos. It’s almost like were asking them to go skinny-dipping in a glass bottom pool. It’s very uncomfortable and most people resist wanting to do this.

Being empty business coach, we know what works, and a lot of what doesn’t. We have a lot of experience helping small businesses to be successful, because we run small businesses. If we didn’t run small businesses, and couldn’t scale those businesses, then we would have no right or authority to coach or help out any other small businesses.

So when we asked people to do 10 minute videos it’s because we know that it works. And down the road when they are looking back at where they started to where they are now, they will see the value in creating those 10 minute videos. Gary Vaynerchuk, uses this all the time.

He is always documenting and videoing all of his interactions with other people, his keynote speaking engagements, and various meetings he has in his office. What he then does is have a team of people shop up that content and put it into various places, transcribing it into articles or on videos across social media.

Your Edmonton business coach advises all of their clients to take advantage of this strategy. One thing that is very valuable to know is the different formats that social media likes to use for their platforms. When you’re making a video for Facebook or Instagram it’s best to go in portrait mode not landscape mode. The reason is it shows up better on mobile phones.

When it comes to YouTube videos, however, it’s best to have it in landscape mode so that it takes up more of the screen when people are watching on desktop, or televisions. Do we think that people are going watch our videos on TV? More than likely not. Unless we have a client who is a public personality and is wanting to boost their brand in industries such as fashion or cosmetics or something of that nature.

Other clients who could benefit from better produced long-form videos are people in the public eye such as politicians and other public figures.

If this sounds like you, you should get in touch with the Edmonton business coach as soon as possible in order to book your timeslot today. What you will receive for one dollar is for private sessions with business coach that’s going to help you to grow your business and create systems and processes to help grow your team.

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